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Man'O'Green's First Grow In The New Room


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I started the seeds on March 9th and everyone was up by the 16th I started with 2 each of Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Auto, Green Crack Auto and Zambeza's Blueberry Auto.

One of the GSC was very slow to start and one of the Blueberries did not survive so I replaced it with a Cream of the Crop Amphetamine - the fastest bean I had. hopefully it can catch up by harvest time.

The fast GSC has remained small and squatty and started flowering ahead of the others; while the slow one is now bigger and still stretching.

DWC top feed for the first 3 weeks then DWC no top feed.
I am using Dyna-Gro nutes complete system ~50% strength with Botanicare HydroGuard and Mammoth P.
650W of LEDs. 18/6 schedule.
CO2 @ 1400 PPM 40 minutes ON 20 minutes OFF to exhaust heat during lights on.
I will be adding UVB/UVA soon.

This is about Day 28:
Left 2 are the GC, middle rear fast GSC, middle front Blueberry, right left slow GSC and far right COTC Amphetamine.



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Time for the Weekly update ~Day 42:

I have decided to stop the CO2 because the space is reaching 92% humidity @ 88°F while the exhaust fan is off and CO2 is on. I think that would just open me up to too many potential problems. With the exhaust fan running slowly I am able to keep things at 60% and 81°F the VPD is a little high ~12 but I have had success at higher VPDs in the past.

I swapped the slow GSC (now much bigger than the fast GSC) with the fast GSC for better light positioning. The two GSCs are very different phenotypes. I am going to feed Veg nutes one last time before switching to Bloom next week. The fast GSC could really use Bloom nutes now but this is the problem with two different plants sharing the same reservoir.

I have defoliated some but you cannot tell by looking at them. I am new to Autos and I worry about going too far with the defoliation since they don't regenerate as well as photos.

GCs @ 24", Slow GSC @24", Blueberry @16", Fast GSC and Amphetamine @12".

The Green Cracks (just one picture since they just blend together.):

The Girl Scout Cookies:


The Blueberry:

The Amphetamine:

A group photo:


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Time For the weekly update ~Day 49:

The girls are on bloom nutes now. The fast GSC looks to be only a week or two from harvest. The problem she is in a reservoir with the Amphetamine and it will be hard to do a flush. I think it will be ok to do a three day flush, harvest the GSC then put nutes back in for the COTC. The Zambeza Blueberry looks to be about a week behind the fast GSC or two to three weeks from harvest. The rest look like 3 weeks or more?

In order to get a picture of the fast GSC I had to pull the Amphetamine back out of the way. That indica looking GSC stayed really small compared to her sister.

My next run will be all the same strain which hopefully will be easier to train and time.

The Fast Bud's Green Crack Auto occupying about 9sf. :

The slow (sativa dominant) Fast Bud's GSC Auto:

The fast (indica dominant) Fast Bud's GSC Auto:

The Zambeza Blueberry Auto:

The COTC Amphetamine Auto:

A group photo:



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Time for the weekly update ~ Day 56:

The two green crack and one GSC are much larger than I was expecting. They are stacking buds nicely. The fast GSC is hiding in the corner, she is getting close. The Blueberry is beautiful but getting shaded a little by the others. The Amphetamine is catching up as planned.

The Green Cracks:

The slow GSC:

The fast GSC:

The Blueberry:

The Amphetamine:

A group shot:


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Time for the weekly update ~ Day 63:

Based on the breeders listed times we should be done but I think a week to 10 days more. I will be checking the trichomes daily now.

The Green Crack has really stacked the buds on nicely but they need to fatten up. The Girl Scout Cookies fast is almost ready and the slow one may need some tying up. The Blueberry is on par with the Green Crack on ripeness. The Amphetamine is really showing its White Widow lineage in the colas.

Green Cracks:

Girl Scout Cookies (slow, fast is hiding!):


The Blueberry:

The Amphetamine:

A Group Photo:


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Time for the weekly update ~ Day 70:

Well except for the COTC Amphetamine the plants are all 7 days past the breeders time for harvest and we are not quite there yet! The GC and GSC are getting too heavy to hold themselves up and I have added some support. I really wanted to scrog these but having different strains growing at the same time did not really allow that. The next grow will be all one strain. I have reduced the PPMs on the nutes in anticipation of a finish in the next 7 - 10 days. It has been difficult to keep the humidity <50% but I have a lot of air movement in the room; it still makes me nervous. I am planning on using Serenade on my summer grow because humidity will be impossible in August-September.

The GC:

The GSC:

The Blueberry:

The Amphetamine:

Wow I got some of those pictures out of order?


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~ Day 76 - Harvest Day for the Green Crack, Girl Scout Cookies, and the Blueberry.

Wow these girls kicked my ass; it took me 8 hours to get these buds trimmed and hung to dry.

Before the chop chop:

Green Crack mega bud:

There are 5 - 10 foot ropes of buds! and a 2' screen hanger.


The Amphetamine needs a few more days - good thing as I am out of room to hang buds :woohoo:


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Hell yeah bro. What LED's are you using?

8 - CLU048-1212C4-353H6K2 @1400ma (90 Cri), 1 each of Roleadro Upgrade and Newly Developed LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 2nd Generation Series 300w Plants Light, Roleadro Hydroponic 270W UFO LED Plant Grow Light with High Efficiency 9 Band Indoor Greenhouse Lamp. The real wattage at the wall for both Roleadros is 225 watts. 4 - 3 watt 730 nm SemiLeds (just to initiate flower and stretch, ) and a AgroMax pure UV T5 48" lamp the last two weeks of flower.

I just finished an additional 6 CLU048-1212C4-353H6K2 @1400ma that I will be running on the “The Incredible Bulk” Adventures with Mañ'O'Green. I think I will keep both Roleadros running in the next grow as well. I have had some excelent results with them. The Amphetamine has been under them the entire grow and she is looking good!


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Well now!

The Green Crack, Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry are in the jars curing. Pictures later as I am too damn tired to mess with it!

So here is where the harvest stands to date: First GSC 30g, Second GSC 178g, 2 Green Crack 420g and the Blueberry 70g for a subtotal of 698g so far with the Amphetamine on day two of the flush. I also got 98g of high quality Sugar Leaf and I have not weighed the LARF yet.

My back is killing me from all of the trimming - sitting in one spot too long.:tokin: but it is getting better already.......................


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Ok here are some pictures of the harvest heading to the cure. This is some Green Crack before a final trim into the jars:


Here are some pics of the Girl Scout Cookies dumped out of one of the jars:


The weight may actually go up after a couple of weeks as the nugs got a little bit dry. The little stems were still not snapping - go figure?

Headed for a cool dark closet:


By the way I got 120g of crispy dry LARF that I will process into a tincture soon.
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