Thai Stick

What strain is it? Ace Seeds (6) regular Thai Stick (one is cracked so I know it's not going to pop open, but I paid for it so I'm putting it in the paper towel too).

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Sativa.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Started germination in a paper towel today.

If in Veg... For how long? N/A.

If in Flower stage... For how long? N/A.

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor.

Soil or Hydro? Soilless, then a nutrient enriched soilless.

If soil... what is in your mix? SSM#4 Advanced.

If soil... What size pot? 1 gallon at first, then I'll transplant up to 5 gallon pots.

Size of lights? This will vary depending on open space, but probably a 250 watt full spectrum CFL or Agrosun for veg (24/0) and a 400 or 600 watt HPS for flower (11.5/12.5).

Is it aircooled? The light reflectors have 6" and 8" inline fans, and air circulation has a 4" inline fan.

Temp of Room/cab? around 79 degrees F.

RH of Room/cab? 31%.

PH of media or res? I don't check it.

Any Pests ? Whiteflies.

How often are you watering? I expect to water every two to three days.

Type and strength of ferts used? Mostly nutrients mixed into in the soil and probably compost teas.

I'm going to attempt to trim down a male for pollen and do a breeding here also. The first 3 weeks are going to be steady light then I'm starting flower to avoid size problems and get it going faster. Post pics soon.

Hey welcome everybody I hope these ones turn out better than the last ones the bud from that gets you good and high still I just didn't do the best job of growing it. :)

... compared to whom? :laugh:

Your last ones looked pretty darned good! :thumb:
Thanks :) Note: I knew the smashed one wasn't going to live, but four of the other five seeds are open and have tails. I planted all four in one gallon pots of SSM#4 Advanced and put them under a 250 watt full spectrum CFL running 24/0. I've got either 5 or 6 Thai Stick seeds left in my collection, so I'm going to do the pollination from a male grown separately. Post pics soon.
My latest Thai Stick is still in veg unsexed. I have also kept one of my Thai Stick males in there to pollinate it, should this one prove to be a girl.
Subbed. :)
Day 5 from germination:

Note: I mixed my soil and started cooking it today. I used a round gallon plastic pot for the base measurements.

Base -
5 gallon pots of SSM#4 Advanced
1 gallon pot of earthworm castings
1 gallon pot of perlite
1 gallon pot of mushroom compost
1 gallon pot of compost
1 gallon pot of Alaskan forest humus

Additions -
10 Tbsp. of steamed bone meal 3-15-0
10 Tbsp. of bat guano 0-7-0
5 Tbsp. of soft rock phosphate 0-3-0
10 tsp. of dolomitic lime
5 Tbsp. of azomite 0-0-0.2
5 Tbsp. of granular mycorrhizae 3-1-2

I wanted to put some epsom salts in (an article I read said to do so if you're either growing a Kush or a Sativa), but didn't have any.
The cool thing about having six grow units is that I don't have to have any patience! :)
Just keep choppin' 'em down one after another 'til these ones are done! :)
Seeing those seedling pics makes me think even more that my mystery plant is Thai Stick. Cool!

Chaos has it's own rewards :laughtwo:
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