Thai Stick

Heheh, come to think of it ... :hmmmm: ... 12% pot would have blown pretty much any experienced stoner away back in those days ...

And it's a really fine high. :love:

I've been getting back into my Utopia haze x Buddha Haze (I'm gonna call it Eubie Hays :cheesygrinsmiley:), and I'm seriously impressed with the quality of the high! Utopia is an IBL Brazilian sativa and Buddha is Brazilian x Amnesia, and it has a definite limey haze taste and smell, very nice. But the high is soooo clear and easy. It's probably in the 15% range.

Eubie Hays is very close to what I remember of the Thai high. The taste is different - the Stick was a spicy sandalwood - but that high is there. Straight Utopia Haze is also very good smoke.


Oh ... and my point was that sometimes, not often but sometimes :cheesygrinsmiley:... I like a milder buzz if it's good enough.
I was going to do Thai Stick again first thing in the Spring for the same reason (blaming myself for this strain not having any hair on its a$$), but this Lao Sativa I'm doing now pretty much did that in. I'm going to step away from the branchy Haze dominant strains for a bit, if not for good. I'm geting sick of running out of dope, which I'm about to do again.
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The Hexapus's Garden

The Hexapus's Garden

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