2nd Outdoor Grow In Eastern Canada


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Seeds went into water 1:00 pm Friday April 14th. 1 Vision Seeds Chocoloco Feminized, 2 Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream Feminized, 2 G13 Labs Pineapple Express Feminized, 3 Dutch Passion Seeds Blueberry Feminized,
1 GreenHouse Seed Co. Arjan's Strawberry Haze Feminized, 1 Elemental Seeds Honey Bananas Feminized, 2 Crop King Seeds White Widow Feminized. Hope they all make it past germination, I went 5 for 5 last year.
Saturday April 29 I dug up the Cocoloco seed and it wasn’t doing anything, so I cut my losses and tossed it and threw a White Widow seed into a cup of water to germinate. I really wanted to try that Chocoloca should have bought two of those seeds. So far things have gone well for me I am 16 for 17 as far as germination goes but I guess you can’t win them all.
All the girls had a drink this morning Tuesday April 2 and are doing well. A few of the girls went into early veg and the Honey Banana was transplanted this afternoon as it took off big time after their drink with 5 or 6 others soon to follow . The new White Widow seed has cracked in the wet paper towel and should be showing some taproot by day’s end. Pics will be up soon.

Pictures aren't the greatest as it is hard for me to get down to take pics but the girls are doing well. Looking forward to the variety this year.
How long do you keep them inside for? The long weekend in May?

Hey JPinkman thanks for stoping by. In our climate here about June 10th, I will start hardening them 1-2 weeks before so they will be ready to go by then.
Transplanted another 8 of the girls this evening Thursday May 5th. Two plants left to transplant, Strawberry Haze and Blueberry in a couple of days. White Widow seed that is taking the place of the unsuccessful Chocoloco seed should be ready to go in to the dirt in a day or so.
Bought a couple of more lights today and got them situated and watered the two plants that are still in the small pots. I am going to try and transplant them tomorrow to see if they will take off and catch up to the other girls. Topped the rest of the girls in the 1 gallon pots. Here are some pics
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