Jay's Detailed Soilless Grow

Exactly 6 days from FIM. Cookie, Hindi, then Blue.


Some awesome growth already from LST!...


...And the ladies overall!


Thanks all :)
Your plants are happy and healthy Jay :yummy: Nice job on the training they are reacting well. :bravo:
You got these girls going strong now bro they have established complex root systems now so they will be a lot more resilient than the last seedlings you are very well on your way to a great grow man any tips you need or anything itvcan be sometimes faster to text me 289-395-0462 feel free to hit me up anytime day or night if I’m up I’ll get right back too you qwick-time
Also I have to make a trip out your way for a job in a couple months depending on my clone situation at the time I can run you some genetics to play with sometime, the ones I have now are strong and vibrant and can take just about anything I throw at them from heavy feeds to extreme LST and HST
Thanks man, you're too kind! I'll send ya a text sometime so you have my number as well. Not that I can offer you tips... Need to learn music?? Lol

Said it already, but loving the lst! Plants are growing great :) Already looking forward to pulling down some secondary branches eventually.
Always happy to help a fellow gardener we gotta stick together and maybe not now but who knows after sometime you could figure out some things I never thought of it’s the best way for the community to grow and prosper and yess LST is by far the most useful technique I picked up over the years as you progress I can tell you and show you ways of making it even better and how to get the plant to grow Egactly the way you want it too and I say give them a week or two and start on the secondary branches still again pointing them as far from light source as you can without crowding other tips and gently pinch and twist all your stalks and tops it will promote stronger more supporting branches for later budsites
Have to admit, didn't pinch and twist last time.. Think I was still getting over nerves of bending them! Will try that out next time.
You don’t have to be a butcher about it lol just lightly pinch up and down the stalks and roll them between your fingers it will force the plant to make hormones thinking the stem was attacked and it will thicken and get stronger and more resistant
So... don't use snips? Lol kidding

Sounds great though. And crazy amount of tops you get eh?? Ahh I want a fulll tent!
Cool, there were 1 or 2 leaves I felt were blocking the newer growth fairly bad.. will try and move them slightly.
All you have to do is twist them and tuck them behind a node or another fan if that is too tricky without snapping it off use a bit of wire and pull it out of the way and Yeaa is wait until they are about 10” from soil before doing any heavy defoliation
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