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I've recently gotten back into growing and am ready for a huge harvest! My past grows were decent and yielded about .7/GPW with a 600w hps and I upgraded and am ready for much more. The goal is going to be 2 lbs, whether or not I hit it.

In this grow I am using a 4x8 Tent with a 1000W HPS on the full side, a Mars Hydro 96 Reflector and cheap Apollo "300W" picking up the slack.

Light: 1000W hps + Mars Hydro 96 Reflector/ Apoloo 3x100GLED Total draw roughly 1300W

Soil: Happy Forest in 7 gallon smart pots

Nutes: AN Sensei perfect bloom

I forgot the count on Veg time but they are now day 6 in Flower, expecting them to go 9 weeks like they did the last grow. Some pics were taken before the plants got some lst and were spread out for better penetration.

Subbed... Hope your been well man...
Little bit of an update on the plants.

They are on day 28 of flower and are looking healthy. I have been pounding the plants with full strength nutes every watering and no sign of nute burn at all. They are currently needing water every 2-3 days and drying out their 7 gallon smart pots quick.

This is a 8-9 week strain so hopefully they get pretty big in the coming weeks as i'm not even 1/2 way there.

The smaller plant is a Humboldts Seed's Bubba's Gift, which I grew from 12/12 for some indica variety.

Day 34:

I feel like the plants are stalling a little bit from my "night cycle", they are usually around 60-65 degrees with the lights off since I am sucking all the heat out of my apartment with my filter system.

Really wishing that I had some day 34 pics from my last red dragon to compare. Trichome production is great like always, just not seeing the density I want to yet. Hopefully in the next week, they start to pick up.

Is it possible to stall a plant by using too many nutes without seeing burn? Im not seeing any burn but I have been feeding at max strength with sensi A + B every single water.
Yeah man ooking great, theyll really start fattening up next week.. Awesome mate..
Just hit week 7 today, I flushed each pot with 1-2 gallons of water to try and push some of the remaining nutes out. This strain in the past has taken me up to 9 weeks for flowering so I might actually be flushing the plants for a total of 3 weeks. hopefully that wont be too long, but with how many leaves this plant has, I think it should be fine and produce some smooth smoke.

The picture on the bottom is one of 5 plants, the gallon jug is for size reference. They are filling out nicely and I should be able to hit my goal. Ignore the messy table.

Everything has been going really well, plants are packing on trichomes and weight as they finish week 8. (3 days to go)

I cut my small kush plant down the other day and left it in the tent to hang, I came back a few days later to see if it's dried up and apparently it is covered in thrips. I've never had this issue before so not entirely sure what to do or if I should even worry. Pics will be up later.
Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

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