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  • I never even thought about the traveling and the Hotels. Shit, I need to go ride to clear my head(lol)!
    LOL....the third adds a whole new dimension....special accommodations when traveling (most hotels only take 4 per room), and then there's the 3-way friendship dynamic - ie always an "odd man out".......but all the more to enjoy as a parent as well :)
    How do you handle the 3? I just had my 3rd 2 months ago. No pets, yet. I am really trying to talk my wife into getting a African Savannah cat. Lets hope!
    Yea climbing is where its at. We have a local favorite around here called Rist Canyon. 13m up at a minimum of 8% max of 17%. Its a fun one. It is supposed to be a part of the 2010 Rockey Mountain Stage Race. Should be fun. I hear you on the whole family thing. It makes it hard.
    velodrone: I used to race in the mid 80's through 2000 (a mix of road and endurance XC mtn). Gave up racing due to family time - only so many hours in a day and I also train in martial arts, so now I just ride for fun/fitness and enjoy the t-shirt centuries and serious climbing events.

    Doing well, thank you.

    I agree about the site - a bit more "mature" compared to other sites.

    Good luck with the MMJ push - I remember growing up and dealing with the zero tolerance mentality of Cook and Lake County. Enough is enough with the war - it's just a plant.
    Howdy NCal-cyclist, I'm expanding my friend's list on here. I really like this site, the way it's run, and the peeps who post here. I'm from IL and hoping we are the next state to make medical cannabis available legally.

    How ya doing?
    I've ridden the 3x bypass and Ride the Rockies. Now I tend to stick to the California rides - just easier since they are "in my backyard"
    Sry man just noticed! I am a Roadie as well, with a little MTN in there as well. One of my favorite rides is the Triple Bypass. The LV 100 is fun too!(HARD HARD HARD).
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