1. Raze58

    7 weeks in flower Durban Poison, is it ready?

    This is my Durban at 7 weeks in flower. I took the best genome of alall my Durban and cloned it to get these beauties. The genome seems to be a sped up durban that buds much faster. Durbans usually 10 weeks flower. This is 7 weeks today. Does it look ready to harvest to you?? I am...
  2. J

    It's 7/10 Guys!

    710's here and i'm ready to burn some wax, and maybe some flower too! I saw some deals like 50% off Hypnos Zero when you buy a Gaia, free accessories etc. at Linx Vapor online, So if anyone can give me some ideas it'd be appreciated. Trying to grab some steals and save money! I've had a few...
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    Purple Haze Auto update..one month left ..shes a fighter..total recovery
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  10. Newbill10

    Opinions & Help Please

    Strain - Indica Mix - Strawberry Cough # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Organic Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative/start of flower Pot Size - 3 Gallon, 2.24 gal of soil Lights - (2) Outdoor/greenhouse Nutrients - Fox Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable - some generic hydroponic solution - 2 times during Veg...
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  13. N

    Unintentional flowering

    I have 2 lemon haze (fem) on 18 hrs of LED lights ,one is starting to flower..should i just go to 12 n 12
  14. dirt mcgert

    Dirt 2.0

    Hello everyone, after some time away I'm recharged and ready to grow. Only running a veg tent and a flower tent for now....well till I start cloning again then the 3rd tent will be up and running. Same setups as before....2 2x4x5 tents fans/filters....you know the drill. Veg tent has a 450w led...
  15. B

    Need help figuring this out

    hey guys. ive been having this issue with rust colored leaves for a while now. heres the info on the grow. im sure i will forget something so please ask questions. i have a 4x4 tent with 4 purple haze plants from the same mother. i use advanced nutrients ph perfect grow micro and bloom along...
  16. T

    As Requested - 300Watt LED Grow

    25 Days in Flower, under one of these lights. :S below par or Substantial ? I have 3 plants under this light, all buds are similar. To anyone curious this is Strawberry Cheesecake by HeavyWeight Seeds. ( There is a Pineapple Chunk by Barney's Farm in there as well but i dont have all day to...
  17. JackRedins

    Newbie to indoor

    hey guys I've been growing outdoors since '78. Today I started 5 seeds germinating for an indoor grow. They are auto flower and i'm finding all kinds of conflicting info regarding light time for growth vs flower. some say 20 4 some 18 6 and some say 12 12. with so many choices how...
  18. B

    What's more efficient? 4 clones veg then flower? Or 12 clones 100% flower?

    Hey guys. I'm a newbie grower and I've been doing a lot of reading and research on growing, trying to learn as much as possible. I've noticed on some cannabis growers IG pages that there are a lot of people running what looks like a larger number throwing them into flower from the start. Whats...
  19. Grandpa Tokin

    Grandpa Tokin's RDWC & Timber COBs

    Hello everyone! Well, Grandpa's been a busy beaver lately. The holidays are over and I'm happy about that. Time to focus on the garden. I hope you enjoy what happens. I am a medical marijuana patient in my state and only grow my own medicine. I like the fact that I can grow more than what...
  20. M

    MrMedic's First Grow - 2000W 4x8 Scrog RDWC

    Hi, This is my first time growing anything as my prescription is too expensive! Gear 2x 1000w hps air cooled 4 by 8 tent 8x 5gal Rdwc Scrog is 4'x8' with 2"x2" trellis Plant Crown Royal from CKS Blueberry x Purple Kush Mostly Indica 8x clones from 1 mother And the...