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THANK YOU 420 Community for being so awesome! I've spent months preparing and you guys have been an amazing resource. Now, its time for my first grow journal.

What strain is it? White Widow and Freedom Dream
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? WW - Hybrid(20-25% THC) FD Hybrid(8-12% CBD)
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Promix HP, earthworm castings, bat guano
If soil... What size pot? Peatpods
Size of light? 30w LED, 600w MH, 600wHPS
Is it aircooled? Yes
Temp of Room/cab? 24.5C
RH of Room/cab?
PH of media or res?
Any Pests ? No
How often are you watering?
Type and strength of ferts used? BioCanna organics, as recomended

Sunday March 26th
5 X White Widow (dutchmans seeds) and 10 X Freedom Dream (Overgrow Canada) put in room temp spring water for 14 hours.

Monday March 27th
5 X WW and 10 X FD put in damp paper towel between plates, on a heat mat.

Tuesday March 28th
3 X WW and 6 X FD have cracked and grown small taproots, transferred into peatpods and into a grow dome, under 2 15w LED bulbs and on a heat mat. The remaining seeds are still in towel and plates.

My grow tents arrive tomorrow, so Ill move everything into there once its set up. Ill try to post some pics from my phone. Thanks for reading!


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re: JPinkman's Organic Soil White Widow & Freedom Dream Grow Journal - 2017



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re: JPinkman's Organic Soil White Widow, Bubba Kush & Freedom Dream Journal - 2017"

I'll sub in on this one.

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re: JPinkman's Organic Soil White Widow, Bubba Kush & Freedom Dream Journal - 2017"

Thursday March 30th

3 seedsman feminised Bubba Kush (14-20% THC) put in water for 16 hours

Friday March 31st

3 BK seeds moved into paper towel/plates in the morning, all 3 cracked by evening.

6 FD and 1 WW up potted to solo cups. 4 parts promix, 1 part EWC. Theres one more WW I'll do tomorrow along with putting those BK in peat pods.

Thanks for tuning in.



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re: JPinkman's Organic Soil White Widow, Bubba Kush & Freedom Dream Journal - 2017"

Thursday April 13th

Been a while since I updated,so this may be a little long winded. Ive been at it every day making mistakes along the way, trying to learn from them.

I put one of the little guys in the tent only to quickly realize my humidity was way too low. I bought a little humidifier and spent the better part of a week slowly raising the humidity. Temperature is also an issue with me so I purchased a warm mist humidifier rather then a cool one. I run my 600w MH at full blast and have my exhaust (6" blower) ported from the roof of the tent rather then the hood of the light. it's also on a speed controller and at the lowest possible setting. With all of this in place Im able to keep the mother tent at 22-24C. If I dim my 600w down to 75% my temps drop too much. Im hoping with the warmer weather coming I may get around this a little but my basement is cold year round so Im doubtfull. Im very glad I went with MH last minute (for this very reason) over a CFL or Id be screwed now.

During the week I was getting my humidity up, I brought some pics into my local hydrop shop and they recomeneded I do a flush and start using cal/mag, so Ive been doing that. I also determined that part of my problem was wind burn. Ive adjusted my internal fans accordingly, and hope things will perk up a little. As far as my plants go, Ive seen worse, but these little girls could be doing A LOT better. It's my first time so Im cutting myself some slack, Im in this for the long haul. I bought all of this at once and it represents well over a year of disposable income for me so Im not about to give up. Someday I may even be good at this.

Heres some pics of my setup. The mother tent (4x4)vents into the flower tent (4x8) to keep it warm enough during lights out. Ive also got a dehumidifier in there for when the time comes.

Thanks for reading


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re: JPinkman's Organic Soil White Widow, Bubba Kush & Freedom Dream Journal - 2017"

The 4x4 is 99% lightproof and I swear the 4x8 is 100%. Ive spent some serious time looking for leaks to patch because this is the flower tent. I went with HID because my basement is so cold, if I ran LED or CFL Id also need to run a space heater, more then negating any energy savings. Also, spending so much less on the MH allowed me to go bigger in the tents. Orginally I was going to get 2 4x4s. Im only going to light half of the 4x8, the other half hold equipment and gives me room to work right inside the tent. I am disabled and cant bend and reach into tents very well. 2 4x8s would be even better.

Someday if I'm allowed to move this upstairs from the basement Id look into the cobb setups from timber. Most of the other LED setups dont intrest me much
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