Vero 29SE - Reflector vs Stella Silicon Lens?


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Does anyone know if there is a way to attach the Angellica wide reflector to the vero29SE? The Angelica reflector clip says that it supports the vero 29, but not the Vero29SE. It looks like most sites recommend the Stella lens for this COB, but none seem to pair it with a reflector. I did find one person's blog who said he was able to attach a reflector but had to use longer screws than provided? Has anyone successfully attached a reflector to the vero29SE? Also, is there some kind of safety concern about using a reflector with this cob? Thanks for any help.
I have that combo. The Angelina reflector with a Ledil adapter will work on a SE provided you have a source for slightly longer screws. The adapter provides even force to the chip so thermal transfer is good. I only use the reflectors on the outside chips on my bar-they really focus the beam. I'd think that unless you are concerned with spraying the arrays with liquid, the same focus applies to the lenses.
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