Thai Stick

In the dark they went for three days and I chopped them this morning boy they turned out rough. :(
Topped Thai Stick plant:


I'm not sure if it could have went longer or it's just one of those strains that keeps flowering on and on:


Here's the untopped Thai Stick mother plant (I put the seeded branches on a plate);


I hung the rest of the branches on coat hangers and shook the dead leaves off as much as I could:


I'll dry this all and post more pics before I close this journal. :thumb:
Your TS looks quite similar to mine, except mine was starting to reveg and lost most of what stickiness it had. First smoke sample didn't seem promising. Round two is flowering happily so far, under 2/3 the feed.
The smell is like aromatic wood with a spiciness to it, but it has its own unique aroma; that description only hints at the real smell. I've said it before, but I immediately notice the absence of the body high. I'd really like to get some cured for a month or two before I cast my true opinion on it, but I'll give one of my unofficial smoke reports for now. :)
I take into consideration that my tolerance wasn't as high as it is now all those years ago when I smoked Thai Stick for the first (and only) time. I didn't do very well with these plants either, and that has an effect on quality. Years of hard work with hybrids has led to an increase in the potency of today's strains, and we all smoke those strains on a daily basis. I might have built this strain up to be a legend in my own mind :) as well. Don't get me wrong; I got a good buzz right now. It's just that I expected to see pink elephants, you know? :straightface:
I'll post some bud pics (and probably another opinion) before I close this journal. Thai Stick is going to be my first grow this Spring; not all out of stubbornness either, so that says something about the strain anyway.
Back in the day, when a typical bag contained Mexican or Colombian weed, it was old, it had traveled hundreds or thousands of miles, and it sure wasn't 20+% THC. :laugh: I think estimates of potency in that era are 5-10%? It was sativa, but a lot of the THC had turned to CBD so both varieties had a lot of body stone. So when you got a hand trimmed, hand-wrapped stick of Thai, probably relatively fresh from a duffel bag, it stood out!

I've thought about it a lot over the years, including when I was growing my Colombians in the barn. What was it about Thai Stick? It was just that one summer, and I never managed to get even an ounce total, but it was what cannabis should be - an amazing pure clear perfect high . :love: For years, I sheepishly believed the stories of them being dipped in some sort of heroin wash because it was a kind of an opiate high for me, a general feeling of "rightness" as much as a cannabis high. Maybe they were, but I tend not to believe it now. I think it was just good fresh soaring Thai, and only growers or people who had been to southeast Asia had ever had it.

But I still remember the smell - that oiled, sawdusty sandalwood. Yum.

I've heard of SE Asian sativas that will run over 20%, and I'm sure there are phenos in a landrace stand of Stick that would make you see God, but it's hard for an unpolluted strain like Thai Stick to measure up to a 20+% hybrid. You should process some of it. I bet Thai Stick wax would be special. :laugh:
It makes sense that Thai sticks were just good Thai weed which stood out at the time, and distinguished by the addition of a stick. Have you guys grown many other Thai strains?
I don't seem to see many out there.
Thailand isn't all that huge a country and the same people would have carried on growing the Thai Stick plants even after the export market slowed, and we stopped getting it on sticks. I remember reading that Howard Marks (Mr Nice) started importing it as regular buds, minus the stick, once he figured out that people didn't care too much whether or not it had the stick attached. The Mama Thai and Thai Stick seem to me to be very close to being the same plant in many ways.
I'm still left though with that experience I mentioned a long time ago when I joined your first Thai Stick journal, PC. That one time in Thailand that we stumbled across a sackful of bud that stood out a mile beyond everything else we smoked in the country. It's kind of unsettling when you find an amazing batch like that, and have to remember that you threw the seeds away and kept moving without doing anything about it.
Maybe the one that got away is always better, in our memories?

Edit- BB, since I'm on here- your experience is pretty much what happened with my plant. I have to think I fed it wrong somehow.
I'm barely feeding these ones I'm doing now and it seems to help, Weaselcracker. I'm gonna find that one we all dream of if it's the last thing I do :tokin:
My plants never seemed to stop flowering but they stopped producing new bud sights at a point, Big Budha (maybe 8 weeks). Those sights just seemed to get bigger after that or fatter. I've never had it stop except the part where the leaves go South which is before 8 weeks.
For curiosity, I checked out typical temps and humidity for Thailand, and RH rarely drops below 75. :straightface: Temps average in the 80s-90s.

My theory is that our much lower RH screws up transpiration at the temperatures and light levels we typically use - Vapor Pressure Deficit. But I'm not growing right now so I can't test it myself. :laugh: It sure makes a lot of sense though. The leaves droop because they're protecting themselves from the high VPD. Light and heat suck moisture out of the leaves, which drives all the pumping. With low RH, the suction runs too high and the plant can't keep up.

Hmmm lots to think about. Yeah Thailand is humid as hell- and apart from the average there are those times when it's over 100 with near 100% humidity.. Not very comfy. When you posted that chart I checked out what conditions are like in Malawi and it's almost identical RH and conditions as Thailand though it looks a bit cooler. I did that because my Malawi has been showing slight upturned edges all during flowering. RH is very high where I am- which is why I put in a dehumidifier to combat the mould... :hmmmm:

I can't believe how you nail those smells down! :) I rolled me up a blunt about a half an hour ago it smells just like aromatic wood soaked in fuel oil my fingers were sticky enough I think that an extraction wouldn't be a bad idea either. I might post a few pics today but my drying conditions aren't optimal; I'm getting a 65% rh reading in the area and most of the stems aren't brittle yet.
Nice :)
I think I'm going to jar all of it up tomorrow and close this journal. Unless I change my mind, Thai Stick will be the first strain I do this coming up Spring.
I think I know what I'm doing wrong. Before I stick my head in the tent I gotta get me one of those Chinese hats that looks like a cymbal on a drum set tape the corners of my eyes and grow me a foo man-chew mustache and goatee then it'll feel more like home to 'em..... :tokin:
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