Thai Stick

Oldtimer's Haze - Flowering: it takes between 16 and 24 weeks, depending on the plant’s size and the flowering conditions. Outdoors it ends between the end of December and January Not much harvesting going on around here in January, tall greenhouse or not. It would be blissful to be able to grow these sativas naturally.
I so feel like I'm committing a crime against nature when I torture Thais and Malawis into little teeny scrog screens or pipe cleaner straight jackets. Like, I might go to hell for it.
Oh well, at least I have some good smoke.
It's probably going to be next Spring before I start another Thai Stick grow. The Lao Sativa I'm doing next is supposed to grow just like this Thai Stick. That Hoa Bac I'm doing along with it is gonna be a challenge too (fem seeds, so I expect a hermie). :(
The ol' chimp's punishing himself.
Hah! Think you can outsmart me, do ya Thai Stick? ;)
Here's the male:


I'm gonna wipe a cotton ball in that bowl once it gets enough in it, and just tap the cotton ball against the female flowers:


is that a sticky bug catcher to the left there? it's workin by the looks of it,, maybe. i have a no pest strip, a chinese knock off, hangin in my flower room,, i read that they put out a gas that kills spider mites,, not sure if they have spider mites in china,, might be banned

i have no bugs on my no pest strip, but i have a bunch of my hair,, i have gotten trapped by that darn thing a few times,, sticky yuck all over me,,i finally have it out of the way,, but not near my plants now,, my flower room is tiny,, so never very far away i guess

good hunting friend,, cheers
Has anyone heard of bonzai-ing or somehow stunting a Thai through veg? :hmmmm:

I wonder if you could defol and prune one enough to keep it "short" and stocky until pistils appear. :hmmmm:

I've tried LST and topping on the fluffy sativas, and neither of them work very well. It almost makes it worse. It's like the tops won't form properly unless they're 10 feet in the air. I just get a mess of stem and leaves with buds trying to form in the crooks. Yoogly.

And ya, I've gotten caught in my sticky thingy, too. :laugh: Picture an old scrawny guy, leaning into his crowded 4x4, twisted and bent over, trying to get to a back plant, with his head of wild gray hair firmly stuck to the pest paper. :straightface: It's an odd frozen moment in time, I'll tell ya. I wonder if our plants have a sense of humor ... no one else gets to see it ...
Picture an old scrawny guy, leaning into his crowded 4x4, twisted and bent over, trying to get to a back plant, with his head of wild gray hair firmly stuck to the pest paper....

me thinks me sees a hint as to the name you use here,, a silver fox perhaps?
me thinks me sees a hint as to the name you use here,, a silver fox perhaps?

Picture George Carlin with Christopher Lloyd's hair - dat's me. :slide: I fear the fox days may be over. Young women call me "dear" now. :straightface:
I haven't had your experience Graytail, in both senses of the expression. I've just grown the Mama Thai for about the last 18 months or so, and now the Thai Stick, plus I managed to pollinate most of the garden with a male Thai Stick and have a bunch of TS crosses. I passed some of those seeds on to Nivek, since we live in the same area, sort of.
I've topped, LST'd, and scrogged the hell out of both these Thais. It seems to have worked fine for me, other than the fact that I feel bad doing it and jealous of untrained plants. The Mama Thai doesn't have that scraggly willow look, it grows big puffy buds. The Thai Stick is more willowy, but halfway through flowering and tied down mercilessly, seems to be looking and smelling very much like the Mama Thai, so far.
I wish when I was living in Thailand I'd spent more time wandering around looking at plants instead of just smoking them. Probably it wouldn't have been as fun doing that as I imagine though- things always got very sketchy around poppy fields and such, and pot busts on foreigners were great sources of bribe money for the cops. I bet that the cannabis strain trail is pretty well trampled down these days.
Keeping that Thai Stick male in a smaller pot and under a low wattage CFL seems to be working as far as keeping plant size manageable. I think I'm going to keep it smaller next time by going no mercy and not using the HPS until after it's been flowering for a bit (or at least I hope I am).
I would chime in but this is the first Thai Stick I've grown and I'm not sure what to do with the top. I still have some head room left. Ceiling is 8 feet high and my plant is at 56 inches. I don't know how much stretch I'll get. I'm hoping the plant doesn't get too much higher.
Both of these are done growing upward I was getting worried too. That fishing sinker helped the one. The soil mix I made is too hot; they won't make it to the end looking good this second time either. But I'll get me some seeds and I'll get me some smoke..... :tokin:
Ida made me a hole like a rabbit and lived in the poppy field if I was livin' over there they wouldn't have had an easy go of it digging me out either that reminds me I was watching a documentary about how they got a monkey addicted to cocaine and taught him to pull a cord whenever he wanted more it was just to prove that there was a such thing as addiction which we already knew I think the saddest part of it was the fact that the little bastard's got a brain the size of a walnut and he's gettin' high all day every day I gotta work all week and come Monday I'm outta get-high my $hit don't last three days a lot of good evolution did me huh maybe I should just go down to the test lab and get me a job yeah right with my luck I'll be the chimp they use for suppository experiments..... :straightface:
Well this'll probably wind up a suppository experiment in itself, but here goes :) Thai Stick x Thai Stick:


I tapped the branches I cut off and put in the cup into the bowl, then held that bowl under some of the branches on the plant and tapped them to get more pollen. There was enough to cover one side of that cotton ball, so I did it and patted that cotton ball against all the buds on one stem and a few buds on another stem of the same female (I marked the branch I fully pollinated with a green wire, but the other one I didn't). I'll get a pic up later because the dark cycle is on for the females; I used a green light to do it. I wet that cotton ball as soon as I was done to prevent pollen from drifting, but I think I'm going to collect more of it as soon as I see the seeds form on the females before I cull that male. It would be nice to have that pollen stored for future use. :thumb: I saw a little of the pollen drift when I patted the buds with the cotton ball I got 2 Mendocino Purple Kush clusters and a GDP plant in there but they're not very far along; hopefully I'll be okay there. :wood:
Okay that would have been 11:00 this morning so it's been seven hours I didn't think that brown hairs happened that fast I better check the rest of that Thai Stick plant (and the other one) for male parts. You can tell I got it though there's fuzz from the cotton ball and male flowers stuck to it :)


I pollinated two branches:


All in all, they don't look the best but they'll make it:


I hope neither one's a hermie.
i would not have thought to transfer the pollen with a 'wet' cotton ball, i am sure that is the way to go tho, i think, maybe, sorta, i guess, probably, possibly,, i guess,, ...maybe,,

certainly can see the pollen there, on the cotton ball,, i have done similar with 'dry' pollen and a paint brush,, for other plants besides my as well,, my pear tree for example this spring, tomatoes for sure, our money tree,, that one never works, dunno why,,

best karma sent to the potential pregoes,, one thing,, i noticed when i pollinated that the pistols turned brown over night, at least, if not faster,, i got me a messa seeds too, some seem to hermie, some not, hermie is such a mystery,, needs a tv show dedicated to solving the mystery as to why some do and some do not,, seems, for me, near anything associated with my 'sandy' plant,, sandy is an unknown gifted plant that is still one of my favorites,, least if i could grow it again without hermies,, still trying,,

cheers agin,, and, not good luck,, but,, good skill with yer plant,,
Cool I'm not so worried that it got cross-pollinated now :thumb:
Sorry I wasn't clear enough in how I said what I did. I wet the cotton ball and the bowl after I pollinated the female plant. I have to walk right past the intake airflow of my tents to get to the garbage can and I didn't want the pollen to get sucked into the duct and run across the tops of the other plants.
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