ViparSpectra KS5000 LED Grow Light

ViparSpectra 500 watt grow light led
photo: Krissi Carbone

Are you ready to experience powerful performance, reliability, ease of use, and the most delicious looking canopy of colas you’ve ever grown without breaking the bank? The ViparSpectra KS5000 LED grow light is what fits all of that and more. It gives the perfect amount of light spread evenly, it’s energy efficient, lightweight, and cost effective for something that delivers so much, resulting in the canopy of your dreams.

LED grow lights have come a long way since I first started growing Cannabis indoors. Although I was able to produce some wonderful grows, the downsides to the older lights were numerous. The color cast was one of the largest obstacles for me, the purple and pinkish hues were extremely hard on the eyes, and made it nearly impossible to inspect a plant properly. Let’s not leave out terrible for getting proper photos of the plants. I suffered migraines constantly when I had to frequent the grow room. They were all too often, way too hot to the touch and noisy from cooling fans. The ViparSpectra KS5000 solved all of these challenges.

At only 12.8 lbs. (without the LED driver box), the KS5000 was a breeze to hang by myself and I didn’t have to worry about the weight on the bar it was hanging from. Honestly, it took longer to get it out of the shipping packing than it did to hang the light. The contents were packed extremely well. They offer fast, safe and secure shipping, and they have warehouses globally for convenience.

The user instructions that came with the light were easy to understand and straight forward with illustrations and included specifications, PPFD maps, and even planting suggestions with the amounts of light required for each stage of the plant. It couldn’t have been easier to get started.

I won’t go into all of the technical Par, E-Par, and PPFD testing specs, I leave that to the experts who have tested that effectively, which you can find at ViparSpectra’s site. Here are some details that ViparSpectra gives on their site and in their user instruction manuals:

Photo: ViparSpectra
ViparSpectra details KS5000
Photo: ViparSpectra

The ViparSpectra is an LED bar fixture light. It folds in half and has 6 bars for coverage of a 4′ x 4′ area. Personally, with my last grow, I believe it covered more than that, but we’ll stick with what ViparSpectra states. The folding feature is nice for storage when the light is not in use. I have two of these, and use one for seedling to Vegetation growth. Once I am ready for flower, I can spread the plants out and use both lights for maximum coverage and room for the plants.

One of the things I am most impressed with about this light is the ability to move the LED driver (power box) away from the light or outside of your grow tent. It can be positioned out of your way and clear of the plants and light, making a much lighter light fixture to adjust when you need to and reduce the amount of heat in the grow tent. There are metal attachments on the end of the drivers with which you can use to hang them too.

For such a powerful light, it does not run hot at all. The bars are only slightly warm to the touch, and I can handle the LED driver without getting my hands too hot even at full power. There is no noise at all when the power is running making it a stealthy choice.

The daisy chain feature of this light is another game changer for me. When I use two lights, I don’t have to set them to the same settings manually. I just connect the two LED drivers using the 4.9 foot supplied daisy chain cord and use one to control the other. You can control up to twenty units with this feature, which is a must for commercial growers.

ViparSpectra dimmer & daisy chain KS5000
Photo: Lady Cannafan

This light can be used in all stages of plant growth, from seedling to flower, with the adjustable dimmer dial (power setting), and using the ViparSpectra guide for hanging height and power setting.

Even canopies are so much more achievable with even PAR distribution, which the KS5000 does. The light penetration was impressive as well. My lower buds were noticeably growing healthier and fatter than my previous grows under different lights.

Resinous buds and colas are a true joy to behold under the ViparSpectra LED grow lights.

White widow XXL ViparSpectra
Photo: Lady Cannafan
White Widow XXL ViparSpectra KS5000
Photo: Lady Cannafan

I didn’t start using the ViparSpectra KS5000 at the beginning of my last grow, because my plants were already in vegetative stage when I received the lights. Even starting a little later with the new lights, I saw a tremendous difference in how my plants were responding and developing better buds than I’ve ever had in the past. As a result, this is now my go-to light for my current and any future indoor grows.

ViparSpectra has several models available to fit your needs and budget, all at the same high quality and performance. They are not a new company, they began in 2011 delivering quality products to cultivators and horticulturists. They have a cutting-edge research and development team consisting of professors and experts alike to make products that not only last but perform like no other. Check them out, and go through the grow journals here on 420 Magazine where you can see numerous growers using ViparSpectra lights. The reason there are so many happy growers is because this company delivers what they promise. That is, “To provide innovative indoor gardening products at affordable prices.”

420 Magazine Product Review by: Lady Cannafan

For more information: ViparSpectra