1. BTzGrow

    A Micro Grower's Clone & Seedling Box & Cloning Efforts

    So I have a current grow going from a single seed and have not idea what I'm going to get. Supposedly it's Skywalker OG. Anyway I was checking some youtube vids out and stumbled across a couple on how to use cloning to do early sexing. The idea comes with making a cutting and pushing it into...
  2. Curly Beaver

    The Curly Beaver Den

    This is a place for me to post odd ball "stuff" that doesn't really fit anywhere else. I'll start it with a wood working project that I have been working on. I am new to vaping but quickly noticed that I had stuff spread out all over the place and could never find what I needed. So I got a...
  3. M

    AK-47 - Purps - Train Wreck x Hash Plant

    Only have a lil bit left of these. So I wanted to get some photos before I smoke them. All smoked proper, but the tw x hp was the best out of the three. Check em out AKs I cracked this one open so you can see inside Purps Train Wreck x Hash Plant
  4. CMJJMC2000

    Drippers on while germinating?

    First off - thanks for taking a look and, hopefully, providing some useful advice here. I've switched over to more of DWC style setup for a grow-in-progress. I've successfully germinated 3 seeds for this grow (Blackberry auto, Tangiematic auto, Blue Treacle auto) and have PH balanced out my...
  5. Th3Grow3rNooB

    H&G Nutes Question

    Im currently using there line with there Cocos, the stuff is pure magic, however i left out 2 things from there lineup thanks to advice from the bloke in store who was pretty honest. Top Shooter or Shooting Powder ? I understand you are meant to use one or the other, but as he put it, its for...
  6. S

    New to site

    Just getting out to the net things.
  7. W

    Small Time Lazy Seed Starter - Beating A Dead Horse To Death

    So....I've TRIED to be good and read all the forum posts in order to make an intelligent decision on my own. Confusion & failure. There are SO many different kind of lights out there and SO much technical information out there. COB, LED, HID, watts, etc., etc. Making me crazy. Please hold...
  8. C

    Need THC detox fast for pre employment

    I have a preemploymemt drug screen tomorrow. I am a heavy smoker and need to detox quickly. I stopped smoking as soon as I found out so I have gone 3 days with out smoking anything. I really need to pass this test as I have been out of work for some time now. I have been drinking about a gallon...
  9. T

    LED grower

    What's up I'm Big Duke I'm new to the community
  10. GreenGod4You

    Blue Kush Autoflower & Think Different Auto - LED - Organic

    Hi Everyone, This is the first time I post here or anywhere. I have been growing for 5 years, so I consider myself quite experienced in the field. I have grown in all types of setups ranging from DWC to soil. Today I want to share with you a project that started roughly 10 days ago but...
  11. W

    Weird bud coming out of a leaf

    Have a kush plant one of my "extra's" (little plants that i never put in large pots but couldn't bring myself to kill) and it wound up with a bud growing out of the center of one of the leaves
  12. F

    Lights out

    I'm starting a preharvest flush tomorrow what do you folks recommend for lights out prior harvest. Thanks in advance for your time
  13. M

    First time growing in 40 years

    Hey everybody, Grew a few plants in my apartment a long time ago. Got (justifiably) paranoid and ended the grow after a few weeks. Recently I moved to Oregon where it's legal! :-) So my gf (non-user) said I could grow a few plants and I opted to do a very small indoor grow and bought a little...
  14. S

    I need help

    I can't seem to get past the taproot coming out and seed splitting I seriously need help!!! I'm trying to just grow anything to get a technique together. I have some regular seeds and I'm having a horrible time smh. I wanna get some good quality seeds but I don't want to waste my money as money...
  15. magsteria

    Magsters Indoor Grow Journal - Coco Peat - Not Sure What Strain This Is - 2018

    Hi! Not sure how these journals go but I've already tried to grow before but to no avail as the plant died just before it went out getting out of the seed so any help would be greatly appreciated. -I'm in the Philippines and I don't know if it's the weather or what ever but my seeds just...
  16. B

    Monster cropping my mistake

    My last grow, I had a girl that got severely light scorched during flower. I chopped her down & tossed her out, except for 3 cuttings, which I figured I'd use to experiment with monster cropping. One of them made it! After about 3 weeks, it started growing new leaves. It's weird looking...
  17. F

    PH on flush understanding

    A grow spot told me if I keep the ph in soil at 7 or 7. 2 that when I flush all nutes will be locked out and that would stop the plants from absorbing any nutes. Is this correct ?
  18. F

    Harvest pH and lights out

    What should the ph be on flushing for harvest ?Should lights be out for a preset time prior to cutting ?Im am growing in soil
  19. J

    Questions! Is okay to change nutrients in the half way?

    hello, my 420 friends! here is my question: I'm usin Advanced Nutrients ph perfect micro,grow,bloom. now my plants in 6-7 weeks flowering time, but i run out my AN nutes. I've bought General Hydroponics Flora Series. is it okay to use new nutes??? :Namaste:
  20. croptopper11

    First indoor DWC grow - Blue Widow - Feedback & advice wanted

    im running a Blue widow in 5gal dwc with fox farm hyrdo trio nutes under mars reflector96 in a 4x2x6 tent put into net pot from germination on 11-3..anyone hve any experience growing this strain? how much stretch to expect on the flip. right now ive got her topped a cple times. grow points all...
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