PotChimp's Grandaddy Purple Soilless Grow

Flowering - Week 3, Day 6 :

They've got about 5 weeks yet, so these areas should fill in good (I hope).

Foreground - Afghan Kush Ryder, background - Red Dwarf Auto

I fed them all 5 last night and I'll keep up the in-between RO waterings w/molasses and Cal-Mag. Maybe I should add some grape Kool-Aid..... :hmmmm:
Thanks, BID and JBC420. I like how this grow is flattened out in a nice, even canopy. The initial topping after the third row of natural leaves appears and supercropping the secondary meristems to let the surrounding ones grow upward to an even height is the way I'm going to keep these Indicas in the useable light zone from now on (at least until I get more room and change my setup to what I want if I decide to quit using SOG). If I get a strain that's too vigorous I'll top the secondary meristems and supercrop anything that starts breaking the canopy.
I'll be :morenutes: in a few days, but I overwatered and have to let the grow bags dry out. Post more pics soon.
Flowering - Week 4, Day 3 :

The pics don't show it, but the underside of the leaves are starting to show color change.

Here's the AKR and RD autos.

I fed them all their first dose of Monster Bloom last night. I gave the autos some too, but watered them down afterwards. It seems to have given them a boost so I'll keep feeding them.
Thanks, cross1420. In another two weeks I'll start using cooler water and try to bring the purple out in these more. A 4" inline fan running at full blast won't get the closet temps down much below 80 degrees F with 3 separate 150 watt HPS lights going so that idea's out. Hope they bloom up a lot more in this last month; there's not a lot of weight there.
Yeah man looking good potchimp.
NIce grow man , like how you can see the purp coming on. Yeah try a re-veg or a clone, we got a pineapple chunk on re-veg now , just started to stop budding and finally growing nice and twisted again like re-veg does at first.

Can't wait to see end results man, keep up the good growing!!:goodjob: +rep
Yeah man looking good potchimp.
NIce grow man , like how you can see the purp coming on. Yeah try a re-veg or a clone, we got a pineapple chunk on re-veg now , just started to stop budding and finally growing nice and twisted again like re-veg does at first.

Can't wait to see end results man, keep up the good growing!!:goodjob: +rep

I've never revegged before; I just like the characteristics of this specific plant. Did you take most of the buds off the PC before you put it into reveg?
Thanx for the reps too, by the way.
Well my re-veg is being done by Greenfluer, she took a flowering cutting off the bottom of the Pineapple chunk and cloned it. It's taken a month to get started properly! Its fun to watch though and is not vegging again. Growing with a few twisted new veg leaves but all really healthy.

So got another Pineapple off the same one as last to better the last results!!!

We tried to re-veg the tangerine by cutting it all down but leaving the bottom on. It didnt do so well so I ended up killing it and smoking the remains lol!

Try it with a clone, worked for us.
Thanks for the info, BID. Maybe I'll try to do one or two clones in seed starter mix for practice. As with your setup (probably everyone else's on here, too) I'm going through changes. I'll be feeding two 12/12 setups from an 18/6 starter unit (a converted Superlocker) from now on. I'm going to try to keep a small mother plant in the Superlocker also, and take clones from it in between grow starts. I'll root the clones right next to the mother plant, put them in grow bags and place them in between or around my full size plants alternately in the tent and closet to get some reasonable yield from both. My next grows need to be focused on technique and yield, 'cause my last grow is mostly poofed up already..... :(
Well it's down to a 4 GDP grow now. After consideration, I decided to go ahead with revegging the one I liked. Trichomes were going out on to the leaves quite a ways with this plant; I really liked what I saw so it's in the 18/6 locker now, buds all picked off. I need to start getting a little experience in all growing areas under my belt (cloning is my next venture). The 2 autos have a little more room now, not that they're going to need it, being dwarf strains and under 12/12. Unless these put on a lot of weight in the last three weeks I'll have them all smoked up in a matter of days..... :lot-o-toke:
Week 6, Day 3 :

I watered all the plants with RO water and Cal-Mag last night and I am going to get some Monster Bloom bubbling today. I keep saying it, but I really don't like this grouping of plants. The one I pulled for cloning practice and/or seeds has a grape smell to it that I like, and after drying and smoking a few buds of it I feel I made a good choice.
so how are the flowering clones progressing, i like it vs keeping a whole separate space for a mother, not just money but hassle too, and since the plants are in flower they have a lower N content, so it can take less time to root, i was researching and there's some real physical reasons flowering clones can go faster to root, any way the plants look good PC i would love to try that strain,i just put all my plants in flower, with summer coming im looking to take a break from the grow for the 3 hottest months, i prefer to use seed over clone, i find for my style i get stronger heavier plants, and time is not an issue, besides i just love the whole seedling stage, the mystery of unknown sex, seeing them mature, and show crazy new phenos etc, all the stuff i dont see with clones,
and i love breeding and making new crosses, ok im babbling here lol, love what ya got going here buddy, i think you'll get a big swell in the last 2 weeks i read GDP plumps alot in the end, so hang in there the weight is coming!:thumb::goodjob::high-five:
I haven't taken any clones from it yet, BID. The plant has too short of branching from taking all the buds off. As soon as it gets back into veg (if it does without dying) then I'm gonna give it a go and I'll post pics. I'm debating whether or not to use a dome cover for them; I'm not sure if I'll need it for a fogger-style cloner. By then the Ken's GDPs and the Sour OG I have started will be ready for this closet and I'll have the room to put the cloner into the Superlocker with the mother plant. I'll be taking clones from a Super Lemon Haze and doing them too alongside this grapey-smellin' cloven hoof headbomb (I burnt the buds I picked off of it and got high which I knew was gonna happen because of how they looked so I made a good choice here I think).
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