818 Headband x Grand Daddy Purple

Note: Flowering started today:

Okay down to two plants! :) Both look good and I'm doing a chicken manure aerated tea right now to give to them tomorrow:

3 gallons of RO water
1 cup of Chik-kitty Dew Dew
1 Tbsp. of unsulfured molasses

I want to see a little more green in these before I start the compost teas.
The really nice colors are just starting; the other plants I did of this cross wound up looking like this:


I have a question might seem dumb, but when will my plants start to turn like this? Not specific to your colors but mine are supposed to according to what I've seen do this as well. I am in day 38 of 60. Is this a temp thing humidity or plant? Thanks for any help as this is one of the reasons I started growing my own. As well as I was tired of driving to the dispensary.
It's strain dependent, and cooler temps set off most strains that have color. To be honest I've never noticed exactly how long it takes, but the best part seems to happen most of the way through flower. These new ones are just starting, and they're at 3 weeks and 4 days of 12/12, which is about 16 days from the first hairs.
Thanks PotChimp! I am a noob grower I have never seen a plant in any stage before. I am just happy to be growing my own meds organically. I love the colors so I ensured I bought colorful plants. I have been letting my girls temps drop a bit cooler at night as I finish flowering. Last night was my warmest in 3 nights at 68. I have been letting them drop as low as 62. I've heard and read it can help them finish up and fatten up a few days sooner.

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Note: These plants are looking pale, so I started a bloom compost tea today:

2 gallons of RO water
2 tsp. of unsulfured molasses
1 cup of compost
1 cup of earthworm castings
2 tsp. of FF Happy Frog all purpose granular 5-5-5
1 tsp. of soft rock phosphate 0-3-0
1 tsp. of bat guano 0-7-0

I'm going to bubble this for 36-48 hours and dilute it by half.
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