Girl Scout Cookies

Thanks here they are again:


Here's a flower from each I'll get that fuzz off the one I promise :)


Hope that last one didn't get pollinated by something it has a few brown hairs. :hmmmm:
I finally caught up with my waterings and got enough extra RO water to make my compost tea today:

2 gallons of RO water
2 tsp. of unsulfured molasses
1 cup of Alaskan forest humus
1/2 cup of mushroom compost
1/2 cup of earthworm castings
2 tsp. of Superswell 0-7-0
1 tsp. of Happy Frog Fruit & Flower granular 5-8-4
1 tsp. of soft rock phosphate 0-3-0
1 tsp. of liquid Maxicrop 5-1-1

I'll dilute this at a ratio of 1:1 with RO water after it bubbles for 36 hours, then pH balance it with lemon juice.
The brown hair culprit (GSC hermie):


Well, I expect to find seeds now. I think I caught it early enough, but I keep seeing a pattern here. Out of 5 or 6 seeds I get one mutated plant and 1-2 hermies. In the end if I don't have any luck with my own breeding ventures, I'm going to stick to certain breeders out there and I guess this is the way you find out who those breeders are. :straightface:
Damn bad luck PotChimp, is it just with the one breeder that you are having problems or is it others too? Maybe in the future it will be clearer who the real breeders are and who the people messing about are :thumb:
theyre just crossing shit and calling it breeding i swear , too many pheno variations in apparently stable strains for a start , then theres rhe hermo
ing etc
Here's the whole tent they're in (the two front left plants are GDPs and the ones behind it are Ak47 and Mendocino Purple Kush). The 5 Girl Scout Cookie plants are along the right side and the back row of the tent:


This is what 3 of the phenos look mostly like (I'll take the pic from further back so it's not blurred the next time):


And the other 2 look like this (the normal one):


(the mutations-from-being-overbred one):

Hey man I was just reading thru your journal and saw about the pollination and how it turned some hairs brown early. Well on my two biggest plants, they have a few spots with some hairs turning brown and it's the end of week 3. Is there any other thing that causes this or should I be looking for a hermie?

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I'd look if I were you just to be sure, but a few things could cause the hairs to brown. If you see brown hairs a lot right in that same area of the plant, it could be there'a a male part somewhere.

It is just like one top on one plant and one top on another plant and that's it. I was kinda thinking it could be the start of nute lock out and since I haven't even truly flushed these girls, I will do that tonight when lights come on. As well as look for pollen sacks and make sure the lights are about 20 inches or so away

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