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  1. J

    Do these look like hermies to y'all?

    i'm not so sure, cuz these balls still got hairs. what you guys think?
  2. O

    Repotted seeds in soil - Seed root growth has stopped?

    can anyone pin point what I am doing wrong? I did the paper towel method on three seeds, it worked sprouted and started growing so I planted them in soil and ... put led light on it for the first 12 hours, then thinking I shouldn't do that, I haven't put any lighting on them... both days I...
  3. I

    What happened to this bud?

    who thinks its ok to sell shit like this ?
  4. P

    Please help me identify these issues

    Hey guys So I'm a first time grower, I wish I had come here before I started my grow. So let me give you all the information: Bagseed of a lovely outdoor. Soil I have learnt my tap water pH is 8.5, I know that's the root problem so I tried the lemon juice and water mixture to bring it...
  5. Grandpa Tokin

    Grandpa Tokin's RDWC & Timber COBs

    Hello everyone! Well, Grandpa's been a busy beaver lately. The holidays are over and I'm happy about that. Time to focus on the garden. I hope you enjoy what happens. I am a medical marijuana patient in my state and only grow my own medicine. I like the fact that I can grow more than what...
  6. S

    Caramel dosage?

    Hello :) i would like to try making cannabis caramels for the first time but I'm confused when it comes to the dosages. Cookie recipes usually give you the amount of servings so you can easily calculate what mg per cookie you would like, but how do you do that for caramels? I'm not sure...
  7. F

    Lemon Haze grow - What now?

    Here are pics of my grow of lemon haze. What do I do now? Just let it finish budding? Crop it?
  8. F

    High and low pH and ppm

    What causes a big fluctuations in ph in a soil grow when u follow manufactures mix details. I would also like to know what a ppm should be going into a soil grow and a exit ppm. Thanks in advance for your replys
  9. K


    What should my ph be when flushing with water?
  10. BlankStates

    Yo Yo Yo! Blank States is here

    just saying what up to everyone we are based in nor cal. growing my own meds.. got 2 1000w air cooled lights. just made me a 45 hole clone box, check me out @blank_states on instagram if u want or have questions. i make rosin n bubble hash as well. iam here for information n to share what i...
  11. OlderStoner

    No Bugs In A Grow

    Over the past 4 years I've made a couple of nice grows for personal use, only about 3-4 plants at a time. Sometimes I've been able to grow completely indoors other times I had to move them outside. What I noticed were that in all the grows the bugs, especially the spider mites got into the buds...
  12. Ron Strider

    The Cannador: The Solution To Humidity And Cannabis

    It's hard to live in an apartment without modern heating systems that provide humidity along with the warm air. Such is the case again this year, and with the recent cold snap, the air inside this apartment is tinder dry- sparks fly from the fingertips without much hesitation. The same...
  13. M

    New to seeds

    Hey all , never grew from seed , so this is all new to me , allways used clones so my questions are all about the different types and letters and what they mean , I know thc and what that means but not sure about the rest or the autoflowering and stuff any help would b great before I...
  14. Ron Strider

    Canada: Edmonton Chamber Of Commerce Urges Quick Action On Cannabis Workplace Rules

    It has been a milestone year for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce with Canada's brand-new cannabis industry preparing to launch in 2018. Janet Riopel, the chamber's president and chief executive, spoke to Postmedia about what businesses can expect in the new year. Q. What were the priorities...
  15. George Mc


    I have a 4 x 4 tent and am just starting my first grow. I anticipate the humidity being higher than what it is supposed to be. Does anybody have any recommendations for a dehumidifier that is cost-effective?
  16. A

    What are the aromas of pot?

    I would love to hear of your aromatic experience when using pot. What aromas are present to tell you of its quality? What do you look for? Similar to wine, do you prepare your palate by smelling it? What other rituals are there to preparing to enjoy and appreciating pot? We are experts in...
  17. beez0404

    Foxfarm trio of nutrients - Do you use it in flower? If so what PPM's?

    I'm using the Foxfarm trio (Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom) and love it for vegging and the beginning of flowering. But as the plants get say 4-5 weeks into flowering I begin to have what I believe to be a deficiency. Looking at the Foxfarm soil feeding schedule in week 4 of flowering...
  18. K

    Switching bed time

    Hello I have one big plant growing in a box And i have a question. Im in the week 4 blooming 12h/12h Can i switch my lighting period? Light is running on 12h30 pm to 12h30 am I need the sleep time 6pm To 6 am What is the big deal to do this. And what can of risk i have To think about
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