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  1. Birthdaycake kush flower

    Birthdaycake kush flower

    Week 6 of flower of birthday cake crush plant
  2. H

    Defoliating in early flower in small place

    Hi all! I have a plant that is grown by bagseed.It seems like it grows hairs so it will grow buds.I have a small grow box with small space currently and thats the only way where I can finish this plant. My question is that can I remove the bigger leaves?The bigger leaves are bending because...
  3. J

    First time grow

    so this is my first grow I wanted to try some different techniques and was wondering if anyone had some tips for where I am at in the process . The smallest one is a banana auto the rest are photo. I have only been bending the largest out of fear of topping but after reading up more I fee...
  4. F2FCB3AF-521F-48C8-B758-BCD62097FC8C.jpeg


    Hawaiian Lights
  5. 4A6BAF8B-B51C-4978-B11E-BCDCB74460EC.jpeg


  6. 93976BE9-624D-4C54-A212-73D4FC33C326.jpeg


    Black Dreams male in flower
  7. 1170428.jpg


    Gelato 33 (indoor)
  8. KyeaMofire

    Light dep Mimosa

    Strain- Mimosa Light dep. outdoor All organic Grown in Squat pots inside a small hoop house frame . by Kyea Mofire
  9. Little Garden Friends

    Little Garden Friends

    This is one of my fav. Photos I have ever taken. This Cool wasp was stuck atop a cannabis bud. It had landed and I guess couldn't take off again due to being so sticky so there it stayed frozen in time. Strain in photo: Animal Cookie Candyland
  10. D

    Dried out coco

    Hey gromies, Week 7. I was unable to tend to my girls for the first time and so I didn't feed them during Lights of and the 1 plant had alot of droopy leaves. I have checked the coco and its is completely dry. I trimmed aloy of the big droopy fan leaves & I plan to water them in the morning...
  11. Canopy shot

    Canopy shot

    Love the color change!
  12. Getting close now

    Getting close now

    Canopy shot, had to tie up a few tops lol
  13. Krinkles


    Doing her thang!
  14. Group shot

    Group shot

    Starting to pack it on!
  15. phiGweed

    Help with Drying

    Good afternoon guys! Today was the big day! I have come to the end of my grow and now have to tackle the drying and curing process. Never made it this far so all advice is welcome! My current temp and humidity is 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 50-55%. She is in complete darkness. Should my temp and...
  16. OfficialWEEGrow

    WEEGrow Gallery

    Using one WG-1000
  17. My eden

    My eden

    Coming along...
  18. #2


    Bud shot
  19. #2


    Bud shot
  20. #2


    Bud shot
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