A Canadian Comparative Grow With Seedsman's Black Sugar In Coco


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Shortly after midnight at 12:30 am on New Year's Day I dropped 2 beans of Black Sugar. I'll be growing in 3 gallon fabric pots of coco under a 1000 watt (205 actual draw) grow light.
I'll be using GH trio nutrients and calmag.
This is part of a Canadian comparative grow with some other Canadian growers and I'm excited to see how this goes!
I'll veg these for 2 months then flip, at the moment I don't know what type of training I will do.

12:30 am bean drop.


After a 20 hour soak they went into the papertowel.


On with the show!
Good to see we are all getting started. A few more to report in though. The best of luck to you, and to the rest, with your grow.
Thanks BNJ! Happy growing to you!
Nice I grew that out 2 grows back she throws some phat flowers out asked makes tasty rosin. :passitleft:
Right on, which journal was it in? I'll take a look.
I'm in. I have a 6 pack of those in fem. I've thought about them a few times but I haven't a clue when I'll actually get around to popping them. I really gotta stop collecting seeds. I'm good on seeds for a long long time to come.
Welcome! That's a mighty nice problem too have, an abundance of seeds!
Welcome! That's a mighty nice problem too have, an abundance of seeds!
Yes, its nice, but it really is getting to be an issue. I'm like a woman at a shoe store during a BOGO sale when I start seed browsing. I truly understand now the passion collectors feel about collecting. The hunt is part of the allure too. Strainly is a double edged sword man, I'm telling ya. I havent done anything to get me financially behind or anything like that, but I'll bet you can guess where I'm spending all of my share of the fun money. :laughtwo:
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