Gelato, Cali Orange & Cheese: HID 400W


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3rd (Times a Charm) Grow

Hi again 420 community! Just started on my 3rd grow, and praying for success this time.

Grow Specs:

Seeds- Ordered online from @SeedsMan. 4 seeds this grow. 1 California Orange, 1 Cheese, and 2 OG Gelato.

Grow Tent- 3'x3'x6', mylar reflective material.

Growing Medium- ProMix HP (soilless).

Lights- 2x CFL "Daylight" 65's for seedlings, then to HID. 1x MH 400w for veg. And 1x HPS for flower.

Pots- 5 gallon fabric

Nutrients- 3 part Green Planet (micro, grow bloom) plus cal-mag. I may buy a different 3 part before using nutes...


June 29, 2am : Seeds placed in luke warm water and placed in warm, dark closet. Left for 16 hours

June 29, 6pm : Seeds to damp paper towel, and placed in open plastic bag. Kept damp, dark, and warm.

June 30, 5pm : All 4 tap roots showing.

June 30, 9pm : Planted in solo cups, with ProMix soilless. CFL lights on at 6" from top of soilless mix. Extra plastic cups misted with water placed on top for RH. Temperature at 24°c.

July 4, 11pm : All plants now showing good set of 1st true leaves. Seedling stage will begin.

Thanks for reading! Here are a few pics of the action so far.

I use advanced nutrients and have been happy with them. Get the bud labs app you can track your grow week to week and know the exact strength of food to feed your plants
Thanks N420. Did indeed check the app out!

My light timer seems to be messed up... The lights have just been on 24/7. Think switching to 18/6 after seedlings will be fine? They are photo period seeds.. never mentioned that.

NOTE: CFL light could have been moved closer than 6" by looks of it. Stretching lots. Better than burning anything! Can bury when transplanted.

Hey Jay! You did a really great job on your previous grow so i'm looking forward to see the quality buds you'll pull out your tent this round! :yummy::headbanger:
Top quality genetics - and it looks like they're off to a perfect start!
I'll strap in and enjoy the ride! :nomo::passitleft:
They're looking happy as can be :yummy:
Thanks Jay! :thanks::passitleft:
Seedling Update
- July 4th : Start of seedling stage

- July 6 @3pm : Used spray bottle to water all 4 weeds, light watering still.

- July 8 @2am : Spray bottle watering, slightly more but light.

- July 11 @ 3pm : Spray bottle watering, increasing slowly.

- Continue to mist the humidity domes

- Taking humidity domes off for short times each day.. slowly increasing time.

- Burn small holes in domes gradually, to get seedlings used to regular air in tent.

- Lights haven't moved. Doing 18/6 again. Closest plant is roughly 3 inches from CFL now.

Thanks for reading :)

Any advice on nutrients would be welcome! ...I have 3 part micro, grow, bloom, plus extra Cal-Mag and just bought B52. That's it! Haha

When in grow stage, is it safe to use all these nutes?? Seems like a lot. Would start at 1/4 strength tops.

Nutes every other watering? Can I mix up 3 part separately, B52, and Cal-Mag separate... Then put all together to water?

Any suggestions are appreciated. I don't do well with nutes.
Hey Jay, I feel at this young stage they don’t need much - and there’s enough in the soil to get them going. Maybe stick with just water for now, and a 1/4 strength feeding every third watering or something. When they show you signs of hunger you can increase the dosage :yummy:
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