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  • I saw that you did a lot of reviews on different strains of cannabis. I was just wondering if there's a way to put the different seed companies separately. Then review them. Like the drop down tabs for everything else. I have yet found a good source for all the different names. Maybe I just can't find it. Can you point me in the correct location? Thanks in advance.
    Hello 420cyclist,i will make this short.Im new ifinally understand reps finally thru reading.But how long till reps are shown on post.Just curious.:Namaste:
    hahaha, i like that sign in the background... were your brakes glowing at by the end of the hill haha
    Hello i was just looking for someone to post a strain review on the AORA INDICA strain alot of people seem to be growing at the moment and i see that most are posted by you so i thought i'd mention the strain and see if you could add that one to your list of strains to consider for a review thankyou primebadboy.
    That sure was quick. I see other journals open long after a last post,why did you close my journal already. I still wanted to add some things about the drying and curing and smoke report. Can you re open the journal please?
    yes, I corrected the other version. do not know how to delete them nor do I know how to delete photos. Could you tell me.
    Thanks for the love NCAl, and congrats on the new position.......... Peace to you...
    Thank you SO very much for your donation my brother! We are so truly grateful! It's been quite a while since anyone has done something so wonderful. You have some amazing karma coming to you my friend. :hug:
    Thank you for your support of our mission to create Cannabis awareness to the world.

    We are truly grateful for your support brother, thank you!

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