HockeyBry's 4 Strain Mars LED Journal


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Howdy Everyone.... First time actually doing a journal on here...The girls are currently finishing their 2nd week of 12/12...They were vegged for about 6-7 weeks Enjoy!

Strains: Strawberry Blue, Top Dawg, Critical Sensi Star, Lemon Kush ( all from Fem Seeds)
Tent: 2x4 veg. 3x3 flower
Medium: Soil ( roots organics original) in 2 gallon root pouches
Lights: Mars Hydro 144x3w and Mars Hydro Mars2 900w
Nutrients: using gh floranova, heavy 16 foliar, bud blood,Moab,big bud, and overdrive.

The Girls :)


Just babies!...4 pots on the left.


2/3 ish weeks....4 center pots


4 ish weeks...clones taken


Just before the Flip!

Stay Tuned :) :welcome::Namaste:
Update: The girls are just finishing up the second week of 12/12 and their Bud Blood Treats....

Lets meet the girls......

Strawberry Blue (world of Seeds)...Topped twice

Top Dawg (Barneys)...Intersting girl...Whorled Phyllotaxy,,Topped once giving 3 main stems

Critical Sensi Star ( Delicious Seeds)...Most indica of the bunch...Topped twice

Lemon Kush ( Female Seeds)...Largest of the Bunch, Topped twice

They're The Four Best friends that anyone can have!

Hello Hockeybry. :blushsmile:

Your plants are gorgeous! Im partial to the Strawberry Blue already. :hmmmm: I have no idea why. :) They are all beautiful and look so healthy.

I wish you many, many fat nugs for your jars.
With Mars you'll find penetration to be a problem. Second week I take half the bottom out. Trust me it won't make a thing if you dont. I use 900s but two of them. Great lights just no penetration whatsoever. Like
Maybe 8-9 inch tops.

i agree that some of the lower buds will leave your wanting in density and quality if you dont trim he bottom half, mars leds are great but you i would only keep the top 8-12 inches if the plant as anything below that is not going to give you the best buds
Got to say you have some really fast growing rate in there. I've read about the wonders LED's can do during vegetation. Although be careful with that light penetration during flowering. You might have to lollypop them a bit and maybe focus on the tallest stems more than the lower growth that can become shaded and not very productive.

Good luck out there, I'm pulling a chair.
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