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First grow fast bud GSC looking for answer about my yields


I did my first grow ever and chose fast buds Girl Scout cookies....

I made my own custom organic soils mix and used 0 nutes and used de chlorinated Tap water roughly 250 ppm and corrected to ph of 6.4 and they 6.6 later in flowering ..
I rocked the amazing optic 4 leds which was big investment no topping just lst ( currently doing another grow all topped and last and so far very impressed)

First 2 plants harvested with dry weight and cured to what I consider damn near perfection and got 51 grams and 52 grams dry

Then my 3rd plant in which I stunted by overwatering as a seedling finished in 12 weeks which was 2 weeks longer then the other 2 and it pulled of what I felt was an impressive 71 grams dried and cured

For those who have rocked a lot of fast buds autoflower gsc is that a decent yield ..
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