Introducing FLO and Jillybean


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I'm just one week into flower and at the last minute decided to do a journal. I got two clones from my good friend. These are awesome moms of DJ Short's FLO, and Jillybean. They are very different looking plants but finish at the same time. Both produce very dense, stinky, and sticky buds. They will finish in about 9 weeks depending on my decision of when to take them. Here's the info:


Blue Planet Nutrients 2 part
Blue Planet Nutrients Early Bloomer
Blue Planet Nutrients Liquid Blue

Happy Frog
5 gallon grow bags

Room Set up:
9ft x 7ft x 7ft tall flowering room

9ft x 3ft x 7ft tall entrance control room

Air Condition 8,000 BTU window unit

Heat – portable 1500w ceramic heater with thermostat.

“L” Shaped table 42” wide lined with 20mil rubber pond liner
½" PVC 20” tall with tomato trellis netting

2 – 600w 240v HID MH 8” air-cooled lights
2 - 1000w 240v HID HPS 8” air-cooled lights

5 plants per light
3 - 1/4" drip lines per plant with a 1" feed line and a 1000gph pump

8” insulated duct between lights

2 – 8” 750CFM centrifugal inline fans for lights (one draws fresh air at beginning of the row of lights and the other is at the end sucking and exhausting out a different hole)

2 – 16’ oscillating fans

Restoration dehumidifier with humidistat (Humidity between 45% and 55%)

CO2 enriched 1450ppm – 1800ppm depending on stage of plants

Room temps:
74* lights on
66* lights out

This is FLO. She's a beast.

The delicate and beautiful Jillybean

There is sex up in here now :)

Group shot. Yes, I should have cleaned BEFORE I too the picture

Thanks, I hope you like it.
Yes, yes, yes! Two of my favorite strains. You have chosen wisely my friend.

Never grown Jill but its a great smoke and makes killer oil and hash! I do know from experience the Flo is excellent, best strain I've grown. Nice coloration in the last couple weeks regardless of temps, and a heavy coating of resin. The smell is incredible as well, the pheno I grow smells like incense I got in India...

Best of luck bro.
I'm feeding them the following:

Blue Planet Nutrients part A 10ml/gal
Blue Planet Nutrients part B 12ml/gal
Blue Planet Nutrients Early Bloomer 4ml/gal
Blue Planet Nutrients Liquid Blue 4ml/gal
Silica 3ml/gal
CalMag 2ml/gal
Sugaree 10ml/gal

PH 6.3
Temp 74.4

I don't think I'll clean up the bottoms because it is too crowded in there. I'll use that bud only for hash and smoke the rest. Here are some pics of how they look now.






You should try and clean them up a little. You will end up with less dense tops. I have been expirementing with this for awhile and if your plants are taller than two feet I would really try to clean em up some.
I hated doing it because it was a pain once putting the netting on. But, I did take care of it and I know it is better. I always do it, just forgot this time. Ugh, at least it's done, thanks for the push shottafire :)
Beautiful plants my friend. REPS

Are you going to start flushing soon? Those leaves are really green still.
Yeah, I'm gonna flush this weekend and then continue with fresh water.
Thanks for sharing your grow with us! :bravo:

Don't forget to head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too! :cheer:

I’m moving this to Completed Journals now.

Have you started a new grow you would like to share with us?

Hope all is well in your world. Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine! :Namaste:
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