Skunk #1 Auto

Thanks man they're hitting the swell now :)



Just in time to put them under the HID in a few days. I haven't decided if 18/6 with a 250 watt MH/HPS or 12/12 with a 400 watt HPS would be better (I'm leaning towards the 400 watt HPS). I've got to do a bud wash on these. See the gnats?


I'm putting these in the dark for chop today and I'll take one more set of pics after I trim the buds up. I didn't grow these under the best conditions and didn't take the best care of them either, but they survived my lack of interest anyway:


Post more pics soon.
I chopped all of these this morning and I'll post a personal opinion of the smoke, my thoughts on growing it as an amateur, and a pic of the good dried nugs before I close this journal. I can tell you already that it still smells like fruit, so much that I'd be surprised if it cured out with even a slight skunky smell to it. I didn't trim the lower stuff (there's about 1-1/2 times as much as I have top colas and nugs) because I'm going to use it for extractions. Here are the buds I kept for smoking :)

Final thoughts on this strain: If I had it to do again I'd go with a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of Happy Frog and SSM#4 on the bottom of a 1 gallon pot and straight SSM#4 on the top. I'd just water and not feed; these don't feed heavily. I'd go with my 250 watt Agrosun bulb for veg and a 400 watt Eye-Hortilux HPS for flower. It doesn't smell one bit like skunkweed. More like a fruity smell as I mentioned before. From seed to chop - 76 days. The smoke is okay but not great. Here are the main colas I decided to keep:


Thanks to everyone for the inspiration and keep it green :)
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