PotChimp's Soilless Sativa Grow

i think they look pretty good honestly:peace:

Thanks for the compliment bigirishdoode, but I have to say that the research everyone in the industry has done (nutrients, lighting, growing mediums, selective breeding, etc.) compensated for the fact that I am a beginner and pulled me out of a few slightly sensitive strains here with a little smoke to burn.
I learned a little here though; that's the important part. And these are only a few weeks until the end, so I'll be applying those lessons to the next crop (the Ultimate I planted just broke the soil, my Warlock is looking like it will in a day, the same with an original Flo, and hopefully my Quasar will follow). :lot-o-toke:
Maybe I should try my first revegging of a plant on this Raspberry Cough. It looks kinda frosty.....
well buddy learning is the most important thing in our early grows,i am always learning every grow at some point makes me feel like its the first all over again when something i never anticipated comes up, not that im all that experienced, this is only my 5th indoor and really i didnt start really learning anything or having any success till the last 3, first 2 ended in disaster!!(nothing usable) so i would say your doing much better than i was at the same place in time,,
i think you should defiantly reveg that raspberry if you like it! and get some good clones!!:thumb:
The Raspberry Cough, Wild Thailand, and Panama are getting more direct light now that the Kwazulu is chopped and out. I gave them all three a half strength dose of the last week in the Farmer's Pride 12/12 schedule. The low wattage light (along with my misdiagnosis of problems plus overwatering from flushing) produced skimpy, airy buds that are mostly thin leaves on the Kwazulu. I dried a few lower buds on the light ballast and smoked 'em, though. Mellow, kind of disorienting buzz. I can't imagine Kwazulu warriors smoking on some and wanting to get all hostile, like the seed ads say. I'd have all the energy in the world to do something all tribal-like, but have a hard time remembering what I picked up the spear and shield for myself..... :)
I was thinking about converting my 2' x 3' closet to 600 watts MH/HPS for these Haze-type light loving plants, but I think I'll add another 250 watts of MH/HPS to this tent instead. It's 5 sq.', so the light ratio will be the same (100 watts/sq.'), and I'll have more height room to work with. I'll save the extra sq.' in that closet for Indica and Indica-dominant strains (it's running 300 watts now and they seem to do well with it) and move my 200 watt blue/300 watt red CFL setup for Lowryders to its new location soon. :peace:
I checked the Raspberry Cough strain out, and it turns out it was the way I thought. The strain isn't 100% Sativa (I wondered how Ice could have been a parent if it was all Sativa). Indica/Sativa, 30/70%? Maybe it is a typo in the book and it's the other way around, but I do see the Indica in it, and the flowering time says 9-11 weeks. That would explain why I'm seeing what I'm seeing under a magnifier (most every trichome is standing up and full). I'm going to wait until I see a 50% color change in the pistils which will be a week or more. That will give me time to flush once more and get the bat poop taste out..... :)
I'll post more pics soon; I need to remove shade leaves at this point to get light to the lower buds in these last few weeks for the Wild Thailand and the Panama. I think they are both going to yield okay considering the low wattage light I am using.
Flowering : Day 68
Raspberry Cough (about 5% opaque trichome heads)

Wild Thailand (a few weeks yet)


Panama (few weeks here, too)
Those looks great, nice and frosty, I like the look of Raspberry Cough. The 250w HPS sounds good.

Thanks, Twelve12. I actually thought that it was fungus or something until I looked at the colas under a magnifier. One trich laying on top of another; standing room only..... :)
I can't wait to burn up some of that RC (as usual, the pics don't do these plants justice), but the Panama has serious girth for such a small wattage plant. All three of them aren't going to last me but a few weeks, unfortunately..... :lot-o-toke:
I checked under the magnifier this morning and it went a little faster with the Raspberry Cough than I thought. I 0/24'ed this morning after counting more than half opaque trichomes and when the dark period is over (9:00 A.M. tomorrow) it's choppy-choppy time..... I'll post pics of it after manicure.
Oh, I guess I should give an update on the rest of the plants in the form of a smoke report :

South African Kwazulu - smoked.
Raspberry Cough - mostly smoked.
Panama - about half smoked.

I'm trying to save the RC for pics in a few days when it's dry enough to trim. I'll do the same to the Panama top cola. It'll smoke up quick though..... :lot-o-toke:
EEEzay Potchimp bro!! Where you been hiding this journal??? Look at them BEEatches!! Nice colas, nice plants, nice pics, keep it up bro. Can't you tell I have no chronic tonight and been drinking and posting left right and center!! hahha. keep up the good work bro!!
EEEzay Potchimp bro!! Where you been hiding this journal??? Look at them BEEatches!! Nice colas, nice plants, nice pics, keep it up bro. Can't you tell I have no chronic tonight and been drinking and posting left right and center!! hahha. keep up the good work bro!!

Thanks again, JBC420. Yeah, I love this crap. I just started another journal of mixed plants (like this one) a few weeks ago. I am starting a grouping of Grandaddy Purple (not the original) in a few days. I'll burn it up quicker than I can grow it, too..... :cough:
Well, I pretty much smoked up this grow, so I can't show any pics of the buds. Got high, though. :)
In summary, a few things I wouldn't do again are:

1) Grow Sativas under low wattages.
2) Go by schedules for feeding, especially when I have multiple strains going. I'll know when they start getting lighter green to feed.
3) Bend a plant after the stem turns woody to the point the tap root breaks. I'll try topping low for a few grows, and then practice a little training to get that maximum potential low profile.

This grow can be put in the completed journals and thanks for letting me post it.
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