Hey 420 members! :ciao:
Iv'e had some good fun growing indoors with DIY setups and iv'e finally bought myself a 1.2 x 2.4m (4x8) tent. It's improved my growing environment quite a bit and i'm looking forward to having some more space to work with. I'll be using this thread to mostly journal my grow in the tent, but will update my propagation station here as well. :morenutes:
The Setup:
So we've got the 4x8 tent with 2 x 600w ballasts - so 1200w in total. :idea: Got two big fans doing the job well and iv'e got two small clip on fans ready for when we start building our canopy. 6" fans for extraction & ventilation.
8 plants in 20L fabric pots. I do have 40L fabric pots i can go to if need be, but working with 8 x 40L's is gonna be hard work but i'll do it if we have to. I'm planning for another 2-3 weeks veg but we'll see how it goes.

The Soil Mix:
My soil mix consists of: Coco coir, Compost, perlite, vermiculite, Bone meal, Fermented probiotic bran, Organic nutrients, worm Castings, Volcanic rock dust, vermiculite & gypsum with a few extra amendments like Calmag and kelp extract. I am having great results with the soil. I will touch base on the few nutrients i am feeding with at a later time.

The Plants we'll be blooming:
So i was vegging 20+ plants and just looking out for the ones with the most potential. So here we are with the final 9 plants.

Left side of the tent: (2 x Cheese in front & 2 x Double Glock at the back)

Double Glock #1: She's a quad of some sort but she's been opened up nicely and growing at a great pace.

Double Glock #2: She was grown out without training. The strain has shown me in the past that it's got great side branching and the lower ends generally make their way to the canopy. I tied down her top branches and defol'd her last night to improve light penetration and to help the lowers catch up. She's strong and healthy!

The cheese plants:

Cheese #1: She's sort of a quadline. Been opened up really nicely.

Cheese #2: Received similar training to the other cheese.
Middle of the tent:
So in the middle of all 8 pots i'll be blooming this Durban Poison X Sour Grape that iv'e been having fun with the last month or so. She's basically a mainline. Same age as the other plants but growing like a monster, i'm adjusting ties daily on her now. She's still in a 10L pot so she will be getting a 20 or 40L within the next 2 weeks.

Right side of the tent:
Alright so long story short here - during my last round i took cuts deep into bloom so i could experiment with reveging clones. I'm not gonna get into my findings here but it resulted in the plants going through a faze of confusion, crazy branching, shooting single leaves, growing outta that into normal leaf structure, sudden rapid growth and before i knew it they were where they're at now. Through all of this and in between all my normal clones i mixed up tags and i'm not longer 100% sure what's what here. I'm not fazed as i know it's good genetics and i will obviously know what is what once we are blooming. These were all grown without training and yesterday i started removing leaves from above bending down the top branches to open things up and encourage the lower branching to make it's way up. I'll be labeling them as Reveg #1 - 4 to keep track of them.

Reveg #1:

Reveg #2:

Reveg #3:

Reveg #4:

Sweet that's it for now brothers and sisters. I'll post of a few pics tomorrow when i'm doing more work in the garden.
Welcome to everyone who joins in - and let me know how things are looking, i appreciate all of your comments :yahoo:

Happy growing :morenutes:
And what a show it is already! Is that the old space on the left being dwarfed by the new tent?
I'm in, ya know it!


Happy growing!
It looks so big in there Irie! There'll be many monstrosities being hauled out of there for sure in the future!
Sweet setup,irie- I'll be hanging around to watch the magic happen!
Wow, amazing new set up Irie :circle-of-love:
You are going to have tons of fun with all that. So much power :theband:

And lots on the go! I'll be watching. Congrats on the new toys!!
Hey Jay! Thanks so much, I’m really looking forward to it! :slide:
I'm on board for the show. Nice looking setup and it looks like everyone loves the new home. :goodjob:
Hey Sauga, glad to have you on board! :ganjamon: All the plants are loving the new tent. A few more upgrades to come over the next few months, so things are only going to improve from here on out.
Hey Gazoo! I saw your thoughts on humidity control - I’ve got no dehumidifier but I believe I’m quite lucky with my environment. My tent is sitting at a stable 50% humidity and gets up to 55-57% max when it’s been raining. When humidity is higher I up the fans and get more air circulation within the tent going to make sure there’s no humidity pockets sitting around in the tent.
Glad to have you here! Hope you’re doing well :high-five:
In there, like swimwear...
Hey brother! Things are gonna get exciting in here, hoping to get some good smoke stacked up like you over the next couple months! :passitleft:
And what a show it is already! Is that the old space on the left being dwarfed by the new tent?
I'm in, ya know it!


Happy growing!
Hey bro, thanks for joining in! :ganjamon: That’s my small lil’ propagation station built out of panda film and a wooden frame. I took down the 4x4 grow box I had, but was tempted to keep it up and throw another light in there! :rofl: Rather not.
First page I'm in
Glad to have you here boet! Hope you have a lekka long weekend.
It looks so big in there Irie! There'll be many monstrosities being hauled out of there for sure in the future!
Sooo much space! :yahoo: Hahaha that’s the plan indeed. Let’s see how much we can pull outta this space!
Wow! Now that's how it's done. Great job @irie lion. I'm glad to get in on this one early.
Thanks my friend! :thanks:
I made it I'll be back after I get caught up bud, things are looking good. :thumb:
Thanks Newb, I won’t be growing big plant like on your end, but we’re gonna have some fun in here that’s for sure!
I’m green with envy Irie. That’s a lot of room to work your magic. I’m in!! Keep em Green!!
Thanks Jdeck! Can’t explain how good it feels to have some proper space to work with the plants :ganjamon:
Nice tent, you could throw a sleeping bag in there, could get a little warm though.
Hahaha no kidding, when my mate and I were done setting it up he said he was gonna do that and we had a fuckin huge laugh :rofl:
Welcome to 420mag 1ne eye! Glad you made your way here. I’ll pop over to your side soon and check what you’ve got going on! :high-five:
Sweet setup,irie- I'll be hanging around to watch the magic happen!
Thanks brother! I’m so excited to get things going in here. :slide:
I'm in bro! I wanna see you grow some monsters.
Thanks bro, let’s hope I’ll be able to do just that! :headbanger:
Nice tent, mate :high-five:

Gobble glock :love:
Cross it with a cookie and call it that :)
Hahahaha Double D you always know how to crack me up :rofl: glad to have you here. I’m hoping to get some genetics in soon to get some awesome colours going in here, like your recent harvest. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying having the MIL around ;)
Hey my growmies. I hope everyone has had a good start to their week.
Not much to update on - all the plants are growing well and there’s no issues to mention as of yet. Been running around like crazy and I let them all get pretty dry by the time Saturday came, so I gave them a real good watering and they’re all really light again today so they’re happy and drinking well. I’m exhausted and the weeks only just begun so I’ll tend to them again tomorrow. :meditate:

Full shot of the tent:

Left side:
Yesterday I did more pruning & opening up on these 4 plants. I’ll continue to pull them down where they shoot up for the rest of this week as from next week I’d like to start working on vertical growth, so we should have an better idea of what we’ll be working with come next week.

Right side:
I’ve got so much work to do on these bushes so I’ll try and get to that ASAP. Their lowers all need to be cleaned up and I need to start working on getting some kind of shape to them.

Just for show:
My Double Glock mother was looking so happy I had to grab a shot of her. I took 10 cuts from her 4 days ago (decent sized too) and you wouldn’t even say I did. Instead of slowing down she’s just kicking into gear lol. I also tried soaking my coco jiffy pads in a high microbe mix when I last took cuts and I’m happy with what I’m seeing. I’m looking forward to getting 10 of theese Double Glock babies going... our outdoor grow season is coming and I need to get ready.

That’s it for now my friends. I’ll be doing some indivual pics of them all later this week. Thank you to everyone for joining in :thanks::nomo: I’ll be popping around to all your journals when I get a gap.
Happy growing. Peace
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