PotChimp's BP Farmer's Pride Power Grow

What strains are they? The Original "Flo", The Ultimate, Quasar, and Warlock (all feminised)
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrids; varying percentages.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seeds started today.
If in Veg... For how long? N/A.
If in Flower stage... For how long? N/A.
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor.
Soil or Hydro? Soil.
If soil... what is in your mix? Roots Organics.
If soil... What size pot? about 2 gallons per grow bag.
Size of light? 200 watt Feliz blue spectrum mogul-based CFL for seedling; 250 watt MH for veg; 250 watt HPS for flowering (40 watts/sq.' seedling; 50 watts/sq.' veg/flower).*
Is it aircooled? 4" vent fan (out); passive airflow (in).
Temp of Room/cab? around 72 degrees F.
RH of Room/cab? 50%
PH of media or res? 5.8
Any Pests ? No.
How often are you watering? 2-3 times/week.
Type and strength of ferts used? Blue Planet Farmer's Pride Complete Organic Line, Mega-Gro foliar spray, Cal-Mag (if necessary).

Here I go again..... :)
As soon as the seeds germinate and come up from the soil I will post pics and an update.

* I'll be using the GLR lighting method unless I see problems with this strain under that regiment.
Four for four; 100% germ rate (as it should be, for the dough we spend) ;)

I'll keep everybody posted.
Day 11 from seed :

I recently purchased Hemp Diseases and Pests and read a few paragraphs on determining seed strain by appearance. It got me curious and I remembered I had seeds from my 1st-2nd grow hermie crop. I got them out to look at them because I've noticed differences in seeds before, and I wanted to see firsthand. I came across a seed that looked funny, and upon examinating it under a magnifying glass I realized that it was the plant world's version of a Siamese twin or chimera (at first I thought that the two were just close together and one shrunk into the other). Half of the twin was underdeveloped (half formed and hollow but not white and papery) and joined directly to the shell of the other seed, which looked viable but deformed. I took a needle and separated the dead shell from the living one. I did the best job I could, but there was a hole in the base of the seed where it connects (where the twins joined inside the shell?). I germinated it using the paper towel method and it opened, pale and weak but living. I planted it two days ago and after removing a little dirt this is waht I'm looking at (if you can see it):

My guess is that it is going to die, but out of curiousity I am going to attempt to nurture it. The father is Medical Seeds 1024 (fem) and the mother is one of the following (in order of likelihood) :
1) Selfed (1024 fem)
2) Mazar x White Rhino (fem)
3) Skunk #1 (fem)
4) Lucy (fem)
5) TNT Kush (fem)
Damn, I spelled "curiosity" and "what" all fug dup in that last entry. Got a feeling this Raspberry Cough I just harvested is going to be poopiehead dope from the popcorn bud I burnt up earlier. :tokin: Like when someone says to you ,"Hey, you know how to frost a cake?", and you just cannot grasp the concept. Then when you are straining to grasp it the most, you forget what he said.....
Day 15 from seed:

Here's that little deformed one. It'll probably be a runt.....

I'll keep everybody posted.

Note: I am going to increase flowering wattage to 300 watts of HPS light (flowering stage) for this grow. I am not satisfied with my yields growing under lower wattages. Two separate 150 watt ballasts in a 2' x 3' space will give me more of a covered light pattern for these plants.
All of the plants need to be repotted in grow bags and given nutes at this point, but I gave my two 250 watt MHs a test run (I will be vegging 5 Grandaddy Purple fems next to these under a second 250 watt MH). The tent temperature read 112.5 degrees with the small 80 cfm 4" inline hardware fan I am currently using. I ordered a 4" inline 170 cfm that I will run at full speed and pull heat directly from the top of the tent. I should have it by tomorrow afternoon; until then a little molasses in the distilled water should do. I'll post more pics soon. :peace:
Off to a good start bro. I am a big fan of adding more light as long as you can deal with the extra heat buid up. That new fan your getting should help you out nicely. 112.5 is just a little warm...

Running only one of the lights at 1 hour with my homemade fan setup still hits 88.5 degrees. I'll run a 4" duct into the top of the tent (without a carbon filter to get maximum static pressure) and at maybe 3/4 speed I should hit 74-76 degrees with both lights running. 5 sq.' x 4' tall, 500 watts MH (43,000 lumens) veg, 500 watts HPS (68,000 lumens) flowering. Should do a skinny leaf reefer plant some justice I think..... ;)
Ahhh Bananas......sup buddy...things are looking dope ...that one deedadee...looks like she might make it.....you just wait....word bro...
Day 22 from seed :

After some thought I decided to change the game plan up and go with 500 watts MH (43,000 lumens) for veg. I am also increasing to 500 watts HPS (68,000 lumens) for this grow. If anyone out there is trying to judge their results compared to mine using the same amount of wattage, sorry. I'm getting too low of yields and growth with equatorial and subtropical strains.
I applied week 3 of Blue Planet's Farmer's Pride at full strength yesterday when I tweeked the tent for temp control and put the plants in (it takes a lot of air movement to pull down a 25 cubic ' tent hidden in a large closet covered with blankets for noise control). It is running at 82 degrees now. They are in approximately 3 gallons of grow medium.
Ahhh Bananas......sup buddy...things are looking dope ...that one deedadee...looks like she might make it.....you just wait....word bro...

Hey, what's up CannaVince? I'm just planning the next couple of grows and burning some weed up for X-mas. It's going to be Connoisseur Genetics Grandaddy Purple (fem).
I was worried that the genetic flop seed I planted might be a dwarf plant (and it still may be), but it's getting a few more leaves on it. It'll smoke..... :)
Take care and have a good holiday.
I topped the Quasar this morning. I'm not going to wait until they get tall. It seems like the space beneath the canopy just gets wasted, so I'll try to keep them all short and bushy this time around. Once the roots on these plants break through the peat pots they should get going.
Only the Ultimate plant needs to be topped now; it's lagging a bit behind the others. The oddball seedling is taking off now. It looks like it is going to pull out of any deformities and start vegging soon. I applied Farmer's Pride Veg 1 at full strength to all the plants except it (too small yet).
Post pics soon.
Week 3, Day 5 from seed :

The Ultimate

The Original "Flo"



The Flo plant seems to show signs of deficiency but I've nuted twice. I'll hold off on watering and wait until the roots have broken through the sides of the peat pot they are in. All of the plants are now topped above the third row of natural leaves (I did the last one yesterday). Besides the one plant, everything seems to be going good.
Week 4, Day 3 from seed

The original Flo is looking rough (grow bag is cold to the touch).

The rest seem to be doing okay.

Chimp FIM (a grazing animal could have done a better job) :)

Did a better job here.....

Here's my mutated 1024 seed, looking hungry as Hell.....

I gave all of them (except the Flo) Veg 2 :morenutes: at full strength after this pic.
Ph levels are high (range 6.8 to 7.0). I think these cold floor temps are causing the Flo plant to not take up water or nutes. I'm getting a seed starter mat today to see if it remedies the problem.
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