Thai Stick

This is from that plant Graytail nicknamed ThaiDawg :) It's one of my clone/reveg plants I was going to regenerate the mother with, but I saw seeds on it today:


I'm not taking any chances with it being a hermie (some of the seeds are too new to be from that Chemdawg D BX3 plant I think) so I chopped it up this morning. I've got plenty of seeds from that same mother if I want to see what the cross is about.
I just did mine at around ten weeks from seeing the first hairs and I'm seeing signs the pollination took :) I think personally there's a pretty big window for doing it, even though I wish I would have pollinated at around 4 weeks. I have eight weeks left to chop, so I think that'll give the plant enough time to make viable seeds.
Yeah that is cool. :)
I chopped my male Thai Stick plant down after collecting pollen a few days ago. I'll get a pic up of the two beat up Thai Stick females tonight. I looked it up and even though I know it's open to discussion, the article I read said that 600 watt light bulbs should be from 2' to 4' away from the nearest part of the plant. I'm way closer than that. :(
My Thai Stick is pretty beat up too. I'm not sure what to do differently next time as I'm not really sure what beat her up in the first place.
And my 600s are about 12" away at closest point generally. Have been for years.
Hey good to hear from you :)
I know exactly what I'm gonna do this time, but I don't know if it's going to work or not. I'm going to start a Lao Sativa and Hoa Bac grow soon. It's going to be granular food with one compost tea feeding per month. I think feeding them is what messes them up :tokin:
I like the mix I did for these, but what I should have done is mix the amendments together and used 1 Tbsp./gallon of soilless, just like the ones you buy. When I think about it, the mix I put straight into soil amounted to about 1/2 to 3/4 cup/gallon of soilless. :jawdropper:
Yeah I've been wondering. I've been feeding mine almost weekly at low levels same as the other sativas. I feel like she'd be happier being washed out less, and left alone more, to grow a colony of little bacterial and fungal friends. Or something. I can't really see classic nute burn signs - but a lot of leaves are dying off. Buds are still slithering slowly onward though.
I wonder if it isn't humidity with the skinny leaved plants. :hmmmm:

I saw the table for Vapor Pressure Deficit again the other day and it's shocking. RH should be in the 70s to 80s if you're running high temps in the 80s. :thedoubletake:

Humidity, hmmmm, an issue for me indeed,, my semi arid climate makes high humidity a problem, ha, Spider mites love low humidity too, adding to the issue,, my thais are curly shrively mitey mothers too. 30 to 50 is my usual humidity, with a humidifier running continuously, I just maybe never had the issue front and center, like it is here and now,, what to do what to do,,,

P.s, I have no idea what that chart is measuring, but i do dig the relevance of humidity,, cheers
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