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    MarsHydro tent received from SmokeSara as contest prize.
  2. Death Bubba Hydro Grow

    Death Bubba Hydro Grow

    Beautiful purple buds growing on our Death Bubba plant
  3. Death Bubba Hydro Grow

    Death Bubba Hydro Grow

    Beautiful purple buds on our Death Bubba plant
  4. B

    New and need a little assistance

    Hello! I have just started growing with hydroponics. I started from some seed I got from a friend and I don't know what strain it is, but looks like indica based on the fan leaves. Since this is my first grow (two plants) I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the sex of these are? I...
  5. adudecalledjay

    First Journal: Bubba Kush, DWC/Dutch Bucket

    Intro I’ve lurked around here for a few years and have followed along with quite a few grow journals. I thought I’d give a simple journal a shot myself. Maybe I can learn a bit, and others can learn something from my mistakes (and hopefully successes). I would consider myself somewhere...
  6. SomeGuy24

    SomeGuy’s BDay Cake, DWC, 6/2019

    It says flowering above, but that really is Veg. And it is day 35 now. Temps are a little higher at the moment. Will update soon.
  7. G

    First Grow, 450W LED, 3x3, Dr Seeds Nepal Master Kush Plus Some Bagseed

    Welcome to my first grow journal! I'm starting this one a bit late in the grow, but will try to do weekly updates from here out. SET UP For starters, a bit about our set up. We've got a AeroGarden we're using for seedlings/cuttings (with custom 3D printed inserts), 3x3x6 tent, 6" Hyperfan, a...

    Something Wicked

  9. C

    Beginning 3rd week flowers and still no buds: Hydroponics

    Hi guys. I'm new to the forums and i am here to ask your opinion on a problem im having with my hydro grow. First of all this is my second hydro grow, im using a modified aquafarm by ghe, running as a dwc. My lamp is a 600w hps, strain is king Kong. And my temps humidity and light and nute...
  10. M

    The curious case of Frank the FrankenPlant

    This is Frank. Frank is bi-rooted. Frank likes to mingle with pretty pink flowers, bugs and enjoys the great outdoors. He's just like any other plant except, of course for his dirty little secret. Franks drinks sewagewater. Ugh... For Frank, life started off as a discarded seed lying next to a...
  11. Mikesem420

    White Shark Grow 3000k/4000k Quantum Rig

    Here we go again guys I'm starting my second grow its 3 cuts from this amazing white shark strain that a friend saved seeds from years and years ago he was nice enough to give me them so this time I'm going to do the justice! Setup: 4x4 apollo tent 6inch ipower exhaust with filter 4inch intake...
  12. Mikesem420

    Gorilla Glue & White Shark LED Grow

    :eek:Gorrila glue/White shark:eek: So here we go starting this new thread for my second grow. It's a mix of 3 white shark clones and 1 gorilla glue from seed. I've had them vegging for about a month i had a journal for it but I wanted to start fresh since ive changed everything I was using...
  13. motaman311

    2 Gallon Hydro: Super Skunk In A Cabinet

    Hey everyone, this is my first post in this forum, so HI! I am a new grower living in the northeast US that has tons to learn still and I am looking forward to meeting most of you! :) Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Expectations This is my 3rd grow, so I am using this to experiment a...
  14. Corinne420

    Corinne420’s Grow Journal: The Odd Plant That Could, 2019

    Strain | Death Bubba? (*the ? will be explained below*) Indica Dominate Hybrid Start Date | 30/12/18 Veg Stage | 23 Days | 21/01/19 Indoor Hydro Starting Fan Cooled 24 Hour Lighting Temp of Room | TBA RH of Room | TBA PH of Media | TBA How Often Are You Watering? | It’s An Automatic Watering...
  15. Growingasmile

    Mammoth p in hydroponics good or bad?

    I have been getting conflicting opinions on mammoth p for dwc has anyone used it in hydro with good results? Or have any suggestions for good microbes for DWC?
  16. Mosspb

    4x4, First DWC, Bubbleponics, Charlotte's Web Clones

    Light: 1000w MH/HPS (First time growing with this, and a bit nervous about the heat, and power bill lol) Ballast: Adjustable from 600w-1000w MH and HPS Shade: Cooling tube Tent: 4x4 pop up Filter: 6' Carbon Filter Water Pump: Aquatop NP-80 Aquarium Submersible Pump Air Pump: 4 outlet pump (I...
  17. N

    Clay balls

    So yeah my clay balls came in the post today (never done hydro before) and I thought I would gI've them a soak to clean them as it says on the web I soaked them for about 4hours and when I went to change the water the clay balls softened and now I have a bucket full of wet mushy clay? What happened?
  18. HighTv

    Hello I'm Hightv

    I run an account over at Grow Diaries as well as other social media profiles like Youtube and Instagram. I have been a long time user of this site for research and figured I should say thank you guys for the years of information! Anything I should know about when it comes to posting things on...
  19. S

    Please Help Identify My Problem

    Hi All, So I’ve got 3 plants growing. Indoor hydro. All 3 are in clay pebbles (hydroton) with drip irrigation using the Lucas method for feeding (8ml micro, 16ml bloom - 3 part EHG Liquid nutrients). I’ve been using RO water to feed. Water has been ph’d and is maintained between 5.7-6.3 or so...
  20. nevermor3

    Exodus Cheese, GSC & Blue Dream, HSO, Deep Water Culture Hydro Grow Journal

    Hello! And welcome to my grow journal! I am a semi-experienced indoor grower who has recently been blessed with marijuana being legalised for personal use/growth at home. My current setup is a bit of a mess because the grow room was being used recently so just starting to set up in the...
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