Artrix Cubox & SIP Disposable Vaporizers

Artrix Cubox & SIP disposable vaporizers
Photo: Lady Cannafan

It’s getting much more convenient to enjoy a discreet and enjoyable vaping session with our cannabis concentrates. Thanks to Artrix and their revolutionary compact disposable vaporizers for the convenience, discretion, and pure flavor pleasure. The compact lightweight design makes them portable and easy to pull out on-the-go for a cloudy flavorful experience. Stylish and Elegant, they fit comfortably in the hand and can be easily tucked away in small pockets. Most importantly they are inexpensive, so they fit the budget!

Whether you are with friends, or around strangers, you can count on a discreet and enjoyable vape experience while you are on the move. The tops attach very securely once the container is filled, and stay put when you grab them out of a pocket. Once you have your vaporizer filled and snap the top on, it does not come back off.

Artrix SIP – Flat shaped disposable cannabis vaporizer

Artirx SIP disposable cannabis vaporizer
Photo: Lady Cannafan

The thin stylish design of the Artrix SIP fits neatly into small pockets and is easy to hold in your hand. It features a snap-in integrated mouthpiece and customized dual air pathways, making your sip smooth and easy.

Inside of the Sip is a 1.5Ω coil and a 300mAh battery which can be recharged with Type-C charging. It has an output power of 8.6W and weighs only about 19.2g. You don’t even notice it’s in your pocket. It holds up to 1ml of concentrate.

The main body of the SIP is made of aluminum alloy, and very solid. The mouthpiece is a snap-in style made of PC material. It is 100mm in height x 17mm width, with a flat design at only 9.4mm thick. It has a nice outer coating that gives it a slight grip making it easier to hold without slipping.

The Artrix logo on the bottom of the SIP is also the one color LED light. It will light up with a white LED only when you draw from the device. The logo is also nice in low light situations to feel for, so you don’t try to sip from the wrong end

If you are wondering how much concentrate there is left, you don’t have to guess. There are small viewing windows on both sides of the SIP to see how much is left in there.

The draw was immediate and smooth, with a lovely cloud of vapor. The taste was very enjoyable, there was nothing lingering other than the flavor of my concentrate. The smoothness is important to me, and it hit the mark nicely.

Artrix Cubox – Disposable cube cannabis vaporizer

Artrix Cubox disposable cannabis
Photo: Lady Cannafan

Artrix Cubox will be a favorite for me when I need a traveling companion that I can hide even when in use. The no button, no hassle sleek design makes this not only enjoyable to use, but nice to look at too. This is a must for those budget conscious cannabis users seeking the utmost discretion when vaping on the move. I can hide it my palm and sip from it unnoticed by most. It has a smooth and curvy, rounded style that makes it nicely comfortable to hold. It offers an innovative air-channel system that replaces the traditional central tube which helps make it easier to conceal. It features a flat ceramic heating technology which enhances heating efficiency, and scientific dual-air channel design. It is also available in several colors to match your style.

The Cubox is offered in two different sizes, choose either a 1ml or 2ml capacity.


This stylish vaporizer is also very lightweight, the 1ml size weighs 20.5g, 2ml size at 20.8g. The tank Material is made of Food Grade PCTG, and the mouthpiece material is PC. The battery capacity is 300 mAh with an output power of 9W and a 1.35Ω coil. It is rechargeable with standard Type-C charging cord. (not included)

Both the Cubox and SIP are designed for a single fill use with your favorite concentrate. Filling them yourself is very easy, even if this is your first time. You just need the right equipment, which can be found online. I use a small syringe with an 18 gauge blunt tip needle, inserting it into one of the two outer holes. I have never overfilled or had a mess. If you use a needle, it should not be more than 2.5mm.

If your concentrate material is thin, Artrix recommends waiting 90 seconds before snapping in the mouthpiece. For thicker or viscous materials, Artrix recommends waiting 180 seconds. Once you have it filled, they recommend waiting about 4 hours before using. Artrix also suggests that you use your concentrate within two weeks of filling the vaporizer.

They are designed to use a standard Type-C charging cord (not included). The charge will last 2 or 3 days for the casual user, longer for less frequent users. These disposable vaporizers are not meant for long term frequent daily use. They are disposable devices, and not refillable. Once the material inside is used up, you simply toss it away.

Ease of use is important, and these did not fail the test with the no button, no hassle convenience. I found the vapor flavor very clean which I attribute to the SS316L center post and food grade PCTG tank. Artrix is all about innovation and improving quality.
I used my own concentrate which was slightly viscous, and both units handled it well without clogging. It took a couple more puffs to get things going than a purchased thinner concentrate, but when it got there it was heaven. There was no leaking even when I left them upside down for a period of time.

For such compact and inexpensive devices, the Cubox and SIP are amazing in their delivery of flavor and cloud in the draw. The coils do a nice job of heating up the product quickly. The draw was slightly warm to cool and smooth, and the vapor cloud was what I expected and wanted to experience.

In addition to the convenience of several styles of disposable vaporizers, Artrix offers other products in their store such as, Dabgo dab pen, Driller 510 cartridges, and a Fitty pod system.

I encourage you to give these disposable vaporizers a try, you will not be disappointed. Artrix is a serious company on the move to make your vaping experience all it can be!

420 Magazine Product Review by: @Lady Cannafan

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