Curious' 3rd Grow Journal 2 x Pineapple Kush In Coco, April 2019


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Hello and welcome to my 3rd grow journal. This one will be a little different from my last two as this will be done in a home made 4 x nearly 2 x 6 wardrobe? This was purposely built to clone/vege for my 5 X 5 while it's occupants are flowering. Going to see if I can flower a couple new strains inbetween, possibly a couple autos and do some experimenting. Thanks in advance for the help/support I receive along the way, cheers! :yummy:

Strain: Pineapple Kush (skunk x kush hybrid) up to 22% THC also high CBD (freebies from MSNL from purchase of Blue Dream, thank you kindly).
Stage: Vege (beans have just popped).
Soil or hydro: Coco / Perlite (30-40%)
Potting: 2 x 18L (5gal) air pruning pots (rocket pots).
Lighting: 600w HPS, 400v 400-600w digital lumatek ballast, through a cool tube with a reflector.
Intake/Exhaust: Air pulled through cool tube and out of tent by a Can-Fan RS150 (470m3/h) which is attached to a Can-Lite 600 (600m3/h) carbon filter. Intake is a passive 150mm ducting with pre-filter over it.
Nutrients: I will be using mostly BAC products, BAC Coco A & B, Vege C, F1 Extreme flowering, Pro Active, Rotalumits, weekly scirup. Cyco Ryzo, Organic Amino, Calimagic, Frooting power, THC Eskit, PSI mono silic acid. I am/have been following a localish hydro stores "fast growth and high yield feed schedule" that was provided along with the nutrients when I first bought my complete kit. Until I know what each does (which im slowly learning) and how it affects my ladies I will keep following it.

13/04 3 PK and 2 bag seeds we're dropped into some luke warm water where they stayed for 24hrs the bag seeds were popped incase the PK didn't germinate.

15/04, 4 out of 5 split and were placed into jiffys.

20/04, no.5 did not split but placed into jiffy anyway.

22/04 come on babies, one more PK please.

These are a few photos of my setup

Housing for my fan packed with insulation such a difference with the sound.



The end result (probably alot cheaper to have just bought a tent, lol).
Hey @Curiousnoob nice looking setup! Looks like those bag seeds want you to grow them :rofl:
30/04 about day 10
Aww man I think your right @irie lion lol. Not that they look that great anyway... think high ph in water.

These guys aren't doing much at all.

Hang on I stand corrected, we have a tiny bit of growth, I repeat a tiny smidgle bit of growth :rolleyes:

It's all good, I have a tendency of favouring the underdog.
Update on my little abnormal sprouts, bunch of oddballs they are... feeling like I can't do anything right atm. :rofl:

Can anyone please tell me what the F is going on here with my PK1?


Pk2 isn't looking much better... don't think it has budged in the last week?

My two bags seeds B1 is going ok

And B2 has decided to tip herself?

Hope everyone's grows are going better than mine, lol. :peace:
See what you mean mate, thats a lovely bunch of odd balls isnt it.
I think the main clue lies in the first post. Rule no1 of growing, never listen to the guys in the hydro store lol. Whats he got you feeding them?
Should just be using base veg nutes, root boost of some sort, scillica (if thats what the "psi" is) and maybe calmag if you need it. Total strength should be around ec 0.6(not including the water).
In coco, you should be feeding at ph 5.7-6.0. Always feeding to run off and always feed every day.
Any of that jumping out as being drastically off of what your doing mate? Oh and also, ive never used them but seen a lot of peop,e say to cut the nets off those jiffy pucks cos sometimes the roots cant bust through so they get rootbound.
Thanks @Barney86 and @SlyTown420 for stopping by and helping out. I have not fed them anything yet except B1 and B2 only a lite 1/4 strength foliar feed of BAC Pro active as they actually have leaves, lol. Yes PSI is a silica.

This is the feed schedule that was provided with the kit I purchased

Do you think it could be anything else they were freebie seeds? :rolleyes: maybe they were getting rid of them.
Hey @Curiousnoob i've popped well over 100 beans and never had a mutant like your PK1... neither have i had a seedling topping itself like your B2! :rofl: Whats your humidity averaging?
Hey @irie lion that males me feel alot better :laugh:humidity is low like 30-40%. They started on my window sill, two days ago they were placed in pots. I'm thinking two possibilities, one is the water was never phd but I never have before with seeds? Secondly over here we are just starting winter when outdoor growers are ending flowering cycle? Could this affect there growth? Seeds growing into flower from less light?
Update on my bunch of muto/oddballs. Now down to three, PK2 is in a better place. :rolleyes:
Looking alot better now has come out of its shell. By the looks of it she also has tipped herself aswell? I really don't want to get rid of her, she is the last pineapple kush I have left and I haven't grown one yet.


Looking healthy enough. Maybe try quad lining her.

Struggling under her weight of two tops.

The three have just had a feed of base nutrients and root hormone off 300PPM, PH5.5.
So I have misread the information about my free pineapple kush seeds that I received with my order of blue dream apparently they are autos?
Screenshot_20190522-120608_Samsung Internet.jpg

I have never grown auto before, now I'm wondering could they have possibly sprouted, went straight to flower, then re-vegged? looking at branch development they are not symmetrical like they would have been being grown from seed? Looking alot like it has re-vegged?



PK2 (has not been fed anything, water PH 5.5)


I have not sprouted many seeds and never seen this before maybe it happens. Reading your thread about mutations @TorturedSoul (which i enjoyed reading) maybe you could help me figure out what is happening here?
I find it so hard to believe that these two Pineapple Kush are the same age as these two Bag seeds
BS1 & BS2

Does anyone think these look Indica dominant?
Beats me, lol. I'd probably cull the mutant runt and be happy I had more plants growing. If/when you do, be sure to examine the root zone; sometimes the causes of plant issues are buried just out of sight.
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