1. baxbax

    How much magnification do I need to take a picture like this?

  2. K

    How to use Cannabis the right way?

    Hello Everyone! I wanna know how to use Cannabis right way, but I have no idea! Someone give me a advise! thanks a lot!!:420::420:
  3. L

    Need help - Removed the shell once my Auto Jack sprouted and that's how they are now

    2 of auto jacks that we germinated before planting in soil , and they peeked out of my soil in 2 days with the seed shell stuck on top slightly open so i dropped few drops of mineral water on seed shell and removed it with my fingers without excess force. this is how they look like after 2 days...
  4. L

    A question for all my Canadian family on this forum

    Hey everyone! I have some questions about getting a license to grow in Canada(from the ACMPR)... I know there is a lot of Canadian on this forum so I was hopping for some answers... How long does it take? What do you really need to do to get 1? How much does it cost? Is it worth it? Or...
  5. Mariano Gomes

    How many grows does a 1 liter bundle of nutrients last?

    Since I will be ordering all my nutrients from another country and shipping may last up to 3 months. Let's say I have a 4 x 4 with the latest cob lighting or quantum boards. And I am growing with 2 autopots. How many grows will a one liter bundle of base nutrients plus additives like cal mag...
  6. rock49911

    How many plants should I grow in my bedroom closet about 3x6 ft 8 ft high?

    :circle-of-love: How many plants should I grow in my bedroom closet 3 ft wide 6 ft deep 8 ft high? I am thinking of using a grow tent in it?:thanks:
  7. O


    How much and when do I defoliate??
  8. C

    Yellowish leaves - Thin blades leaves - Coco grow

    What Strain is it? Blue Dream Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid How Many Plants? 2 plants Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Veg If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? Day 20 from seed Indoor Soil or Hydro? Coco If Soil... What is in your Mix? COCO 80% Perlite 20%...
  9. George Mc

    How many times should I top a photoperiod Black Indica plant?

    How many times should I top a black Indica plant?
  10. F

    Safest seeds to Indy

    Anyone have issue getting seed in Indy. Who did u use and how did shipping go? Any recommendations is much appreciated.
  11. G

    New grow from unexpected plants in backyard

    Hi Guys, I am a first time grower and long story short, these have been growing in my backyard for a few months now. Just after some general comments and thoughts about how they are going and what stage you think they're at.
  12. M

    Did I kill it? How could this happen in 24hours?

    Yesterday morning, the plant looked great! 24 hours later - not so much! WHAT DID I DO? I'm growing this plant in a 2x2 tent that is temp controlled to 76 degrees and illuminated 18 hours a day. I'm growing in Coco and yesterday I followed normal procedure of pouring in about a half gallon of...
  13. L

    How long Cali OG Kush Haze takes from flip date?

    Could anyone tell me how long Cali OG kush haze takes from flip date? I Got 75 days left before I need to move over seas, and It's my First time growing, and I would like to try my product before leaving. Thank you for your time
  14. G

    New grower needs some help for plant leaves yellow

    hi there everyone. i am a new home grower just started to gower lately. i am using groready coco for my medium. temperature is keeping at 75 to 80 C. they are being grow for about 16days already. somehow the plants seems to be not that healthy. the leaves look so yellow. i did kept my ph level...
  15. C

    Do I have to be on a PC to upload photos or can I do it from my phone?

    I dont know if I'm bieng retarded or if this site just doesn't want me to put any photos on but either way I can't seem to work out how to do it!? Surely it can't be that hard!? Haha Any help would be much appreciated, thanks CB
  16. Dmanlee

    Nutrient deficiency help

    K so plants are doing good go into flowering bam leaves start browning .. Went up and down left and right checking everything from lighting to air to water ph and tds reading .. Found the problem but how do I correct it .. My soil is an all organic custom never used before mix...
  17. K

    How long do I have seeds in 24hr lights

    Yesterday was day 21 in planting seeds, they are doing ok, but how long do ikeep them on 24 hr lights, when do I change to 12 n 12, can anyone help please, this is my firstgrow, 4 northern light and 5 ak48. :Namaste:
  18. Stunned

    Plant logistics

    Hey! I hope all had a great Christmas and have a great New Year RoorRip I have my first grow going that's at about the 30 day mark. I thought of doing a journal but by the time I joined up, my babies were already way out of the soil. I thought, ok, next time. I'm growing in coco, 4 gallon...
  19. M

    How to transplant from gro bags without damaging the plant?

    Outgrew the 3gal. must move up,how is this done compared to standard plastic containers?
  20. Ron Strider

    CA: UC Garden Series Offers Symposium On The Science Of Cannabis

    As cannabis is legalized, sometimes scientific matters can get lost amid all the talk about social issues. Early next year, the University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley will host a series of five lectures by national experts to address such topics for non-specialist audiences. The...
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