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  1. Death Bubba Hydro Grow

    Death Bubba Hydro Grow

    Beautiful purple buds growing on our Death Bubba plant
  2. Death Bubba Hydro Grow

    Death Bubba Hydro Grow

    Beautiful purple buds on our Death Bubba plant
  3. 3 Peas in a Pod

    3 Peas in a Pod

    You can check her growth out in the link below https://www.420magazine.com/community/threads/corinne420%E2%80%99s-grow-journal-the-odd-plant-that-could-2019.459696/
  4. C

    My Soil Gold Leaf Grow Journal, 2019

    Hey there folks, this is a journal about my 3 plants and their progress during the first 30 days into flowering, as well as info about how I am growing them. If you know how to correct deficiencies and could share with me some of your insight that would be super cool. The strain that I decided...
  5. Slothman

    Question About Trimming During Flower

    i'm thinking about trimming off the ones that don't appear like they will produce much to focus groth to the bigger ones. I've never done that before does anyone have any input on that.
  6. Big girl cola

    Big girl cola

    One of the colas on the biggest girl
  7. Brnwn4

    Flowering too early?

    I have 21 plants. 6 were just transplanted from solos and 15 have been potted in 2gals for 3 weeks. I took the 6 just potted and 5 from the ones that have been potted. I plan on keeping the taken ones in veg and flowering the other 10 in a 4x4. They have roots coming out of the bottom of the...
  8. First bud site, NLA

    First bud site, NLA

    Northern Lights Auto, first cannabis grow, first budsite - very early.
  9. Gorilla Glue #4

    Gorilla Glue #4

    Flower Day 46
  10. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights

  11. Tiny Pistils 2: Return of the Calyx

    Tiny Pistils 2: Return of the Calyx

  12. Pretty lights

    Pretty lights

  13. Tiny Pistils

    Tiny Pistils

  14. Baby leaves

    Baby leaves

  15. Hazey


  16. D6F7E29F-0C55-465B-885E-FECEA565D338.jpeg


    Cherry bomb by bomb seeds figure her around week four flower .
  17. P

    Plants trying to flower?

    Are these girls trying to flower on me? Mazar strain, feminized. 11 weeks old. This is my first grow so I may have stressed them or am not giving enough hours of light. I’m giving them 18/6 light, which I just switched to 20/4. They seem to be stunted. Any help appreciated.
  18. S

    First grow: Into flower! Check it out!

    Just wanted to post some pics of my first grow! Day 17 since switching to 12/12 Just wanted to see what your thoughts are? Do they look about where they should be for the start of week 3? It’s a jungle in there, I’ve done quite a bit of defoliation. They were in veg for almost 3 months so they...
  19. Y

    Is this nutrient burn?

    I've been growing these guys for about 4 months, and I'm starting to notice the leaves turning yellow and dying. I removed several dead/dying leaves before taking the photos so there were more dead/yellow ones on the plants. I was wondering if they were suffering from nutrient burn before adding...
  20. MrGreenFingerz

    16 Auto/Femi, FastBuds, StarDawGs! Flowering

    Here is my first 50 days of my run of 16 Autos of the strain StarDawg from Fastbuds. Its my first grow after some years and i must say i maybe went overhead with so many plants, but cant get myself to throw any out, so now i will just harvest some early, also they are in different flowering...
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