PotChimp's Soilless Sativa Grow

What strain is it? Wild Thailand, Panama, Raspberry Cough, South African Kwazulu (all feminised).
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Going into veg.
If in Veg... For how long? Starting.
If in Flower stage... For how long? N/A.
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor.
Soil or Hydro? Soilless.
If soil... what is in your mix? Sunshine Mix #4 Advanced.
If soil... What size pot? about 1 gallon.
Size of light? 200 watt Feliz blue spectrum mogul-based CFL (veg), 250 watt Feliz red spectrum mogul-based CFL (flower).
Is it aircooled? 170 cfm 4" inline fan.
Temp of Room/cab? around 80 degrees F.
RH of Room/cab? 60%
PH of media or res? 6.0
Any Pests ? No.
How often are you watering? 2-3 times/week.
Type and strength of ferts used? Blue Planet Farmer's Pride Complete Organic Line.

Got a few mutations (the Raspberry Cough leaves are looking like a Wallyduck and the Panama ones are weirded out, too), but they seem to be working themselves out as they go into vegging. I think I will try bending and training these.
I hope my nute delivery comes soon. The Panama is showing slight nitrogen defiency as you can see by the spots in the leaves (at least that's what I think it looks like). I'll use my Fox Farms nutes if it doesn't arrive tomorrow. The leaf mutations on it and the Raspberry Cough are going away now that the plants are going into veg. Cool. I was afraid that the plants would either grow dwarfed or go hermie because of the stress. I applied Mega-Gro for the first time today. Post more pics soon.
The plant structure looks nice but they are starving for some nutrients. You should consider mixing a 1/2 strength mixture of your Fox Farm grow nutrients and some dish soap and spray your plants. This will provide necessary nutrition until your other nutrients arrive. Just a suggestion though ;-)
Thanks for the advice, 4twenty4all. What I decided to do last night is apply 1 cup per plant (in the soil) of an altered week 2 of the Fox Farms schedule (3 tsp. Big Bloom, 1 tsp. Grow Big, 1/4 tsp. Kangaroots, and 1/4 tsp. Microbe Brew) because I am getting too worried about permanent stunted growth. As a matter of fact, as soon as I look up how long G13 Labs PEx takes to flower (I'm starting my next grow according to that harvest time), I am going to go 1/2 strength from there out with Fox Farms Grow Big. I've grown Indica, Indica-Sativa, and Sativa-Indicas so far and they all show nute burn when I use it full strength.
I just checked on them a few minutes ago. The Mega-Gro foliar application and the 1/2 strength nute/full strength Kangaroots treatment seems to have given them a little life, but the Kwazulu (love the leaves on that plant, by the way) is drooping from overwatering. It should be okay; I had to give 'em a little :morenutes:

Note : I forgot to put above that I am using the 18/6 light cycle for vegetation.
How is it soil-less that sure looks like soil to me..:lol nice kiddies ya got there too btw..:thumb:
Thanks Che Bubblez and Twelve12. I went ahead today with a full strength dose of week 4 Fox Farms with all solubles and Bush Doctor supplements (still no nute delivery). That damn Panama eats like a teenage kid. Two half doses of nutes already and the others are okay, but it gets bigger after nutes, then seems to get lighter green the same day. :thedoubletake:
If anybody out there tries to grow South African Kwazulu, watch your plants. They seem to hate overwatering and seem sensitive to even minor changes. The Raspberry Cough and Wild Thailand are growing like..... well, weeds. :)
Day 33 from seed :

The fussy Kwazulu

Raspberry Cough

The overeating Panama

Wild Thailand

I've got about 2-3 weeks before I clear my flowering closet for another grow so it looks like things are going okay. I'll just have to crowd them in with the Acapulco Gold and the Jack La Mota plants that are in there now if they get too big too soon. Bending will help there, too.
Thanks, Twelve12. If the Kwazulu doesn't start behaving and the Raspberry Cough keeps looking Indica dominant, I'll try to post an action shot of them both getting punted eastward and hopefully I can contact someone in Great Britain to post a shot of them hitting Barney in the head as they fall back to Earth..... ;)
I gave them all another half strength dose of week 4 Fox Farms. What I am going to do is use Fox Farms nutes through veg (since I've already started with it), then switch to Blue Planet nutes for flowering after I flush and put these plants into 12/12. Another thing I am going to change is my light schedule. My grow tent is now clear so I am going to move the plants into it soon and switch the bulb in it to a 200w Feliz full spectrum @ 18/6 for a few more weeks. One reason is I want a little more size on these things before I bend them. The other reason is that this Kwazulu plant seems fussy about everything (it's probably a vigorous strain for all I know but you just get a touchy plant here and there I guess) so I will try to slowly adjust it to changes. I'll turn the 200 watt light down to 12/12 for a month when put them into bigger pots. Then I'll move to the 300 watt Feliz red spectrum I ordered and finish them off. I'll post pics soon.
Day 39 from seed :


These are under a 200 watt full spectrum right now and will be going under a 250 watt red spectrum in a week. I didn't realize that Feliz makes a 300 watt red spectrum CFL so I ordered it when I found out. That would make the 250 watt flowering specs at the top obsolete now, and it would go into the grow tent the following week. I may finish them off with 2 - 150 watt HPS's and move these CFLs into another grow setup completely. The Kwazulu is outgrowing its fussiness it looks like; probably just a brat..... :)
Plants are looking healthy man. Is that the Wild Thai from World of Seeds?

Yep, feminized. I had a regular seed of it too, but it was a dud. I hope they stay healthy; thanks. I think I'm going to go with the 300 watt red spectrum CFL for the first month of flowering then go to 2-150 watt HPS's. I've been giving it a lot of thought and HPS has given me the best depth into the canopy so far. The last crop I harvested with a CFL only had one good cola (the main one) and the rest were small popcorn buds. I'll use these CFLs for a separate 2 plant grow later on when I set up 2 more grow tents.
Will the 300w be enough for all these plants? The 2-150 hps will work great from start of bloom. 1 hps per 2 plants and you'll see them explode. As you've mentioned, hps gives the best depth into the canopy. CFL and hps having the same wattage but hps has more lumens. Of course there's the heat issue, if ventilation is kept at optimal there shouldn't be a problem. Just my two joints.
Will the 300w be enough for all these plants? The 2-150 hps will work great from start of bloom. 1 hps per 2 plants and you'll see them explode. As you've mentioned, hps gives the best depth into the canopy. CFL and hps having the same wattage but hps has more lumens. Of course there's the heat issue, if ventilation is kept at optimal there shouldn't be a problem. Just my two joints.

I won't get optimal flowering from it, but the 300 watt HPS setup is only temporary. What I am doing now is looking for a few strains that I like which is why I'm running the number of plants that I am in such a small area. I have another 2' x 3' x 4-1/2' closet I am running a 35,000 lumen 250 watt Agrolux HPS in and a 2' x 3' x 2' area where I am using a 200 watt full spectrum Feliz mogul base CFL to start and veg seedlings. When I find the strains I am looking for I am going to use the 200 watt CFL for one or two mother plants in this tent, increase the inline fan size in the 2' x 3' x 4-1/2' closet to 6", and put the 2 150 watt HPS lights in with the 250 watt HPS for more area coverage (to do cloning).
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