1. B

    What is the difference in weeks in grow time for autoflower vs fast growing?

    It has been incredibly difficult for me to find knowledge about the difference between fast growing and auto flowering plants. I know that GENERALLY I could say that: -Photoperiod strains grow seed to harvest in about 21 weeks. -autoflower strains grow seed to harvest in about 10 weeks -fast...
  2. c99 x blueberry fast

    c99 x blueberry fast

  3. C99 X BB Fast

    C99 X BB Fast

    C99 X BB Fast
  4. Dmanlee

    First grow fast bud GSC looking for answer about my yields

    I did my first grow ever and chose fast buds Girl Scout cookies.... I made my own custom organic soils mix and used 0 nutes and used de chlorinated Tap water roughly 250 ppm and corrected to ph of 6.4 and they 6.6 later in flowering .. I rocked the amazing optic 4 leds which was big...
  5. S

    Abandoned StrawMan's Soil 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Grow - 2017

    Hey everybody, StrawMan here, with my first Grow! Im Growing two, 2 Fast 2 Vast Autos by Heavyweight, heres some strain details GENETICS: Fast and Vast auto x auto Northern Lights TYPE: Indica 80%, Sativa 20% CBD: 0.6% THC: 18-20% FLOWERING TIME: Auto-flowering HARVEST TIME...
  6. D


    Just wanted to say that I ordered some Night Queen made by Dutch Passion from Seedsman and they got here in 8 days. I never had seeds get here that fast. Thanks for the quick shipment Seedsman can't wait to grow them out.
  7. H

    Fast service

    ordered on the first, received on the 5th. thanks for the fast response guys.
  8. wellfleetion

    Completed Afghan Kush - Skunk Diesel - Waikiki Queen & Fast To Fast Auto

    I'll chronicle again because every grow I do something dumb - see Amherst Sour Diesel & Hash Bomb Soil grow, although I did not realize it at the time. My last grow I PH the water prior to adding the feed to the water (stupid!!!) and just now with this grow I did and sure enough it lowered it...
  9. A

    Help Needed! Lower leaves dying fast

    First of all, Hello to all and all help provided is much appreciated. I am a first time grower and in dire need of support. Here follows some information that will hoppefully help with the identification of the issue.Also the ph is going up really fast. I always lower to 5.8 but after 6-8...
  10. HigherTheHigh

    Fast flowering seeds? I need your info on what's the fastest and where from

    hello everybody! would anyone no if there are any seeds out there thats fast flowering and not autoflowers. good genetics is a must and prefer to be mostly indica or a dominant indica hybrid. thanks everyone!
  11. Man'O'Green

    Completed Man'O'Green's First Grow In The New Room

    I started the seeds on March 9th and everyone was up by the 16th I started with 2 each of Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Auto, Green Crack Auto and Zambeza's Blueberry Auto. One of the GSC was very slow to start and one of the Blueberries did not survive so I replaced it with a Cream of the...
  12. T

    Need to promote root growth - Help me!!

    I have recently acquired 3 plants from an old hydro setup, the root systems on all were dwindling at best. and one is almost non existent. they seem to be doing ok, i just know there not getting the nutrients they need because of the lack of roots. the question is simply this. The plants have...
  13. S

    Need help fast

    Hi every one my plant in (coco coir+ perlite ) when i see that happening i give him just pure water and shes gooin to die fast... Help me tell me what i do
  14. L

    100% pure sativa fast flowering?

    anybody know a pure sativa with fast flowering time?
  15. Nismo12

    Completed Nismo Tries To Tame The Gorilla! Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Auto & Six Shooter Auto

    Welcome 420 family to this Auto Adventure! For the next 3 months we will be taming the infamous Gorilla Glue. This strain has been on our to grow list for a while and we are glad we are getting this opportunity. These were sent to us from Gorilla Seeds in favor of a journal of these Fast Buds...
  16. SewStoned

    Crop King Seeds is awesome

    Ordered my blueberry and dutch treat on Fri, sept 23rd. Arrived 3 days later, monday sept 26. Super fast shipping, helpful customer service, great looking seeds! Will definately order again!:thanks:
  17. S

    Help - My girl is going to die fast!

    Hi one of my plant its going to die fast( IMAGE DOWN Here)!!!i grow outdoor temp is 80 F in direct sunlight( hot) HELP me please to save them, and my little plant getting yellow of the beginning i use NPK 20 20 20
  18. C

    Auto heavyweight fast and vast

  19. S


    Are there any outdoor growers ? If so I need your help really fast
  20. Biggz123

    Abandoned Biggz - Heavyweight Fast & Vast Auto - LED - Soil

    Biggz First Grow Journal Hello all and welcome to my very first grow and also first post on 420mag! I hope you all enjoy my journal as much as I will and stay along to watch the journey! Without further ado Ill share my setup and preparation. Specifications Strain: Heavyweight Fast & Vast...
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