LA Affie

Note: Instead of compost tea, I made an aerated manure tea composed of a processed granular chicken manure and unsulfured molasses. Two of these six plants are waterlogged; I stuck my finger in the holes at the bottom of the pots and after days they're still wet. I'll feed and water them easy to try to dry them up and bring them back to health. The other four look great. I'll get some pics up when I feed them that tea tonight.

Chicken manure is VERY high in Nitrogen, not good in flower.
Yeah, from here on out I'm just going to RO water these; I was thinking the same thing about the excess N. The next soil mix I made has a little less N stuff in it (the chicken manure tea didn't help these either, I know), plus I'm going to put the next plants I use it on into veg for a few weeks to use some N up. Should have did that with these. My bad. :(
Sorry it's been a while since I've posted here.
It's not likely I'll do another one of these LA Affies. I know it's mostly my fault that these don't have much bud on them, but I still want better yielding strains to keep or redo. Even the pic in the seedbank ads show a close-up of this strain; a common practice they use with low yielding plants IMHO.
Note: I picked most of the shade leaves from these the other night. I'll try to get a pic up tonight but there's not much to look at; the buds are small and few. They'll be getting chopped within the week, maybe any day now. Some of the buds have a nice look to them, I can say that much. :)
You know, I'm giving second thought about redoing one of these plants. The more I look at them, the more I realize the excessive N in my experimental mix was probably the culprit here (probably a few more things too). The leaves on these are brittle; virtually every symptom seems to have something to do with nute problems.
The reason I'm giving second thought is this plant that divided into 2 apical meristems (here they both are):


Here's my favorite:


The skimpy one:


The weird growing one:


I took the other two out last night. They yellowed up so bad it's pathetic (probably excessive nutes also). I'm going to take the buds off of them both soon; I'll get a pic up later.
Ahh wouldn't you know it? The only one I saved had these all over it (I didn't check them all before I chopped them beyond a reveg):


So I chopped it too. I got more than I thought I was going to and from the way it looks I might like it better than I thought, so I might consider redoing this strain. It depends on the buzz, which I think will be good from the looks of this top cola:


Of the 6 plants, 2 were too fried to tell, 2 hermied (lots of nanners too), and 2 didn't. Maybe there is something to what everybody worries about here. I stressed them out pretty good, though. I'll let this dry, take final pics, and do one of my unoffocial smoke reports. It doesn't have much smell, but it's hashy and somewhat earthy.
Hey Chimp,

Great closeups on that bud. I can totally see your logic on this one. With all that effort and 2 hermies I doubt I would want to run another either but then seeing that bud all nicely developed like that close up would turn the bus around. What's one more run right?

Looking forward to that smoke report!
Bob ;)
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