818 Headband x Grand Daddy Purple

What strain is it? (6) regular 818 Headband x Grand Daddy Purple seeds (I did the cross myself).

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrids.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Germinating.

If in Veg... For how long? N/A.

If in Flower stage... For how long? N/A.

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor.

Soil or Hydro? Soilless.

If soil... what is in your mix? SSM#4 Advanced

If soil... What size pot? 4" at first, then I'll transplant up to 2 gallon pots.

Size of lights? This will vary depending on open space, but probably a 250 watt full spectrum CFL or Agrosun for veg (18/6) and a 400 or 600 watt HPS for flower (11.5/12.5).

Is it aircooled? The light reflectors have 6" and 8" inline fans, and air circulation has a 4" inline fan.

Temp of Room/cab? around 77 degrees F.

RH of Room/cab? 43%.

PH of media or res? I don't check it.

Any Pests ? Whiteflies.

How often are you watering? I expect to water every two to three days.

Type and strength of ferts used? To be determined.

I put these into a wet paper towel today. I'll post more info and pics when they come up out of the soil.
Hey welcome sorry it took so long to get back here but I was sick for a few days pretty bad too.
Four of the six seeds opened up and I planted the other two in pots anyway. Today it looked like the soil was lifted in all four of the ones that opened up, so if the other two don't come up I'm going to germinate two more of the seeds (I was thinking of doing a few Burmese Kush seeds instead but I changed my mind). I'll post some pics when the seedlings are big enough. :)
Hey welcome folks :)
Well I got five seedlings; only one of the two new seeds sprouted. I think to make sure that I get at least one female (theoretically, being all regular seeds I could get all males), I'm going to put one OG Kush - Ghost cut (from Dr. Greenthumb) fem seed in a wet paper towel tomorrow. That is if that last seed isn't up by then.
First pic - 818 Headband x GDP:


Just as I thought it was going to do, the OG Kush seed opened up the cotylendons and croaked. :rip:
Here they are at 4 weeks and 5 days since germination. Those four t5 bulbs didn't do them much justice (the plant in the back row middle is a Hippie Killer reveg I'm doing):


I just grew five LA Affie plants, and I don't think they took up much of the nutes in the soil mix I did. I cut square holes in the soil of those pots, and transplanted all five of these 818 Headband x GDPs to them (hoping they'll feed off of the nutes that are left). I'll just water for a few weeks and see. :)
Hey what's up Graytail? Got me another one going! :)

So I see! This is escaped my notice until now. :laugh:

I don't remember you growing the 818 Headband before ... this should be a really nice cross. :cheesygrinsmiley:

[Edit] Oh, hey! Have you heard Jolene by White Stripes? If not, check it out - good stuff - just caught it on a 'dora feed tonight - blew me away. :slide:
I did the 818 Headband plant at a time I wasn't posting on here. I had a clone of it when I did a double GDP x GDP (more haired phenotype) and a GDP x GDP (less haired phenotype) pollination (of which I still have seeds from and did one grow of both), so I put it in for the cross. I've grown two of these 818GDPs so far (that's what I call the cross); here's a pic from one (like you were saying once, they take most of the mother's traits):

The pic above (front row right side plant):


It's a male, even though the pic is blurred. I'll get a better pic up before I cull it, which will be soon. I remember that striped main stem from when I grew this cross the last time :) I remember that over ripe mango smell too :cough:
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