1. 420islife

    Need help with diy led

    Hey guys I was hoping to try and build a led chip board on a 3.5x3.5 frame to go in a 4x4 Now I know how to wire up lights for a chicken brooder And snake enclosures with thermostats but these led have got me confused First I purchased just a cheap chip and driver from eBay and that was just...
  2. InTheShed

    How I perform LST, low stress training, on my Autoflowers: lots of pics!

    Greetings all! I've had members ask about how I do my LST (low stress training) on my plants so I thought I would do a pictorial on it. My pics are of two different plants but don't let that confuse you. It's just easier to demonstrate that way. Let's discuss the theory behind LST for a...
  3. SebastianDoingBotany

    SebastianDoingBotany: Amnesia Fast, SeedsMan, DWC, 2018

    Grow Set Up: Nutrients - Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom with Armor Kote Potassium Silicate, CALiMAGic, and HYDROGUARD FoxFarm Trio Nutrients Get the right juice for the right use Start with Grow Big Hydro for abundant green growth Switch to Tiger...
  4. Growwithme420

    3 Ways To Fix Your Stem Split

    Hi Gromies! So i had a massive split on the main stalk of my Super Lemon Haze. Here is some options to help you fix it when it happens. Option 1) Parafin Wax Strips- These are excellent to repair fresh breaks and smaller branches. Option 2) Zip Ties!- An alternative when you have a DRY...
  5. Ready for the driver.jpeg

    Ready for the driver.jpeg

  6. Dabpress

    Dabpress 10% Off 420 Promotion - Build Your Own Hydraulic Rosin Press Dp-rp37 Anodized Rosin Cube Caged Plates

    Looking for the best way of enjoying nug bud of cannabis? Here is our innovative new dab machine to satisfy your flower nug: Best Rosin Cube Kits With Dual Coil Heater Temp Controller For Sale Dabpress dp-rp37 Rosin cube caged plates is an innovative machine that extracts high quality rosin...
  7. Jar, Silver Electrodes

    Jar, Silver Electrodes

    DIY Colloidal Silver Generator
  8. Electrodes and air stone

    Electrodes and air stone

    DIY Colloidal Silver Generator
  9. Complete Setup

    Complete Setup

    DIY Colloidal Silver Generator
  10. D

    DIY - CO2 Generator

    I have been doing research on the benefits of adding CO2 to your grow room. I decided that it looked like a fun project and hopefully, I will see some benefits of adding it. I didn't have the money for a proper CO2 setup so I figured I'd try this hillbilly version. If anyone has any experience...
  11. D

    DIY - Enclosure

    I have a couple clones that I started a couple weeks ago that have been in my main tent. The reason that I even started them was when I was hanging my fan in my tent I dropped it and it broke a couple small branches off my plants. Since my light schedule is on 12/12 now having these clones...
  12. WattShine DIY COB upgrade

    WattShine DIY COB upgrade

    WattShine DIY COB upgrade
  13. O

    Kief Boxes

    Here are the first few kief boxes from our first batch (7 more currently being stained). These are made with various hardwoods; Purpleheart, Maple, Cherry, Wenge, Walnut They are using Lexan (glass is available) for the pullout lid and tray The lid and tray are held securely using rare earth...
  14. rock49911

    Any you grow in DIY greenhouse in upper midwest?

    :circle-of-love: My plan: Build a DIY greenhouse in U.P. MI and grow 12 plants. How you do it, what you build, you know of any websites, books anything, where go for information?:thanks:
  15. Kundal1n1

    Kundal1n1's - Soil - NorthernLight AutoFem

    Hey there everyone, it's been a while. I thought I'd post another journal, the last one was a lot of fun! :) This grow is as follows; One seed, one pot. Northern Light Auto Feminized from Nirvana Seeds Soil, DIY growtent, DIY growlight with CFL bulbs. Growing organic with an organic...
  16. A

    COB LED Temperature

    Hi guys, i'm new here. I've recently bought some chinese LED (6 led drived 31V 1,24A about 38W each), they are water cooled. I did some temperature tests. I can't solder the thermalcouple on these cob (they don't have it) so i just used an infrared thermometer (the cheapest on amazon)...
  17. PurpleGunRack

    Build Your Own LED Grow Light

    - Do you want the best technology available? - Do you want a good light/heat ratio? - Do you want value for your money? - Are you tired of companies trying to push sub par tech? - Would you like honest recommendations for what type/amount of light is best for growing cannabis...
  18. P

    PP Bagseed Outdoor Grow Journal - 2018

    Bucket Size - 2Litre Medium - normal garden fertilizer 50% garden soil 50% Lights - The Sun Nutrients - Food Stix (supermarket plant food) Strain(s) - Bagseed of 2 different lovely outdoor strains # of Plants: 6 Yield : still in veg Age: just over 2 months. The pics below are how the plants...
  19. P

    New grower - Lots of questions!

    Hey guys, I started growing a few pots outside using random seeds from my stash. They growing nicely and I recently trimmed and topped them off. However, I noticed today that two of the leave on one plant started getting brown stains. I have attached a pic of it along with pics of the plants...
  20. P

    DIY Veg & Flower Box

    Hi all Peppers here , Before I start I'm open to all suggestions so please feel free to drop in and comment any time . So I got my kid new bedroom storage drawers closet and things and decided I'd make a grow box out of the old drawers instead of binning it , so far its coming along...