Dr Bob Comes Home With Fruit Punch & Lemonista Aid - So Please Don't Be Critical

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Been a long time no see my 420 brothers and sisters. :love:

I was pulled away from this universe abruptly and rudely and had to travel long and far to finally land back in the warm glow of artificial sunlight, humming fans and fresh soil that is 420 Magazine. Lurking as a troll under the bridge tells me that while some of my old friends have been pulled into alternate universes of their own, many of the faces are wonderfully familiar. I see LA is still up to his fluxing madness like the best natured mad scientist, Old Man Med is still bringing in the Aloha with nothing but natures goodness, and BAR is holding a reunion over at his place! Sweet! Very cool that so many are still here!

But oh where is Pinky Green, SweetLeef or Smoker Joe? Oh how you will be missed! (EDIT: SweetLeef Had already said Hi on BAR's thread by the time I submitted this. TOO COOL!)

But enough with the teary eyed looks to the past! As a proud Alaskan I must say that changes have happened since my earlier days here at :420:. You may have heard that a tiny change in the law up here got voted in that has changed life forever. My grow is now mainstream! Who woulda ever thunk that the Doc would find the outlaw in him was dead with the pull of a lever. Glorious and odd at the same time. :cheer:

Now you may ask, "Doc, why have you invited us here today?". Well, I must tell you that it is time for the good Dr to get serious about his grows again. And nothing like posting pics of your grow room to encourage good practices right?

Now onto the grow!
We have 2 Female Heavyweight, Fruit Punch.

From the breeder...
Heavyweight Fruit Punch Feminised Seeds Info
Fruit Punch is fast becoming a legend around the globe; this quickly flowering sativa dominant plant produces both big yields and the sweetest of smokes. The high is uplifting and creative; perfect for social occasions, daytime toking and pain relief without couch lock. Fruit Punch is a breeze to grow and a great choice for beginners. Commercial growers also love this plant for its rapid and trouble free reliability, producing big crops time and time again. Once you’ve tasted the Punch, you’ll be sure to come back for more.

1 Simply Female, Mega Lemonista

From the breeder...
Mostly sativa in its genetics, Mega Lemonista grows a bit tall so it must be given some space to allow it to fully grow. It is a strong and stable weed plant that is best grown in an indoor climate and can also adapt to the use of advanced growing methods like sea of green, and SCROG for monster cropping purposes. Aside from the usual soil medium, it can also thrive if grown using alternative growing mediums like hydro or bio. With branches that tend to stretch out, some of them may need to be supported or staked when it begins to grow dense and heavy buds.
Mega Lemonista is expected to finish its flowering stage in a few weeks. Its ideal photoperiod is 12/12 light and dark combination and giving it additional time to finish the blooming stage can help it to have better tasting buds and more sticky resin production. It will grow buds that are compact and dense with a bigger center bud that turns to rusty orange color upon maturity with a unique lemon taste and scent. The hit is pretty good and it shells out a distinct tropical buzz that is sweet and long-lasting.

And finally from Barney's Farm
1 Critical Kush

From the breeder...
The award winning crossing of Critical Mass X OG Kush -a powerful Indica legend discovered in California.
This hardy and vigorous plant flowers in just eight weeks and yields a copious harvest of some of the biggest colas you’ve ever seen that are absolutely covered in trichrome crystals.
Critical Mass offers an accent of fresh tangy citrus to compliment the familiar earthy-pine kush flavors. Ideal for relaxation, pain relief and late night smoking.

Here they are as of tonight

The got a bit leggy at first as they popped in a matter of hours and took off under the solo dome. When I checked them after one day two were already stretching terribly. To be fixed on first transplant.
All in soil / solo cups under HFL.
Soil is Pro Mix
TOP Reflector series lights 3 x 48w square units. New light(s) to be added to the grow.

Why are they not in the tent yet? Well we are 30 days into flower (really less, more like from the flip) in the tent with the previous group. Here we have some Lemon Kush, White Widow x Big Bud and Critical from Queen Royal. I will get proper photos but wanted everyone to see the start of buds. Always fun.

This will be the start of a full setup in our house. Two tents will finally go up with LEDs to support year round grows including really pushing our herbs and vegetables to the next level. It will be fun to get your feed back as I start to look at possible setups.

It is great to be back and this is going to be a great growing season! Gotta go sub up to some journals and catch up .

Question for the masses! I am ready to try new nutes on this run and wondered what folks are using nowadays? I am finishing out some of the FF stuff on my flowering group, but that stuff seems so harsh to the plants even at half strength.

Maybe now is the time for a super soil run for this fantastic 4. Gotta read up on all my journals to see what my favorite folks are doing out there!

Time for some more info and better pics. First we have the 2 Fruit Punches. Very tight and low with strong stems. A bit of leaf curl but that is likely due to dry air from winter. My tent is better humidified but the seedling area is dry as a bone.

Here are my two leggy gals. Lemonista is already looking much better as the CFL stopped the stretch just in time. The Critical Kush on the other hand is lucky to have made it. She was 2+'' long when I found her on her side with the shell still hanging on. But she is looking way better now and will be just fine after transplant.

Up next. Flowers are so pretty and I just love pictures of them. :circle-of-love:

Yep Hozona. My grow room has been looking like a 1950 haircut with the tomato cages. Flat top city. But this grow may be allowed to grow more wild. We will see as suggestions come. Changes are fun!

Your all natural methods has me attention this time. As much as can be true with me anyway :volcano-smiley:

Thanks for coming by the office. We may need to all get into the meds me thinks. :hookah:


Hell yes. And a seat of honor up front as well! Time to pull out the salsa and chips and a fresh bag of volcano luv. Hmmm, still have some sour cheese around here somewhere

Subscribed Doc, glad your home.
what's up bob?

Fun, fun, fun! In the artificial sun my man! Enjoying some GSC, great bud with a terrible name. Maybe it actually stands for "Great Smokin' Cannabis"

A wordsmith at the helm... nice!

A thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters would out do me 999 times. You are a kind soul :Namaste: We need more of those around here. Pull up a front row seat to some gratuitous pic...

The flower tent as she stands today.

Getting some more yellowing than I would like only 35 days from the flip to 12/12. What do you all think about yellowing fans at this stage? I think I want to try some super soil for this grow as the fantastic 4 come out of solos. Any thoughts?

Here are some pics. Starting to see some nice sugar in the last couple days.
Royal Queen: Critical

Female Seeds: Lemon Kush

Pulled my lights way up on the plants too. After talking to Denise, I realized I had let them get way too close and I actually think there was a difference overnight.

Been looking at lights a bunch. About to pull the trigger on either a Mars reflector 96 (puts the tent at about 400 true w for 2x4) or a Mars 400, which would be about the same wattage. I do have a heat issue so the reflector may be the ticket.

Love to my friends and thanks for stopping by. It wouldn't be a party without you! :thumb:

And your off to the rodeo. Hope ya don't mind I peek in every now and again. Looking at that one leggy start ya got growing, learned this thru a lot of mistakes but my 2 cents, after germinating mine, I like to start mine in about 1/2 filled pots. Then if something comes up and they get leggy, fill the pot....... Buds are starting to fill in nicely. Keepem Green
And your off to the rodeo. Hope ya don't mind I peek in every now and again. Looking at that one leggy start ya got growing, learned this thru a lot of mistakes but my 2 cents, after germinating mine, I like to start mine in about 1/2 filled pots. Then if something comes up and they get leggy, fill the pot....... Buds are starting to fill in nicely. Keepem Green

Welcome to my humble journal Wood! For you there will be a perpetual bowl loaded and waiting for you to peek in!

That is a great tip on filling the pot half up to fix the stretchy girls. I think that just got added to my solo cup strategy for future.

Hey Hozona! :high-five:

Just noticed a mistake in my first post. It was only 25 days from flip when I started the journal, not 35. Hmmm, how could that have slipped past me? :tokin:

Anyone have a good thread that I should see on making up some soil for these babies? They will come out of the cups soon and likely up to 1-2G intermediate containers to save on space. Later to move up to 7 or so gallons when either the tent is available or the other tent and new light are ready. I want to go organic but supplies will be hard to come up here. I did some searching but there are so dang many.

Now let there be pics!
Really am liking this lemon kush. Smells nice, looks nice.

And a lower bud. This plant was trained and trimmed less agressively than her sister in the grow. I am interested to see what happens between them.

In planning out the new tent setup and the future of this grow I think I have come to some basics changes. Any comments would be very appreciated!

The space will be two 2x4' tents. One is 7 feet tall and the other 5. Right now the 5 is the only one up and is being used as it has better ventilation. But, in the future the 7' will be for flower and the 5 veg.

Right now I have 300w (real draw) of 3w reflectors in 3 100w panels. My thought is to get a 200w panel of 5w reflectors. The Reflector96 as Mars calls it.

I would then use the new panel plus two for the flower tent and the single for vegging with supplemental CFLs. That would give me 50w draw per square foot in the flower tent. I will need more in the veg tent eventually and that will come in time.

For soil, I have tons of pro mix so I was thinking of something pretty basic. Like;
25% Perlite
25% Casings
50% Pro Mix
+ Dolomite Lime
+ Guano

I hear Mexican for veg and other for flower. But what if you go directly to a large pot? Skip the guano then?

Love and cookies to my brothers and sisters in 420 Land.
I got a really nice lemon Kush from females seeds awhile ago. Great pheno...big, frosty, yummy :thumb:

Good to hear. This is my first proper run with one. I did a straight to 12/12 earlier this year to get some quick bud, but I was gone all the time and couldn't be a good papa to them. I think I got all of a quarter off her. This one should be much better. Only 1 month in veg so it won't be huge but I am hoping for a couple oz or so. That is my general average I am hoping for in the current flower group.

Now the 4 that are just starting will go at least two months. They were popped on 10/22 and will stay in veg until at least Christmas or so.

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