Thai Stick

Long live mama thai, and all the sticks too,, everything thai related seems pretty groovy to me these days, weed wise, so very much worth the effort, and effort it is, indeed. Murphys law, section 3.7, subsection a29.87,, states very clearly,

The longer something hangs around the more chances that that something can be screwed up by negative influences

Very clear

My latest thai related harvest, a simply beautiful specimen, 89 days in flower, more than a couple of ounces, just dandy,,mama thai/Thai Stick, I love you plant,,


Just a bit closer please,, notice near no leaves, all frosted calyxs, and hairs


Good luck with yours chimper, and bring on the future, cheers
That's nicer looking than this:


.....but I got a pretty lot of it :)
Thai Stick - total dry weight 4.45 oh-zees (the last jar on the right has the stems on it still because they're the branches I pollinated to get seeds):


I haven't even got to them yet and already have a lot of seeds as a matter of fact I get an average of ten seeds every time I roll me one of these (I've smoked about twelve of 'em so far):


The drier it gets the higher I get too :) I may do an extraction on some of it depending on how much weight I get from my recent Mendocino x Purple Kush/GDP chop. I've got pollen from the male Thai Stick plant to work with in the future out of the deal also.
I'm gonna wrap it up here and thank everyone; as always I appreciate the good words and encouragement. I'm not sure what month, but I'll be doing another grow of this in the Spring as I mentioned before. If you do this strain keep the feedings and waterings light :)

I think I know what I'm doing wrong. Before I stick my head in the tent I gotta get me one of those Chinese hats that looks like a cymbal on a drum set tape the corners of my eyes and grow me a foo man-chew mustache and goatee then it'll feel more like home to 'em..... :tokin:

... after reading this a second time, I got a mental picture of a chimp in a Chinese hat with taped eyes and the extra mustache and ... and I'm not sure that'd be a reassuring sight ... :straightface:

Jus' sayin ...
Congrats on the journal and the persistence Mista Chimp. I'll keep flailing away at growing this strain in my journal. Hopefully I can grow a healthy one and reach some of its potential, whatever that may be. If it doesn't pan out, or I give up, I will carry on growing the Mama Thai which is a very nice Thai and probably pretty close to what we are looking for. If I had a time machine and a stick to put it on I figure I could go back and even fool them hippies with it. I might ask to borrow your hat for the trip though.
Way to go amigo. That was interesting! All we go through for some bud...

Peace, Hyena
... after reading this a second time, I got a mental picture of a chimp in a Chinese hat with taped eyes and the extra mustache and ... and I'm not sure that'd be a reassuring sight ... :straightface:

Jus' sayin ...

Nuthin' but a heapin' helpin' o' handsome up under this hat you must got me fug dup with some other chimp! (this is the size you need to roll Thai Stick blunts)


is the high getting stronger still as the weed gets dryer?

Sorry about the late response, Drazel. I guess it's slowly getting better. I've read that these type strains need to cure for a long time to tame the harshness of the smoke and get it to full potential. One article said nine months I laughed my a$$ off if I had a pound right now I'd be looking at empty jars in three months. :tokin:
I've decided to discontinue growing my Thai Stick. I did get some seeds from it using colloidal silver- feminized selfies. And I also made some crosses with it. But my conclusion is that this isn't a particularly special strain, and just cause I dream of Thai sticks doesn't make this strain into something it's not.
Or maybe I'm just covering for my shitty growing skills, but in this case I don't think so.
If mine looked like Big Buddha's one does I'd feel differently.
I blathered about my decision on my journal, particularly in these two posts.

EDIT-links to posts have stopped working again I see but these will get you close.

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