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FLO & Jillybean - Outdoors - 60 Plants


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Hi Everyone,

I'm managing grows for a few families and got all of the plants vegged in March and then transplanted first week of June. We've been finishing with the setup and lastly I have to screen them all. I got some done but will finish up this week and next. I'll post pictures by the weekend and then weekly or so. All plants are being fed by a 275gal reservoir and 1-1/4in trunk and 1/2in drip lines with homemade halos. We have thin metal cage and chicken wire above the plants for protection against hail.

Here's the lineup of nutes and medium:


Blue Planet Nutrients 2 part
Blue Planet Nutrients Early Bloomer
Blue Planet Nutrients Liquid Blue

10ml/gal seaweed
2ml/gal molasses

Bug control:
Home Brewed Compost Tea
1/2c molasses/gal

Happy Frog - 4 bags per hole
60 gallon grow pots above ground

Check back often ;-)


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re: FLO & Jillybean - Outdoors - 60 Plants

Here's a pic of 12 of them. They are 5 feet tall now and getting bushier. Got the first layer of trellis netting upand bent the plants. I'll get the second level up in a few weeks just before the start of flower.


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re: FLO & Jillybean - Outdoors - 60 Plants

Here's a picture update. They are getting big and no issues right now. I'm feeding them 1/4 strength nutes now and will probably stay with that strength.

The stalks are getting pretty big too.

The wire above is for hail protection:


Thanks for looking.


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re: FLO & Jillybean - Outdoors - 60 Plants

That looks amazing. What temperatures are you having over there?


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re: FLO & Jillybean - Outdoors - 60 Plants

Everything is coming along well. Had a few branches wilt and dye for no apparent reason. Here's one of the sites.


David Bowman

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