1. rillos

    What strains are we growing this year?

    :420:Just wondering what everyone is growing before I decide on my next grow. :thanks:
  2. Jackalope

    Price to change?

    I am currently running 1000 watt hps lights. Looking to change someday for cheaper electric bills. I realize upgrading to a LED is going to cost upward of $1500 for a really good system. I've seen them as high as $2400 and up. Any suggestions of a " True " replacement for the 1000 watt HPS...
  3. O

    Seeking advice on medication

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie who is super-impressed with the information on these threads. I already posted on CelticCajun's thread, but figured I'd start a thread as well because I'm not sure where I should go really. I'm the dad of a three year old girl in Scotland who is seriously ill with...
  4. George Mc

    What byproducts come from cannabis

    Is there a thread that can tell me what by products come from cannabis? I am referring to items like hash and CBD oil. I know there are quite a few more but was looking for a place that listed all of them and how to make those items
  5. Q

    A shout out to Mick Foster

    First off, this is my second or third post on this site. My first attempt at posting was, I admit, was a sorry ass excuse for a posting. But that is another matter. I have been a soil grower for quite awhile and started looking into coco for something different. With all the expense and what I...
  6. HashGirl

    Employee insurance plan must pay for medical marijuana

    Did anyone see this? What do you think? Employee insurance plan must pay for medical marijuana, human rights board rules - Nova Scotia - CBC News
  7. G

    Early flowering - Sick plant - What is wrong?

    I have an auto flowering purple mazar which has me confused as to what the source of my errors are. I think, potentially a combination of overwatering and nute burn (N). New leafs are drooping at the ends, with brown tips. old leaves are either drooping & brown tips or curled upwards with brown...
  8. H

    Novice grower

    brand new to this and i am looking to grow a few plants inside. i am on a very tight budget so therefore looking for a low cost set up. any info would be greatly appreciated. also what seeds are best for not giving a person a ravenous appetite after smoking? ty
  9. Dmanlee

    First grow fast bud GSC looking for answer about my yields

    I did my first grow ever and chose fast buds Girl Scout cookies.... I made my own custom organic soils mix and used 0 nutes and used de chlorinated Tap water roughly 250 ppm and corrected to ph of 6.4 and they 6.6 later in flowering .. I rocked the amazing optic 4 leds which was big...
  10. Oldbear

    All About Terpene Supplements: Holy Grail Thread Spin-off

    This is a new thread created by popular demand :) Terpenes are available for sale from multiple retailers. They come premixed to match popular strains. They also come as individual concentrates (just like essential oils). I am no expert in this by any means, but a very interested party in...
  11. C

    Yellowish leaves - Thin blades leaves - Coco grow

    What Strain is it? Blue Dream Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid How Many Plants? 2 plants Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Veg If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? Day 20 from seed Indoor Soil or Hydro? Coco If Soil... What is in your Mix? COCO 80% Perlite 20%...
  12. G

    New grow from unexpected plants in backyard

    Hi Guys, I am a first time grower and long story short, these have been growing in my backyard for a few months now. Just after some general comments and thoughts about how they are going and what stage you think they're at.
  13. 4

    Possible Nanner - What do you think?

    Title kind of says it all; this is 5 weeks after flip to 12/12 on a feminized Durban Poison. I'm about halfway to the suggested flowering time. I actually found a couple of similar looking things and plucked them out, but this one I just cut and put into water in a different room to see what...
  14. Jmills

    Wtf are these?

    Hey 420 community.... Can anyone tell me what these orange/yellowish maggot looking things? From what ive gathered from looking at pics online is that their aphid maggots but im not 100% sure. If it helps a diagnosis the 2 gals affcted are about 3 weeks old purple rock candy strain,im using a...
  15. F

    Last posted by

    It's funny reading posts and looking what people are growing and what time they post to the site. Post time India early post late post Sativa lol
  16. N

    IV cannabis?

    Is this done intravenously? Where? For what diseases? With what results?
  17. R

    Plants are too small what could have happened

    My plants have been in my system since September and they are not 3 ft tall really small what may be happening. Help pls first timer.
  18. Cultivator

    A little feedback for my book

    Hey everyone I cant remember the last time i asked a question here, its normally me trying to help out. So here we go.... I have started writing a book on how to grow cannabis. Im yet to read a book that i feel covers enough detail that would mean a beginner or an advanced grower could...
  19. L

    The typical unknowledged first time grower - what would be most efficent?

    Hello growers I've recently had a higher and higher interrest on the growing idea. Im Gonna make a long story short, I Met and old friend from my old School, and he was going Away for some time, but had a couple plants witch he couldnt leave alone. So he asked me to take Care of them, i Said...
  20. magsteria

    Magsters Indoor Grow Journal - Coco Peat - Not Sure What Strain This Is - 2018

    Hi! Not sure how these journals go but I've already tried to grow before but to no avail as the plant died just before it went out getting out of the seed so any help would be greatly appreciated. -I'm in the Philippines and I don't know if it's the weather or what ever but my seeds just...
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