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  1. MightyMoe22

    DYI self burping jars tutorial!

    I posted this in my journal but figured it would find more people with a fresh thread of its own. This is my first tutorial so go easy on me! Here we go!!!! It sure seems like it will work like a charm!!! Just finished my first self burping jar! It was actually really simple too. My only...
  2. CheckThoseTrichs

    PC LED DWC Grow

    Hey guys! First post here and am starting this grow off with a different idea, using an old PC case to grow. Being a long time user I have discovered CBD strains over the years which led me to getting a prescription for it to help with anxiety symptoms. Growing was something I decided to pick up...
  3. Repurposed a soap sprayer

    Repurposed a soap sprayer

    So I needed a mister bottle and a new one was like $0.99 so I had to improvise as we can't go around spending that kind of money needlessly
  4. Blue Dream Cloner

    Blue Dream Cloner

    8-05-2020 So there is water in bottom add a little humidity but all clones in the tray over the water
  5. Blue Dream Clones

    Blue Dream Clones

    8-05-2020 Put 2 tupperwares together and cut the middle out of one lid and you have a DIY humidity dome for cloning
  6. Klompen

    Anyone have experience with Chinese driverless COBs?

    Hello. I have been growing my first ever autoflower plants with these cheapo Chinese COB lights that I got on Aliexpress a couple years ago. They make a ton of heat, but they have grown the plants pretty well all things considered. They certainly do the job, but as I go to build my...
  7. r0am1ng st0ner

    Stoner's RDWC & Soil Grow With Mixed Strains

    **Pictures to come in 12-24 hours when I track down the camera** Phew well hey everyone been a long minute since I have posted on here, started qualifying year at my local university and things got super busy real fast. I got into the mechanical engineering department for second year after...
  8. Tv Cabinet.jpg

    Tv Cabinet.jpg

  9. Rexer

    DIY grow boxes, cabinets, tents: show 'em off!

    So, theres so much ingenuity on here I thought it would be nice to make a thread where members can choose one or two pics of their build to show them off with pride. Don't be intimidated by other's builds, take inspiration, we have some talented growers and builders. I never built anything in my...
  10. KVD4450

    DIY air cooler

    Thought I’d post this make shift diy air cooler I made on a budget I found a video of a similar cooler on YouTube and thought I’d share my version . It may help another first time Grower like myself who is battling temps. I’m growing in a loft so I can have temp swings weather induced. It has...
  11. T

    Viparspectra 300W LED replacement help

    I have a couple of Viparspectra 300w lights with burnt out led's, have the replacement LED's, and am stuck on getting the burnt ones off. I have desoldered the connections off, but the led itself will not come off. It's a little damaged now (well completely destroyed would be a better...
  12. Dkmg01

    DK's Pub & Grow

    Hello and welcome to the Pub & Grow! :welcome: Aweh! For the fellow South Africans I'd like to invite everyone on this journey with me! May we all share knowledge and have a good banter in the Pub & Grow. :48: Here all is welcome! :slide: So sit down. Roll up a blunt or pack a...
  13. SommerVirelli

    My 550 Build

    This thread will be dedicated to my HLG-550 R-spec build. I couldn’t afford straight out buying a kit, so I’m buying it in separate pieces. It will be a month before I have everything assembled, but I had finally decided on how I wanted to do the build. Many thanks to those who’ve helped me this...
  14. misfits666

    Mixing ordinary LED bulbs with red & blue lights

    hello for all of you fantastic grower.. hope everything's doing extremely fine today... ✌️❤️ i'm noob and i do DiY project for lighting. using ordinary 10 watt led cool daylight bulbs (>80 CRi) + 10 watt led red and blue light. this things very bright for me, but i don't have idea for plants...
  15. C4BC9792-D817-42D9-8408-1B3A5020FFD3.jpeg


    Dwc fittings
  16. VetSmoke85

    DIY LED guru's required

    Hi All, Really just looking for anyone with good DIY LED lighting knowledge to look over the setup I have planned and costed. Make sure there's no glaring errors and it will be fit for purpose, cost efficient etc. My grow space is a stealth cabinet H=64cm W=42.5cm D=57cm. Currently got a grow...
  17. Vero 18 "fixture"

    Vero 18 "fixture"

    2x Vero18s slapped on a chunk of aluminum from a threshold, powered by Mars300 driver
  18. DrewT

    Software platforms for garden automation

    I'm excited to find some experienced engineers on the forums and I wanted to start a discussion about aggregating sensor/switch administration. Some of us may only have a single sensor or switch in our garden while others have hundreds. I'm looking to find an administration/automation solution...
  19. Almost done!

    Almost done!

    Took two hours but got everything done but the front, just in time for the bitter cold front that was moving in!
  20. Start of DIY grow tent

    Start of DIY grow tent

    Started out with wanting to keep it simple, but then realized i wanted more headspace (even though im short) So it started out as a 5x5x5 and ended up being 5x4x6!!
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