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Il state firstly i am a noob when it comes to growing anything. when i was about 10 i planted some tulip bulbs in my front garden, planted and left them, they grew, mother nature took its course.

This il allow is slightly different :D

so, i have limited space, enough for a mother/propogation tent, veg tent and a grow tent which i am in the process of making.

im starting with a 120/60/150 finether grow tent, 2 x Vander 600w full spectrum led and have a carbon filter with extract. i have the yt-zewa 100nz version

i also have a mars hydro 240w otw which i will pop in too.
i have 5 seedlings and 1 still germinating, i figure 1 light per 2 plants.

so the seeds were put into paper towel to soak 10 days ago now, 2 x royal haze AF (these seeds came from one which was grown outside in the uk last year, was a perfect year for outdoor last year and my friend had some real bangers turn out, the royal haze af being one, not sure what will happen with seeds from autoflowers? will they essentially still grow and flower as af’s do i have no idea) 3 x gas og, and 1x critical.

Day 1 (4 days ago, when first seeds were potted)
so the 2 RH and 2 of the Gas split a few days later and are now potted into 10l fabric pots with coir medium. the medium i left a couple of inches from the top and ran some water through them in the shower until it was coming out from the bottom, left them for a couple hours to drain and saturday night my first seedlings were planted :D

so, since then, i was recommended leave the lights on 24hr for about a week, then put them on 20-4 cycle dropping to 18-6 later on in the veg state. any advise on this welcome.

Day 2 (3 days ago)
the first RH af broke the surface with the two rounder leaves, i read the name on here earlier but forgot now, cyto something maybe? lol
the critical seed also had split by this day, 1 week from being put to soak, this one had to go in a plastic pot as i only had 4 fabrics, same medium used and same rinse process though.

Day 3 (2days ago)
all 4 of the first seeds potted had broken surface by this day, medium still feels damp when i put my pinky in, turned the lights off at midnight this night, was sat there thinking well in the wild the sun would set so maybe i should let them have a sleep Zzzz

Day 4 (yesterday)
turned the lights on 6 am, 6 hrs of darkness,
currently at this point the lights had been hanging maybe 20-25” above, spoke again to the person advised the 24hr light and said id shut them off etc and we spoke of height, again it was reiterated 24hrs first week and to lower the lights as low as possible, now his experience with growing is not much greater than mine so he doesnt profess experience lol and he used a hps i think before not leds, anyway i took the advice and lowered the lights to maybe 5inches..?!?! the were left at this height for remainder of the day, now heres where it gets weird, cosmic vibrations and energy make up the world around us right, and im sure we all know the effects and the power of emotion, word magic and sound vibration on water and living things, and so some good old 432hz was put out into the air via debussy’s claire de lune...
:D tell me im mad laugh whatever ha these are my babies, they will be treated as such and will have music daily if i can!! :D

Day 5 (present)

anyway yesterday i found this forum and signed up, wasnt until this morning i could confirm and enter proper and now here i am :p was up early to check the babes and roll one with a coffee, browsing threads looking up info on the advice i have been given, among other things and have since this morning found a post relating to led height wih seedlings, found that having the lights 5inches above the little things was not good and have since got the gap to about 35” atm, today i am expecting delivery of a light hanging adjustable pulley system so hoping to make the adjusting easier than using bits of wire to move the lights lol

so, the final gas og seed still hasnt split, i transfered to a fresh paper towel soaked and back to cupboard.

this morning the critical finally broke the surface

Royal haze #1 3.5cm ish


RH #2 4cm

gas og#1 2cm
gas og #2 2cm

as you can see some of the top soil is drying out, i have yet to water them, and no nutrients added yet either.


so this is where im at. as i said i have another light on the way which if the final gas splits will be shared by a couple, i have not had the fan on full time atm as it felt like there was no humidity build up or warmth at times, i will get a couple of humidity and temp guages this weekend, and have some timers ready to set thelight cycle, excited but impatient so gonna have to lose the excitement to cope with the need of patience lol

as i also mentioned il have a grow tent for these to move to if they ever get to flower, though i guess the af’s could technically stay in veg if they will bloom like afs do? any help with these technicalities be appreciated lol

il get pics of the other tents when further along too.
cheers for reading so far!
Looks good. I have never done autos but it looks like you know how to handle them. Big pots right from the start and soil not too wet. Great beginning.
If you start noticing any stretch you might have to bring the lights a little lower but they look great.
Looks good. I have never done autos but it looks like you know how to handle them. Big pots right from the start and soil not too wet. Great beginning.
If you start noticing any stretch you might have to bring the lights a little lower but they look great.

thanks, that was the concern about stretching hence why lowering right down, once i get the pulley system in place il be able to find their happy spots easier.
Looks good

What nutes ya gunna use?

What's yer watering plans?

i was going to use the canna coco

and watering plans none as of yet, underwater over overwater, i wasnt going to add nutes for 2 weeks, though, i figure go by eye touch and weight, this coir looks quite easy to tell between wet and dry lol

any hints for this will be appreciated, not sure of the whole process yet
Coco peeps usually start 1/4 strength nutes right away, just like DWC growers

Daily water as well

Here is a great guide to growing in Coco

How to grow in Coco: Feed schedule
Found my way in as well.
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so little update, been a week since i potted the little ones.
started watering wednesday after reading up more about coir and the feed schedules, just used tap water first day, shared about 1.5l between each not too much.

read up some more about ppm ec etc thursday, had distilled 4l of pure water up over night and although my tap water is around 394 ppm and 786 ec i diluted some to around 200 ppm with the distilled for thursdays drink. volume went up as i read again more about wanting some run off in coir, im cautious though as i have my seedlings in larger pots and so takes more water for a run off lol anyway same again tonight around 500ml water each til some run off, ppm 200 again think i am starting to get my head around it... lol please advise if im wrong, should i aim lower ppm for now or is 200 ok and amounts also?

so nutes arrived today, have some canna coco a+b, vitalink calmag and hornet super roots to begin with. anything else i should need? i am thinking to start their nutes tomorrow, cult advised from the off, they have had 4 days without being watered, 3 days with just water, and so maybe with it 1 week now i should start them?

i havent worked out ratios yet but will make a 4l batch in distilled water aim for 1/4 of mf recommended, then add tap water to bring ppm up more if needed (im thinking with the nutes this time aim for lower ppm than i did just water though? 50-100ppm?) and share again 2.5l between the 5? sound ok? please advise if not lol

i also finally got a temp/humidity moniter in there today, i think temps are a bit low, was around 21c with lights on and humidity mid70s with extractor on, carbon filter disconnected, connected filter and humidity dropped to 65-68 but temp fell slightly. anyway when lights shut off fan went off temp fell to 18c 90rh i turned fan on temp still dropped ended up around 14.2 lowest but humidity fell back to 70s. i also have a small fan in there which shut off with lights. if i leave fans running i think i can control humidity, i have however, ordered a small thermostatic tubular heater which i will set up to try and hold the temps up. when the weather warms up it shouldnt be so bad, and i have lights shut off between 17:00-21:00 so they have warmth through the night atm. i will get a little fan heater in the main room to try and keep a little warmth in there too until heater arrives.

just taken some pics, lights have been on for 3 hours now but i had the tent open and pots out to sort a new tray and lower lights so the temps are a bit low stil i connected the filter back on reset moniter and will see what happens overnights
currently 19.3c and 68rh, lights at 29”, maybe if i lower a little more then there will be some more heat down nearer them too but cautios to put them too close still just yet lol







sorry about the quality on some with the lights off lol its dark in there always with the lights off. no ambient light or day light really reaches it lol

so thats the first week. getting there, hopefully within 1 more il have the temps sorted, i have a ph pen arrived also today which i will go a pick up with the nutes from delivery address in the morning so will have a play with that too.

anwyay, please critique!!! need it lol
the tents

the smaller is a 50/50/100 larger the 120/60/150

will eventually house a mother here, hopefully psychosis lol

my new tray :D

this was after watering, you will notice the sponge, and no run off in the tray, i may have sponged it out lol. little concerened about when theyre bigger and more water going through lol but will figure that out soon. some wire baking racks to sit the pots on with the plastic small round trays to catch underneath and easier to remove out maybe ‍♂️ lol
just been up to check temps, seems its held steady at 19.4c with a high of 19.7c and humidity at 64% with a high of 70 overnight

defo need to get a check on it lol
Temp is not too bad.. As long as you are above 18 Celcius.
The humidity is fine for babies so enjoy them :)

ok cool so its defo at lights off time il need a little heater to control for now, dropped over 3degrees when they shut off lol still winter here and hasnt been that cold really.
Looking like a great start. I’ve pulled up a lazy boy and a few pre rolls. I’m ready. Good luck. Cheers. Happy growing. Magic

thanks :)
the humidity shot up to 90 when the lights went off and temp dropped, perfect solution for sleeptime, im confident il get the enviro sorted.

starting the feed schedule has me more anxious lol
made up my first batch of solution, hope it is right lol

so 1l distilled water, ppm 2 ec 0
added 1ml canna coco a+ 1ml b
1ml vitalink calmag
1ml hornet super roots

ppm after mixing was around 760 and ec .4 i think it was, ph level was at 6.2/3 but i have no ph down atm eek, i have ordered some though, will try go to shop for some vinegar if i have time before close, they wont be fed for a few hours yet anyway lol
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