Mile High Cleaner Review

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Mile High Cleaner is a safe and very effective system that has been scientifically developed to be a superior method of cleaning cannabis resin from our various smoking accessories.

The product is safe to use on all surfaces and is guaranteed not to damage glass or plastic as some cleaners will. Mile High Cleaner is easier to use, cheaper and many times more effective than soaking and cleaning our pieces in Isopropyl alcohol and salt. Unlike Isopropyl – and because Mile High Cleaner claim that the product is so safe that you could drink it – it can be used proactively to keep your bong or water pipe clean by putting a drop of cleaner in the water so that resin will no longer stick to the glass!

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I know of two effective ways to clean ourselves and our equipment of the resin, oils and debris that is left in our pipes and on our hands as we work with cannabis products. Most commonly for pipes and bongs, cannabis users use a mixture of Isopropyl alcohol and salt which can be shaken so that the salt “scrubs” the resin from the glass. This salt can also permanently damage a pipe as it cleans.

A more difficult situation is when cleaning small pipes with long narrow stems. The Isopropyl method usually requires using a bowl filled with enough of this smelly, flammable liquid so that you are able to soak and shake the entire pipe under the surface of the ISO/salt mixture. Eventually the resin softens enough to push out with a stick or wire that can be stuffed up in the stem over and over, preferably while being under the surface of the alcohol. This usually results in a sticky mess in the bottom of the sink and the bowl that is used for cleaning, which now also has to be cleaned up, or dedicated to this job forever. Also, I have always worried how safe it is to pour dirty used ISO down the drain, and I worry as to whether it can hurt my septic tank or pipes. Of course everyone should worry about inhaling the fumes as well as its flammability as you work with Isopropyl alcohol.

The second common method of cleaning sticky cannabis resin is used mostly to clean someone’s hands after a trimming session. It is a well-known trick to rub vegetable oil onto your resin coated fingers to counter the stickiness of the resin as you work to slowly scrape the mess from your hands.

After working the oil into your skin for a few minutes to loosen the resin, Dawn dish soap is then used to clean both the oil and the unstuck resin from your fingers. This oil and detergent method was the easiest way that I knew of to clean your hands after a trimming session – until I found Mile High Cleaner.

The last time I trimmed and had very sticky fingers, after collecting all the finger hash I could, I tried using a couple of drops of Mile High Cleaner on my fingers. Much quicker than plain vegetable oil, the sticky mess turned to liquid on my fingers almost instantly on contact. In a fraction of the time it usually took, a little soap and water quickly washed the entire mess down the drain. Mile High Cleaner literally melts and encapsulates cannabis resin into an emulsified liquid that easily washes away.

Mile High Cleaner uses polar attraction and this same oil absorption and encapsulating method to clean our pipes, equipment and even our hands. Instead of vegetable oil, they use other natural oils along with extracts from nuts and fruits, to absorb, encapsulate and loosen the resin stuck in our bongs and the long tubes of our pipes. Using the supplied large and well thought out assortment of long brushes of various sizes and a special magnetic scraper, even long stuck on resin can be loosened and easily removed from any type of pipe, bong or other accessory. Once the oils and resins are encapsulated and unstuck from the surfaces using Mile High Cleaner, they can easily be washed away with typical dishwashing soap, leaving the surfaces antiseptically clean.

Before Mile High Cleaner
Before cleaning Photo: Emilya Green
After cleaning Mile High Cleaner
After cleaning Photo: Krissi Carbone

I had a situation one night when a friend brought over a very beautiful hand made pipe with a long 8-inch stem that she wanted to show off. Unfortunately, we could not get the pipe to draw because that long stem had become clogged. Right there in my smoking room, I pulled out the Mile High Cleaner kit and told her how effective it was. In two minutes, we had that stem cleared using a couple of drops of Mile High Cleaner on a long brush. In and out and a couple more drops on the brush, and a big glob of year-old resin was pushed out of that pipe stem.

Since Mile High Cleaner say that it is safe even to drink, we immediately used that pipe, and was amazed how quick and easy it was to clean this old pipe with this product without having to spend 20 minutes in the kitchen. Previously, this pipe would have required at least 24 hours of soaking and would have required searching around for a wire or stick or something that could be shoved through that long pipe stem. The Mile High Cleaner kit with its multiple various sized brushes made this job easy, quick and all the tools needed were in the kit.

Kit Mile High Cleaner
Photo: Emilya Green

Bongs and big glass water pipes are relatively easy to clean compared to long stem pipes. Vigorous shaking of a mixture of ISO and salt was the old way to clean a large bong. This process took some time, and quite a bit of effort, requiring sometimes 10 minutes or more of shaking the salt and ISO mixture to loosen the stuck-on resin. This can be physically demanding, and we commonly would pass a dirty bong around the room for everyone to shake for a minute or so. Isopropyl alcohol and salt is a brute force method of cleaning, but even after most of the resin had been absorbed into the ISO, it still leaves a coating and a taste that needs to be cleaned out with soap and water before the pipe can be used. After a half hour or so of very vigorous effort, an extremely dirty pipe can be finally be made clean enough to smoke from.

Small pipes with long stems have always been difficult to clean, usually requiring a bowl of Isopropyl and salt large enough to soak the entire piece, with room to shake it around a bit under the surface of the cleaning solution. In particularly dirty pipes it can require soaking for days before the dried-on resin can be loosened and removed from a long pipe stem.

Mile High Cleaner takes the work out of this cleaning process and certainly makes it faster. Once the Mile High cleaning solution touches an area and is given a slight scrub, the resin is immediately loosened and able to be removed. Using the brushes and the magnetic tool supplied in the kit, problem spots and particularly dirty areas can be scrubbed clean with just a couple of swipes, and most importantly, without damaging the glass or plastic.

Mile High Cleaner makes all of this cleaning of cannabis resin so much easier than ever before. First, the natural oils resins and encapsulators require much less physical scrubbing and cleaning to accomplish the job and it is obvious when you see it that the cleaner releases the resin from the surface of the piece. There is no extended shaking needed to loosen the dirt from the pipe, just one contact with Mile High Cleaner and the resin is loose, turning to liquid and able to be rinsed away. Hard to reach and hard to clean surfaces are easily accessed and cleaned using the magnetic scrubber, which can be used to clean even the tightest and hard to clean areas. One scrub, and the resin is loose!

Clean bong top down Mile High Cleaner
After cleaning Photo: Krissi Carbone

Lastly, I want to mention again one of the most impressive things that Mile High Cleaner can do, that Isopropyl and salt cannot. Since Mile High Cleaner claim that it is so safe that you could drink it, and so inexpensive to use, a drop in your bongwater – one drop per inch of bong – can be used as a preventative so that the sticky resin will not stick, and a clean bong is as fast and simple as changing out the water!

I give this product, and this Colorado based company, Mile High Cleaner, my full endorsement.

This is the space-age way to safely and easily clean all of your paraphernalia. This product has received many awards and has been re-branded into at least 11 different products using their formula. It has won Best Organic Cleaner and Sustainable Product of the Year. They offer a lifetime tool replacement and special deals by joining the Daily Clean Club. This is an excellent product and we are very pleased to have them sponsor 420 Magazine.

Please try Mile High Cleaner. I am sure you will be very glad that you did.

420 Magazine Product Review by: Emilya Green
For more information: Mile High Cleaner