Thai Stick

This thing's comin' in for a crash landing brace yourselves everybody! ;)


I watered it one more time I got to say there sure are a lot of buds on it even though the leaves look like $hit! :tokin:
Chimpa choppa chunga!!!!! :tokin: Well it's time to say goodbye to another eyesore Here's 3 pics since I couldn't get it all in one. Thai Stick (left side, middle, right side):


I mostly finger picked the nugs to trim them after I took the outer brown leaves off, but I noticed that those leaves are brittle so I left some of them on; they'll crumble off:


I left most of it on the stem. I'm thinking I may have about 2 to 2-1/2 oh-zees there:


It don't look too bad close up:


Can't wait 'til it's dry! :trance:
It reminds me a lot of Utopia Haze. :hmmmm: The buds are loose and airy, but they're well formed and there's a ton of 'em. :cheesygrinsmiley: And everything is smokable.

Does it have the spicy sandalwood scent? :love:
Likewise. Well, laying by more than standing at the moment, but with definite eagerness. I pray that the verdict is good, and that my Thai Stick is a girl this time.
It's smooth smoking, for one thing I'm tired of coughing so hard my shoelaces fly out my mouth :thumb: I'm not going to get my hopes up too much, though. I've got a high tolerance these days, and I didn't do the best with this plant. I tend to make legends out of the old buzzes; maybe more than they deserve.
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