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Hi everyone and welcome to my house of perpetual hydro madness.

I've been here a while now so thought it was about time I started a propper journal.
Got lots going on at the minute.
Some ak420 seedlings cracking away in rockwools under cfl in the wardrobe.
Some amnesia haze and "the edge" photos on in the attic. Those are in 20L coco hempys under hps.
And I've got 2 autos in an nft reservoir under blurples, but on 12/12 with the photos. A blueberry gum and an amnezia haze.
Gonna have some special guest appearances too from the infamous solo cup auto and 1-2 litre hempys aswell as an attempt at another 1lb auto to finish off my season.

So yeah, it's busy busy at the moment. I'll get some pics up later once the lights are on and get some more details up individually so we can see what's going on.

I'll be topping, training, trimming and abusing my way through as many plants as I can untill snow season hits again in November so grab a seat and some munchies. I'll get the ballasts cranked up and get the show started :)
Kit list consists of...
1x 660w dimmable hps/cmh standard reflector
6 x 250w draw mars hydro 600s (the first model)
2 x 130w cfl reflectors for seedlings
Rhino Pro 760m3/h 6inch fan and filter with insulated ducting.

10L fabric pots
20L hempys
1+2l hempys, all with coco/peri 70/30
2 x gt205 NFT reservoirs.

Nutes are mostly growth technology for the photos and Dutch Pro for the autos.
Essentials ph meter and a cheapy £10 ppm meter from Amazon that amazingly is still spot on to the digit after 3 years.

I'll try and run it as a how to kinda vibe, explaining as much as I can while I go but feel free to jump in with any questions or comments. The more the merrier and Criticism is always welcome as long as it's constructive :)
Right troops let's get it started then.
Fuck it's been a while since I had to do this.
Just been plodding about the forums for the last year without really doing any propper journals.

Here we are though. The contents of my little corner of the wardrobe.
6 X AK420 photo fems from an unsponsored source so I'll refrain from posting the brand.
Above ground 23/3/19.....
Yes,that's right Americans.
We have have 27 months in our year in scotland. Seems we get at least 20 months of winter anyway :)

They've had a rough start though to be honest. I've been a bit lazy :(
Not as rough as the autos in the next post though !

The CFL reflector is a 130w that I normally use in 14000k. It's awesome for root development and keeps them on par with just about anything for the first 2 weeks......
it had done about 18 months and just all of a sudden stopped being useful. Seems they last quite a while then burn out really quick.
Noticed straight away but they were photos and I wasn't in a hurry so waited a month untill I found the new 2500k bulb in my mates attic. Knew I had a spare somewhere. Not paying if I don't need to :)

Anyway, they were started in root riots. As long as they're fresh, I don't even water them.
I put the seeds in pointed side up and as close to 13mm deep as I can get.
Less than 10mm and they almost always come up with the shell stuck on.
More than 15mm and quite often they get wrapped around themselves. It's fine for photos as they pop with a bit of persuasion but I grow a lot of autos and iether option can fuck them right up.

With autos you should transplant these into whatever the day after the first tap root breaks through the root riot.
For me this means a 4inch rockwool and as you can see from the top pic, I waited too long. Gave the roots too many options. So when I put them into cubes they stunted for a bit while the roots figured life out. Still tiny at day 30 but It's cool though. You'll see ;)



You'll notice there's some green algae on the top of the rockwools. I've no idea what this is but it's happens every single time and never causes me any problems. If anyone knows about it though please share :)

Bottom left had pH issues . Or more specifically, is a pheno thats less capable of dealing with pH fluctuations.
Im a naughty boy and they've been on ph6.5 untill yesterday when I decided they were ready for a daily drenching and set it to 5.7.
Untill now they've been fed with a spray bottle from underneath as you can tell from the root pics at the bottom .
As of yesterday though, they are officially topped, on the recovery and ready to get beasted with as many watts as I can throw at them..... as soon as my bloom run is done. That's a story for another day though. It's late, im really stoned now so in gonna have to bail for now lol.
I'll edit it tomorrow if the timer allows it. :)

I’m subbed up. Nice setup you have, hope everything goes smoothly for you.✌️
Welcome aboard mate. I've got the gear but wait till you see the state of my attic lol. It's like the land that God forgot. Where LEDs and plant pots go to die.
Im gonna sort it out after my photos are done. Just trying to find the time at a time when I can be bothered lol.
Should be a good show though. Got lots of things going on so garunteed to be a few fuck ups here and there but it's all part of the fun :)
Here's my sativa photos that I ruined.
Knocked the timer a few weeks into bloom and It took me a few days to notice. They tried to reveg, stalled for a few weeks then started budding again with really wierd, full of leaves, foxtailed, shite, fluffy buds.
Wouldve been around a pound there if I hadn't fucked the timer and it's now looking like im gonna have to turn the lot into hash.
Lesson learned though. I'll be tidying up the electrics once they're down and securing the timer somewhere out the way.


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Sounds like you are going to be busy, I'll tag along, should be lots of tips to be picked up along the way.
Welcome aboard mate. Please don't judge me by the state of my photos. Was a one off l, I swear I can actually grow lol.
Go Barney!
Nice roots, looking good.
Cheers buddy. I haven't quite figured out what's happening with them yet to be honest. Got maybe 2 more weeks before they get transplanted. Im only giving them 2 weeks to get rooted after transplant so thinking I might put 4 of them in the other NFT res and the other 2 into 10L fabrics. Not quite decided yet. Got too many options and it's hurting my head lol.
Phwar, just been lookin through my seeds to see what I had left for next run
And found a single og candy dawg kush fem. I had 3 but had to cull the other 2 during snow season while they were still tiddlers.
Woop woop, that's getting germed for clones as soon as I've got space !

Also got shit tons of autos there. Amnesia haze,
zamnezia haze,
lemon ak(really nice),
santa Marta haze,
northern lights,
og kush
and a pack of the legendary BCN Critical XXL. Those things get enormous so that's what im gonna try and pull a pounder with towards the end of the season. Not done one for quite a while now so just need to make sure I still can lol.
Should secure me a sponsor for next year's seeds too which is always a bonus :)
While im at the start actually id be aswell covering the nute schedule....

There isn't one!

Company advised nute schedules are fuckin horrendous and nowhere near what the plants need.
When I started out I obsessed about keeping everything perfect. With growing in a 20l Res only half filled untill it's needed, it's very sensitive so you can see exactly what the plants are taking in. It's only about 100ppm per week of veg, assuming they're growing pretty hard.

So week 1- 000ppm.
they need absolutely nothing other than water for the first 5 days. 50ppm root boost doesn't go a miss but I don't bother if im out. The cotyledon give them their first feed, thats what nature intended them for so might aswell make use of it :)

Week 2- 200ppm.
100ppm veg nutes,
30ppm scillica
50ppm root boost
and my tap water is 48ppm

The scillica is always 30ppm as that's about all the plants can make use of.
Root boost I use at 50ppm the full grow.
Veg nutes I up in increments of 100ppm per week roughly.
Calmag just as and when it's required.
I use 2 nute lines depending on photo or auto. One of them needs it from a few weeks in, the other doesn't need any till the stretch.
If the bottoms go yellow I up the veg nutes.
Tops go yellow I give em some calmag as mines has got added iron for that reason. Saves needing micro nutes aswell.
Mids lose colour and go blotchy or I get rust spots I also give them a shot of calmag.

And that's about all there is too it for the veg phase really. Nice n simple.
I pH to 5.7 for veg and in the case of NFT I let it drift to 6.3 before I fix it.
Because I always feed light and don't really give them anything untill they ask for it there's not much else can go wrong.
The pH in the pots never gives me any grief iether cos the pH issues a lot of people get are from excess nutes building up in the pot.
Hey them pics ain't working
Ahh bollocks. Must've been a bit ripped when I posted lol. I'll be going back up in a few hours anyway so I'll take some more. Just waiting on a pump to arrive then im getting them all transplanted.
4 of them going into NFT, the other 2 into 3gal fabrics I think.
Gonna start some more autos too cos I've got fuckin loads of them to get through. Just be tiddlers though. On 12/12 for most of their lives.
1 in a cup smaller than a solo, a 2L bottle turned into a hempy and 1 in a tiny dwc. Thinking about doing that one in a bottle of buckfast, 750ml.
Ooh fuck that actually, that ones getting its own thread. Been at this 3 years now and never seen a single person doing a tiny dwc. It's gotta be done now lol.
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