Girl Scout Cookies

Well this grow's done. I just got finished jarring up the last plant. I've been smoking hard on it so I didn't even weigh them; the shortened light cycle threw yield off anyway. It all looked the same at the beginning except the mutated one, so I'm guessing the rest weighed in at about an ounce each. The smell went to an earthy musk and the mint cookie smell is way in the background. It's got a good buzz but I'm on the fence about doing it again because of the hermies. You all saw that the plants didn't get stressed, so they shouldn't have. I'd rather do the real GSC but I think I'd do these again if I had the seeds. Here's pics of the buds from each of the 5 plants.
Cali Connection - Girl Scout Cookies (the 3rd one is the mutated one):


Thanks for subbing everybody I appreciate the encouragement. I'm gonna close this one out now and go smoke me a blunt! :)

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