1. C

    Help with wiring ballast and light

    What's up everyone i"'m just in the middle of setting up my second tent, I got a 600w hps with reflector and ballast but no wireing. Is this normal? In Ireland light kits always came with wires. The last time I bought a whole grow tent with lights etc the wires came. This grow shop does not sell...
  2. IMG_0446 golden reflect.jpg

    IMG_0446 golden reflect.jpg

    The light on the right side of the image is provided by a golden skinned reflector.
  3. IMG_0445 silver reflect.jpg

    IMG_0445 silver reflect.jpg

    The light on the right side of the image is provided by a silver skinned reflector.
  4. Oldbear

    Mars Reflector 48 - An 'As It Is Happening' Report On The Use Of This Light

    Hi everyone. I didn't see a thread on Mars Reflector use so I thought Id start this one. A Little Background I have limited indoor and outdoor growing experience. Indoors, I have only used cfls and florescent tube grow lights. I was looking for a basic starter level LED for a 2 x 2...
  5. J

    Vero 29SE - Reflector vs Stella Silicon Lens?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to attach the Angellica wide reflector to the vero29SE? The Angelica reflector clip says that it supports the vero 29, but not the Vero29SE. It looks like most sites recommend the Stella lens for this COB, but none seem to pair it with a reflector. I did...
  6. 28 Grams

    Should I get the Mars Reflector or Mars II? What's the difference exactly?

    I'd love to hear a response from the Mars Hydro sales rep on the forum. On another thread I saw this - From this thread Edit: I have found other info online that confirms that quote above. I have a 3x2.66' (5 square feet) tent. Should I get the Mars Reflector 96 or Mars Reflector 144? Will...
  7. Jackofall420

    Candyland - 2 Mars 48 Series Reflector 200 Watts At Wall

    Hello from Grassachusettes! Here we have a Candyland. I dont remember the breeder it was a freebie from Attitude about a year ago. I using *2*series 48 reflector grow lights **mars hydro** Reason being I'm trying to keep this grow low key and at 200 watts at the wall, its perfect for my...
  8. M

    Best type of HID Reflector?

    Greetings, Looking for your opinions and experience. Is it better to run your bulb vertical or horizontal? (looking for even light distribution) What is the best type (style) of reflector to get even light in your opinion? Thanks and Cheers :thumb:
  9. F

    First time grow needing a little help

    so i have bought everything i need just about what i have 50 liters canna coco natural. 10 liters plant pots. seeds. 600 watt hps + reflector and ballast. tent. (dont know if i will use this but cool tube reflector) 5 inch extractor fan and carbon filter. canna coco a + b...
  10. onewarmguy

    New lights - New strain - Nasty memories

    I'm hoping you young guys can help an older fart like me avoid the disappointment I had with last years girls. Over the winter I was lucky enough to acquire a couple of 1000 W HPS bulbs, mechanical ballast and 4 ft dia. reflector, which will be a big improvement over last years pathetic attempt...
  11. db003

    Db003's Black Valium Auto - Ancient Haze Auto 600w Air Cooled Grow 2x4 Growlab Tent

    Hello everyone I'm db003 and I am starting a new grow this will be the first grow of 2017 in this grow I will be growing 4 autoflowers 2 of each strain in my new grow tent with my new 600w hps with a air cooled reflector with coco in 3 gallon fabric pots and I will be using a emerald harvest...
  12. S

    Strykr's Red DragonV2

    I've recently gotten back into growing and am ready for a huge harvest! My past grows were decent and yielded about .7/GPW with a 600w hps and I upgraded and am ready for much more. The goal is going to be 2 lbs, whether or not I hit it. In this grow I am using a 4x8 Tent with a 1000W HPS on...
  13. W

    Mars 2 or reflector for small square tent?

    Hello, new to the forum and growing. Last year i got a small 32 inch by 32 in tent and a mars hydro 300 light. Been getting some decent results. Recently she increased my allowance so now I have a couple of hundred extra to buy a new light. Would the mars 2 400, or the mars reflector 96 be...
  14. I like Cheese

    Lighting for my grow

    Hi Guys It's been awhile but, now my season is starting again. I am vegging 2 power plant and 2 bubble gum under a MarsHydro Reflector 300w which I bought last year and everything is going to plan, things look good. For my flowering I am going to use a 1 square meter and 2 meter high tent...
  15. T

    Mars II vs Mars Reflector 96

    MARS II 400w or MARS Reflector 96x5 as i cannont afford anything better as my funds are limited.
  16. H

    What's the difference? LED

    What is the difference in a mars hydro reflector 48 to the mars hydro 300?
  17. M

    Mars II 900 or Mars Reflector 192

    For about a year I've using the Mars Reflector 96 for flowering. I have no complaints. I'm using the 39" x 39" Mars tent. Now I want more light. I'm thinking the Mars II 900 or the Reflector 192. I would then use the 96 for vegging. What would be your vote, the 900 or the 192, and why? Thanks!
  18. N

    Should I add another light?

    New setup in progress, please excuse the mess! Barely finish setting it all up, getting the carbon filter installed soon. So I was wondering if I could fit another light in here with the Mars Hydro Reflector 144x5? If yes, what kind would you guys recommend? Thanks in advance! :Namaste...
  19. N

    Finding The Right Light

    I currently run a Mars Hydro Reflector 96x5 (175 watts) in my 4x4x6 flowering room. The results have been good so far, but I only have enough light coverage for one lady and I was hoping to run 3-5 girls in this room (maybe scrog?). What kind of light recommendations could you recommend to cover...
  20. sofuknhigh

    Hello from modesto

    Hello everyone, Well i am bean and i am alongtime cannabis lover I have had some exp with hps;mh and cfls. I am new to The led lights i just purchased a mars hydro 96 reflector 4 wks ago. I am Loving it happy with my lil dresser this light Reminds me of a hps 250w :thumb::thanks: glad to...
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