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Magsters Indoor Grow Journal - Coco Peat - Not Sure What Strain This Is - 2018


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Not sure how these journals go but I've already tried to grow before but to no avail as the plant died just before it went out getting out of the seed so any help would be greatly appreciated.

-I'm in the Philippines and I don't know if it's the weather or what ever but my seeds just dies randomly once it sprouts.
-The seed I got is just from the weed that I bought and saved them since I've read that they have long shelf life. They're about 1 month old now in my container.
-I have coco peat growing material
-Fertilizer (will add more details about this once I get home as I forgot the name and the XX-XX-XX thingy)
-A normal sized pot for growing I guess?

I just transferred to a different apartment and I'm really low-budgeted as of now but I'm planning on making a grow-box out of cardboard and aluminum foil with lights and airflow and whatever is needed to make this grow successful. Do you guys have any suggestions of what I can use or make out of this? (The apartment where I'll be transferring is safe on the inside so no worries about the smell)

I'll be posting pictures of what I currently have later once I get home (Typed this at my office)

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Magster, I wouldn't use tin foil and if you do then use the dull side. Tin foil will act like a mirror and burn your plants. With coco you will want to water daily. Start off with a weak nutrient solution, your plant will let you know if it wants more nutrients. What are you using for light?


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Oh dang!!!!!! Very good thing I posted this at the office. I already have a grow box set up back at home but I used the bright and shiny part as the reflector.
I'm really not sure of what the light is since I'm using the light bulb from my toilet room.

And quite frankly, this is where I'm at a loss, should I use a yellow colored CFL light bulb or a white colored one? Or maybe is there even a yellow/white colored CFL?
I can try to find one at a local store this weekend and I'll keep this journal posted.

EDIT: And how many watts should I use?
2nd EDIT: I'm planning on re-creating my brow box and I'm not sure of the dimension I should use for the next grow box. Can you also tell me the most appropriate dimension depending on what the wattage of the light is?


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I'll check on those paints this weekend. I do apologize if I still haven't posted any pics. They are coming soon as I'm planning on what i would be using in terms of soil, fertilizer, lights, etc.

Anyway, I've checked on my local hardware store and I can only probably get a CFL white 24W. would that work?

I'm planning on making a maybe 3 foot tall grow box. would that work?
-I also got a timer for the lights so no problems there any more.

EDIT: Oh and If i'll be using an aluminum foil, do you have any suggestion of what kind of lighting i should use?


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1st and 2nd pics are the same light.
Coco peat for growing medium plus;

Not sure about the fertilizer though. Just picked it up somewhere. A 14-14-14 thingy

Of course. The aluminum foil that i have.

Also. Ive taken a picture of where i would place the grow box (still in progress and its kind of a shame to show it now. But generally, its about 3 feet tall and a 3x3 square type thingy

Would this work?


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I see. How about the mix of the soil though? Should i go maybe 50% coco, 40% vermiculate and 10% fertilizer? I dont have the grow box fully set up yet but my apartment has decent sunlight in the morning. Im thinking let it sprout first then put it in the grow box. Any thoughts on that?


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Also. Ill be getting more cfl definitely. Probably a total of maybe 80w++ or probably 2 to 3 bulbs to make it over to 80w since its kind of hard to get more than 20w here in the philippines


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Awesome!! Well. Ill make two then i guess. Ill put less fertilizer for both. Ill start the first one now as this is so exciting.


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Left one for the box ill start probably on the week end. (Kind of a busy week ahead)..

Ill do the right one now.


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Awesome!! Oh!! And by the way. Where should i start planting the seed? Should it be on a cotton or directly on this pot?


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Thanks for the info penny!! As an added question, is there like a specific N-P-K that i should use for every stage from seeds to vegetation to etc etc?
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