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I got my compost tea setup almost done here's the plants again:


10 days from flip and they're all showing hairs.
Thanks guys here's what I did today:
I cleaned a 5 gallon bucket out and bubbled about 1/4 tsp H2O2 (29% sterilizer)/4 gallons tap water for about 1/2 hour. I put the bubbler apparatus I built and an aquarium heater in the bucket to kill any anaerobic bacteria on them. I put 1 cup of mushroom compost and 1 cup of Alaskan forest humus into an old pillow case (rinsed in the sterilizing water bucket and dried too). I then submerged the pillow case and compost mix into 2 gallons of RO water and moved the pillow case around, swishing and agitating it then straining it into the bucket (more than half of it went into the water through the pillow case). The aquarium heater and bubbler went on at that point and I added 2 tsp. of unsulfured molasses, 1 Tbsp. of granular kelp meal 1-0-2, and 1 Tbsp. of fish hydrolyzed fish fertilizer 2-4-0 (should have used Biomarine 2-3-1). I'm going to bubble this for 48 hours at 70 degrees F, then apply it as a root drench.
Well I couldn't maintain the 70 degrees F with the small aquarium heater I have so I have to get another bigger one. The temperature fluctuated around 68 degrees F. I have to dig out my microscope too. I bubbled 2 gallons, thinking it would be enough for everything that needed watering:


The next time I'll do 4 gallons, and if there's any left over I'll feed the houseplants with it. :) All of them are showing hairs and have been for the last two days:

I hope they stay that way Dr Bob here's a few more pics I like this soil mix and compost tea method so far :thumb: It's been 2 weeks and 2 days from flip, and 5 days since the first hairs were on all six plants:


I gotta get those Chem D variation phenos out of the back of this tent and spread these out some:

Note: The next 48 hour tea I'm using started bubbling at 12:30 P.M. today. I used:

3 gallons of RO water
1 cup of earthworm castings
1 cup of mushroom compost
1 cup of Alaskan forest humus
1 Tbsp of kelp meal 1-0-2
1 Tbsp of unsulfured molasses
15 ml of Bio Marine 2-3-1

It's at 70.2 degrees F.
Thanks for the reply - So you do it as a space saving measure only? I'm a "get it into the final pot as soon as possible" kind of grower (and I have the space for the few plants I grow). But I've seen journals where the grower up-pots constantly to manipulate root growth. I don't think I see a lot of benefit in up-potting for root growth but what do I know? I know you have tons of experience so I thought I'd ask an expert!

By the way, I read one of your completed journals - the grow with Tangerine Dream. I'm running TD now. Would you be so good as to dip into my journal (maybe the last 2 pages) and tell me what you think? I've got pre-harvest jitters - it'll be my first harvest!

Your plants look great!
Note: I fed all six of these plants about 1-1/2 cups of the compost tea I made today. The base soil mix with the organic amendments I have these in seems to be a bit dense; the pots feel slightly heavy when dry. The next time I do the mix I'm going to add one cup of perlite per two gallon pot.
Liking how that early frost looks... Good things to come! I'm almost tempted to get some affie myself...

If you do, grow it under a bigger lamp than this 400 watt if you can these buds are small and few.

I am getting that claw on my Lemonista and had been working the humidity/temp end and I am wondering if the N is the issue actually now. She only claws up on the very top branches. Hmmm.


This thread is a good one for helping to figure out specifics:

Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial
Thanks Chimp! That article would say that my initial instincts were correct. All looking like the heat burn pic but just short of being severe like that. The other girls love it. Oh well, up they go and maybe another fan is in the mix.

Thanks again!
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